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hang up1

1Hang from a hook, hanger, etc. his good shirt’s ironed and hanging up
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  • It's only 2pm now and my standard-issue jacket is already hanging up for the day on the hook in the bedsit.
  • Her favorite dress was hanging up perfectly pressed ready for her to put on.
  • Your jacket is hanging up on my bedroom door by the way!
2End a telephone conversation by cutting the connection.
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  • The technician asks the person to carry out a simple test using the dialling buttons on their telephone and then hang up.
  • The phone rang and she answered it, holding a short conversation in Spanish before hanging up.
  • She quickly excused herself from her conversation, hanging up a moment later.
2.1 (hang up on) End a telephone conversation with (someone) by abruptly cutting the connection.
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  • If she hadn't already been mad at me over our phone conversation, hanging up on her had certainly done the trick.
  • I studiously avoid poll takers waiting to ambush me at train stations and supermarkets, and I hang up on telephone surveys.
  • That's how the conversation ends; I just hang up on him as if our conversation held no importance to me.
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Hay 2 definiciones de hang up en inglés:


Silabificación: hang-up


An emotional problem or inhibition: people with hang-ups about their age
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  • Maybe they have fascinatingly complex emotional hang-ups just waiting to be mined by pop psychology - and maybe it's none of our business.
  • I also suffer from the narcissistic delusion that my hang-ups are so uniquely complex that no therapist could possibly know how to deal with me.
  • Abstinence allows the cravings to subside and the mind to clear, leaving the individual free to deal with emotional hang-ups.
neurosis, phobia, preoccupation, fixation, obsession, idée fixe;
inhibition, mental block, psychological block, block, difficulty
informal complex, thing, bee in one's bonnet