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handle División en sílabas: han·dle

Definición de handle en inglés:


[with object]
1Feel or manipulate with the hands: heavy paving slabs can be difficult to handle people who handle food
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The body itself can be handled and manipulated as though lacking in the capacity for self-propulsion.
  • It's foods that have been handled by the modern food technologists.
  • While the meal does not have to be eaten in its entirety, the food itself should be handled and treated with respect, since it represents the finest that the hosts can provide.
hold, pick up, grasp, grip, lift;
feel, touch, finger
informal paw
1.1Drive or control (a vehicle): where did you learn to handle a boat?
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Last month he was jailed for six months for handling the car, driving a high performance vehicle without the proper licence, and having no insurance.
  • The engine hummed to itself sweetly as she slid the unmarked patrol car into the flow of traffic, handling the vehicle with her usual style.
  • From there you've got to learn to handle your ship and get to grips with the most difficult part - docking with the space station.
control, drive, steer, operate, maneuver, manipulate
1.2 [no object] (Of a vehicle) respond in a specified manner when being driven or controlled: a roadworthy bicycle that also handles well off the pavement
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  • And as for oversteer, the car handles like a dream - when the rear steps out it takes just a dab of steering or throttle to keep it there or rein it back in.
  • These efforts would seem to have been rewarded, as the vehicles handle in the manner you would expect from their respective appearances.
  • Most vehicles handle nearly identical with slight variations in acceleration and top speed.
2Manage (a situation or problem): a lawyer’s ability to handle a case properly
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Both local and international human rights groups have criticized the handling of his trials as unfair, with Amnesty International labeling Anwar a political prisoner.
  • You will find that, on most ships, the staff is well accustomed to handling crowds and is skilled at moving passengers with dispatch and courtesy.
  • Some critics of the president's handling of Iraq are expressing deep concern the mission there is turning into a situation similar to what happened during the Vietnam War.
2.1 informal Deal with (someone or something): I don’t think I could handle it if they turned me down
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • You have to deal with it, handle it, cope with it.
  • My mother is not the sort of person who handles interpersonal interactions well, she finds them stressful and tends to burn her bridges too easily when she gets fed up with people.
  • Through a divorce and the death of my father I wasn't able to handle things like I did before.
deal with, manage, tackle, take care of, take charge of, attend to, see to, sort out, apply oneself to, take in hand;
respond to, field
2.2Control or manage commercially: the advertising company that is handling the account
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • You wouldn't think twice about hiring an accountant to handle the books.
  • I hired a local furniture guy who handles all of the hiring and personnel issues in Baghdad, where I have about 15 local employees.
  • McGonigle, who has moved from DDFH & B, where he handled the Baileys account, is to oversee a recruitment drive at the company.
administer, manage, control, conduct, direct, guide, supervise, oversee, be in charge of, take care of, look after
2.3 [with adverbial] (handle oneself) Conduct oneself in a specified manner: he handled himself with considerable aplomb
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • But my concern and my criticism is leveled at my colleague and friend because of the way he's conducted himself, for handling himself subsequent to this young lady's disappearance.
  • The ladies all handled themselves in a professional manner, as shown by the positive and informative worldwide media coverage our pageant received.
  • The manner in which he handled himself at Old Trafford when things were not going well won him some hard-earned respect.
2.4 (handle oneself) informal Defend oneself physically or verbally: I can handle myself in a fight
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • ‘There is not one guy on that team physically incapable of handling himself with anyone in the league,’ Roenick told reporters after signing with the Flyers.
  • When I first started I was afraid of getting hurt, but I learned I can handle myself in physically demanding situations.
  • The teams the Reivers have met in Wales are physically very hard, and the way he has handled himself against those tough Welsh props has really impressed us all.


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1The part by which a thing is held, carried, or controlled: the pan features helpful lifting handles
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • After being told they would not be permitted into the event ‘with sticks’, several members ripped their signs off the handles and carried them in by hand.
  • The order stipulates that this includes carrying a pickaxe handle.
  • One of the robbers was carrying a pickaxe handle and the other a lumphammer.
1.1 (a handle on) A means of understanding, controlling, or approaching a person or situation: it’ll give people some kind of handle on these issues get a handle on your life
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • So no new troops yet requested to be sent to Iraq, but the United States is going to hold on to some of the troops that are there until they get a handle on this situation.
  • We are still trying to get a handle on the situation, Mr Kirrane said.
  • I've been talking to a lot of senators and staffers after the Senate hearing, trying to get a handle on the political situation.
2 informal A name or nickname: that’s some handle for a baby a former Washington DJ whose handle was ‘Fat Daddy’
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The DJ's handle is Rowdy Yates, same as Clint Eastwood's character in Rawhide.
  • He took his DJ handle from an 1980s video game.
  • In the summer of 2002, a security consultant whose handle is "Whurley" was hired by a resort group in Las Vegas to perform security audits.
2.1A person’s username on an online forum or social media site: she’s changed her Twitter handle
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Top of the wanted list was an individual identified only by the handle Worker Bee.
  • She found him on an Internet dating service under his handle, "nationreader."
  • Benny - that's his handle, not his real name - is most famous for having written a virus that infected Windows 2000 two weeks before Windows 2000 was released.
3 [in singular] US informal The total amount of money bet over a particular time (typically at a casino) or at a particular sporting event: the monthly handle of a couple of casinos in Las Vegas
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Saratoga leads all North American tracks in average attendance, on-track wagering, and total handle.
  • The total handle of $43,594,840 was up from last year's Travers weekend a year ago.
  • The one game where the handle was disappointing was the game with Argentina.


Old English handle (noun), handlian (verb), from hand.

  • hand from Old English:

    Since the Middle Ages hand has had the secondary meaning ‘a person’, as in farmhand or deckhand. All hands is the entire crew of a ship—the orders all hands on deck and all hands to the pump call upon all members of the crew, and now of any team, to assist. The phrase hand over fist also came from sailing. Originally it was hand over hand, describing the action of a sailor climbing a rope or hauling it in. By the 1820s the idea of speed had been extended to other contexts such as the rapid progress of a ship in pursuit of another, and soon after it was being used much more generally of any action done quickly. Nowadays, it is almost always making money that is done hand over fist. Horse racing gave us hands down. A jockey who won hands down was so certain of winning that he could lower his hands, relax his grip on the reins, and stop urging on his horse. A handle (Old English) gets its name because it is held in the hand. See also handsome



Pronunciación: /ˌhandl-əˈbilitē/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Despite his easy handleability and calm nature however, he has never had a chance to compete in a show.
  • The development of a method for measuring the handleability of cables, is described.
  • So far the assessment has been made solely on the electrode handleability, and this is partly indicated by the weld finish, which is very variable.


Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The Pogo we saw - which is still a prototype, albeit it an advanced one - is bigger than the picture suggests and a bit bulkier but still very handleable.
  • They are one of the most handleable lizards you can buy, and will become a great pet for the whole family.
  • The inherent drag at that altitude is also low enough to be possibly handleable by an electrodynamic tether.


Oraciones de ejemplo
  • As we reached the shade of a black, goat-hair tent, a white robed tribesman with shaky hands poured coffee from a long-spouted pot into a tiny handleless cup.
  • They contain hot fluids with incredible accuracy and the amazing ‘no drop’ handle makes them almost ten times more difficult to drop on your lap than conventional handleless coffee mugs.
  • One fragment of what was probably a handleless cup is a thin, blue-glazed piece with a preserved remnant of additional enamel decoration over the glaze in the form of a bit of Chinese calligraphy.

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