Hay 2 definiciones de girdle en inglés:


Silabificación: gir·dle
Pronunciación: /ˈɡərdl


1A belt or cord worn around the waist.
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  • Such gems could be woven into important clothing, on belts and girdles, mounted as jewellery, or just collected for their own sake.
  • They served as belt toggles to hold containers for tobacco, money and other objects that would be carried on the cloth belt or girdle, as the kimono had no pockets.
  • His long-sleeved, shirt-like garment is held in at the waist by a narrow girdle.
1.1A woman’s elasticized corset extending from waist to thigh.
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  • Yet the exhibit still reveals the intricate machinery that made the New Look work: corsets, brassieres and girdles re-emerged from decades past to discipline the female body into the latest couture creations.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing or undergarments that restrict blood flow at the waist, groin & legs (e.g. girdles, stockings & socks).
  • She pulled on a loose fitting chemise and a violet silk skirt over her girdle and stockings and left her room silently, in search of adventure.
1.2A thing that surrounds something like a belt or girdle: a communications girdle around the world
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  • Think about the abdominal structure as a girdle or wall that supports your internal organs and back.
1.3 Anatomy Either of two sets of bones encircling the body, to which the limbs are attached. See pectoral girdle, pelvic girdle.
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  • Thus, selection will necessarily favor a rigid body and limb girdles that act, as much as possible, by exerting force on the vertebral column.
  • The pectoral and pelvic girdles were also greatly expanded ventrally, although the dorsal parts of the girdles were reduced.
  • These animals also have relatively large shoulder girdles, possibly to provide muscle attachment to support the weight of the huge head.
1.4The part of a cut gem dividing the crown from the base and embraced by the setting.
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  • The stone is next mounted on a lathe and, using a second diamond, the points of the crystal are ground away to form a round girdle, a process known as bruting.
1.5A ring around a tree made by removing bark.
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  • Girdling brought about carbohydrate (soluble sugar and starch) accumulation in leaves and shoot bark above the girdle, in trees during their fruitless, ‘off’ year.
  • It was observed in all twig tissues analysed apical to the girdle, including the bark.


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1Encircle (the body) with or as a girdle or belt: the Friar loosened the rope that girdled his waist
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  • She was girdled up within an inch of her life in a high-waisted dress that had to be made.
1.1Surround; encircle: the chain of volcanoes that girdles the Pacific
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  • The bus stop in her village is a semi circle of paved road girdled by a hillock.
  • Carmona, a half-hour's comfortable drive from Sevilla, is no exception, its Moorish hill-top fortifications girdled by a skirt of glaring white walls and terracotta roofs that spill down to the surrounding plains.
  • About 35 serene green miles later, you're in Leiden, a university city girdled by canals and dominated by the gothic ostentation of its 15th century church.
2Cut through the bark all the way around (a tree or branch), typically in order to kill it or to kill a branch to make the tree more fruitful.
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  • If these are not removed they can girdle the tree, cutting into the trunk and eventually killing the tree.
  • Avoid nicking the trunks of trees and shrubs; these cuts can injure or kill the plant by girdling the bark.
  • Forty-five branches were girdled to control their leaf-to-fruit ratio precisely.


Old English gyrdel, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gordel and German Gürtel, also to gird1 and girth.

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Hay 2 definiciones de girdle en inglés:


Saltos de línea: gir¦dle
Pronunciación: /ˈɡəːd(ə)l/

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Scottish and northern English term for griddle (sense 1) of the noun).


late Middle English: variant of griddle.