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kindly División en sílabas: kind·ly
Pronunciación: /ˈkīn(d)lē/

Definición de kindly en inglés:


1In a kind manner: “Never mind,” she said kindly
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • To put it kindly, the manner in which juniors are treated varies a great deal from club to club.
  • No matter what the period was and what the issues were, the leadership has always regarded kindly and respected the China Youth Daily.
  • Jack Clancy of Clancy's Bar has kindly provided generous sponsorship to subsidise transport to Coleraine.
1.1Please (used in a polite request or demand, often ironically): will you kindly sign the enclosed copy of this letter
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I would request you to kindly alter the duration of a day on earth from the present 24 hours to 32 hours.
  • We are requesting the public to kindly organise a Coffee Day in your own home, work place, or local area.
  • Can someone kindly explain to me what all the recent fuss is about on the freedom pass issue.
please, if you please, if you wouldn't mind
archaic prithee, pray


(kindlier, kindliest) Volver al principio  
1Kind; warmhearted; gentle: he was a quiet, kindly man
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Michael, or Girders, as he was affectionately known, was a good father and grandad, kindly neighbour and friend.
  • I'm aware that's a generalisation, and that there may be some gentle, kindly drivers somewhere in the country, but I haven't found one yet.
  • The child know that he or she is loved because in these kindly acts and gentle deeds, love is conveyed, beyond words.
2 archaic Native-born.


Old English gecyndelīce 'naturally, characteristically' (see kind2, -ly2).


look kindly on

Regard (someone or something) sympathetically.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • But, against the run of play, Stanley had enough in their locker to take the lead after the referee, for a change, looked kindly on the visitors.
  • But the Gods looked kindly on Freddie that day - undeservedly, I think - so I answered.
  • But it wouldn't surprise me if history looked kindly on them in the coming years.

not take kindly to

Not welcome or be pleased by (someone or something).
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • I talked back to her and she didn't take kindly to that.
  • Only a few people in our team knew one of the secrets I harboured; I didn't take kindly to too many people knowing my weaknesses.
  • Bob takes his art very seriously and doesn't take kindly to jokes about his dancers' limited abilities or the deeper, more spiritual side of himself so eloquently expressed in his presentations.

take something kindly

Like or be pleased by something.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • And the BJP and its vote bank will not take it kindly.
  • That was a pretty thinly veiled shot at Exel, who did not take the comments kindly.
  • And since all that's the case, I'd take it kindly if you and Hurthang and perhaps your friends Kaeritha and Brandark would be sitting down with Marglyth and me to thrash out just how we'd best go about letting that word out.

thank someone kindly

Thank someone very much.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • We only have so much patience time, so we thanked him kindly for his efforts and moved on.
  • Mostly I dozed, very happily, thank you kindly. ‘Sleep is the best medicine,’ my mother used to say, and I reckon she wasn't far wrong.
  • The results are on the front page and we thank her kindly.

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idly • wifely • likely • timely

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