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Silabificación: na·tion·al·ist
Pronunciación: /ˈnaSH(ə)nələst


1A person who advocates political independence for a country: a Scottish nationalist
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  • That federation was opposed by nationalists who advocated political freedom from British rule.
  • Most of the opposition parties are involved in the committee, including the communists, socialists and nationalists.
  • Broad Front is a left coalition made up of socialists, Communists and nationalists.
1.1A person with strong patriotic feelings, especially one who believes in the superiority of their country over others.
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  • During World War One, Stresemann, like the vast majority of Germans, had been a strong nationalist.
  • He was a fervent French nationalist and a strong leader, a man who took on the United States and Britain.
  • She started out as an emotional nationalist, full of passion and patriotism.


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Of or relating to nationalists or nationalism: a nationalist movement
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  • In so far as they still clung to socialist phraseology, it was simply to give their nationalist programme a more acceptable cover.
  • Why did a petty-bourgeois nationalist outlook gain ascendancy?
  • In the case of glacial Super-Finland, the political relevance seems to be rather rightist, romantic and nationalist.

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