Hay 2 definiciones de gird en inglés:


Silabificación: gird
Pronunciación: /ɡərd

verbo (past and past participle girded or girt /ɡərt/)

[with object] literary
1Encircle (a person or part of the body) with a belt or band: a young man was to be girded with the belt of knighthood
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  • One believer will gird him or herself with a towel, bend a knee, and wash the feet of another in a simple basin, drying the feet with the towel that is wrapped around the waist.
  • I invest him with your robe, gird him with your sash, entrust him with your authority; and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the House of Judah.
  • A golden belt girded his waist.
1.1Secure (a garment or sword) on the body with a belt or band: a white robe girded with a magenta sash
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  • One was prepared to leave, and had only to gird his sword about his waist, when the other spoke suddenly.
  • They gird their weapons, mount their horses, and form into groups in the guise of a troop of soldiers.
  • The bushes rustled, and around us three more men, all with swords girt at their sides, stepped out.
1.2Surround; encircle: steel rings that gird the elongated, tubular building
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  • Well that's interesting, because we sing in our national anthem that ‘Our land is girt by sea’, but we have been slow to recognise its importance in indigenous culture.
  • I thought of our pilgrimages out of the city, the slow tide of traffic to the shore or family visits, a cincture of security and welcome girding the suburbs and beyond.
  • In the eastern section were three broad stone pillars supporting the balcony above, which girded the guest rooms on the second floor.


Old English gyrdan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gorden and German gürten, also to girdle1 and girth.


gird (up) one's loins

Prepare and strengthen oneself for what is to come.
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  • You get more tired and less able to take the stress and to gird your loins and take on another day.
  • He calls on ‘progressives’ everywhere to gird their loins for a battle for humanity.
  • I think she should have told him and let the family gird their loins against it.
prepare, get ready, gear up;
nerve, steel, galvanize, brace, fortify
informal psych oneself up

Verbos con partícula

gird oneself for

Prepare oneself for (dangerous or difficult future actions).
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  • So, in this alternate history, just as in our real history, America once more girds itself for war.
  • The students had girded themselves for the slopes in three distinct modes.
  • So, in a sense, it is understandable that we gird ourselves for this sober second anniversary with a lingering sense of uncertainty.

Hay 2 definiciones de gird en inglés:


Silabificación: gird
Pronunciación: /ɡərd


[no object]
Make cutting or critical remarks: they girded at the committee


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A cutting or critical remark; a taunt.


Middle English (in the sense 'strike, stab'): of unknown origin.