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Silabificación: pas·sage
Pronunciación: /ˈpasij


1The act or process of moving through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another: there were moorings for boats wanting passage through the lock
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  • The game was hallmarked by a superb full back display by Ms. Dalton, past whom nothing found passage, although she had generous aid from a better-balanced team.
  • It may seem tame in this context to devote time and technical skill to throwing up perfect spheres of glass in a vacuum and timing their passage up and down past two pairs of slits.
  • That was before the Uefa Cup run gathered momentum, before his booming finish at Anfield sealed Celtic's passage past Liverpool and his position as a crowd favourite.
transit, progress, passing, movement, motion, traveling
1.1The act or process of moving forward: despite the passage of time she still loved him
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  • She tapped the shoulder of the person in front of her, asking for passage forward.
  • He sneers at her approach and waddles forward to block her passage.
  • The money could be recoverable from the officer who was responsible for not having filed the written statement despite passage of so much time.
passing, advance, course, march
1.2The right to pass through somewhere: we obtained a permit for safe passage from the embassy
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  • The group also demanded a $50m ransom as well as safe passage and the publication of their manifesto by all of the countries whose diplomats had been held.
  • But we provide space-based utilities no such security or assurance of safe passage or operation.
  • In another audacious move he sent envoys to the Crusader leaders in Acre asking for safe passage and the right to purchase supplies.
safe conduct, warrant, visa;
admission, access
1.3A journey or ticket for a journey by sea or air: he then booked passage home aboard a Spanish warship
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  • Delayed only by her trial, she finally booked passage aboard a tanker and sailed alone to Karachi, to join the rest of the family in exile.
  • She was so aware of the danger that she'd booked passage in a ship for Australia for herself and me in 1940, meaning to leave me with her family there and return to England.
  • John wanted to set about their adventure as expeditiously as possible and had booked passage on a postal aeroplane traveling to nearby Hog's Creek.
1.4 Ornithology (Of a migrating bird) the action of passing through a place en route to its final destination: the species occurs regularly on passage [as modifier]: a passage migrant
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  • These routes used by migratory birds for passage between wintering and breeding ranges are called flyways.
  • A small shore bird common, in fact often abundant, on passage and in winter, it breeds in the High Arctic.
  • Green, Wood and Common Sandpipers are regular on passage, as are Ospreys.
1.5 Medicine & Biology The process of propagating microorganisms or cells in a series of host organisms or culture media, so as to maintain them or modify their virulence.
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  • Fourth, after some 30 passages, cells cultured at 33°C stopped proliferating, suggesting a senescent state.
  • Cells of the eighth passages of culture were used.
  • In some other cases, sequences were verified after a series of passages on a host.
2A narrow way, typically having walls on either side, allowing access between buildings or to different rooms within a building; a passageway.
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  • The house is old and creaky, stairs to half-floors leading from narrow rooms and confusing passages as if designed by M.C. Escher.
  • Excavations revealed a massive timber gate about halfway along the passage allowing access to be controlled.
  • As one walks through the different rooms, passages and interstices of the gallery, there is a tremendous but transient concatenation of sound.
2.1A duct, vessel, or other channel in the body.
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  • Oya Orisha predominates in the lungs, bronchial passages, and the mucous membranes.
  • These potent chemicals dilate blood vessels and constrict bronchial air passages.
  • The infection spreads from the nose or throat through the Eustachian tube, a passage between the throat and the middle ear.
duct, orifice, opening, channel;
inlet, outlet
3The process of transition from one state to another: an allegory on the theme of the passage from ignorance to knowledge
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  • The rate of temporal passage cannot be changed consciously by mortals, generally speaking.
  • Rite of passage conveying status change for males, from young boys to responsible men.
  • I can see the inexorable passage of time moving Baby to the inevitable Teenager II but whilst Baby is still at junior school I can make the most of an ally!
transition, development, progress, move, change, shift
3.1The passing of a bill into law: a catalyst for the unrest was the passage of a privatization law
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  • So the parliamentary passage of the bill holds additional significance in that it may pave the way for the two allies of 50 years to mend their sour relations.
  • We are writing to ask you to support the Children's Food Bill in its passage through Parliament.
  • Some civic organizations and academic circles asserted that the previous passage of the particular bills was null and void, as they were voted upon without the required quorum.
enactment, passing, ratification, royal assent, approval, adoption, authorization, legalization
4A short extract from a book or other printed material: he picked up the newspaper and read the passage again
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  • I'll read a short passage from my book Four Seasons in Five Senses, that talks about that connection we have with memory, the land and ultimately generation.
  • Look, there are lots of narrative shifts in this book with short passages, and this gives a sense of dislocation too, for the reader; one voice and then another.
  • The most sobering part of the book is a short passage where Guttenplan elaborates this country's history of anti-Semitism.
extract, excerpt, quotation, quote, citation, reading, piece, selection
4.1A section of a piece of music: nothing obscures the outlines of an orchestral passage more than a drumroll on an unrelated note
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  • This is especially noticeable in full orchestral and choral passages.
  • Students can slow down the tempo or loop a particular section of music to practice difficult passages.
  • Her favorites were the soulful climaxes of country-western ballads and the tutti passages of Mozart orchestral works.
4.2An episode in a longer activity such as a sporting event: a neat passage of midfield play
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  • As the game ebbed and flowed there was little to choose between the sides, but York extended their lead just before half time when a good passage of play involving backs and forwards brought a second try for the speedy Kama.
  • It was just the tonic the visitors needed and soon afterwards the second row forward finished of a fine passage of play involving forwards and backs with the second try, this time converted by Cooke.
  • They did the spadework for the score in a good passage of support play, Wade arriving on cue to drive over and finish off the movement.


[with object] Medicine & Biology Volver al principio  
Subject (a strain of microorganisms or cells) to a passage: each recombinant virus was passaged nine times successively
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  • The strain was passaged in mice, subcultured in Middlebrook 7H9 broth (Fisher, Pittsburgh, PA), and used for aerosol infection when the optical density at 600 nm was 0.9.
  • To test whether either mutant underwent delayed telomere elongation, the mutant strains were extensively passaged by serial colony streaking and telomere lengths were monitored periodically.
  • All of the strains were passaged for >30 generations before genomic DNA was isolated; additional passages of 60 generations showed no differences in telomere lengths from those illustrated in Fig 4B (data not shown).


Middle English: from Old French, based on Latin passus 'pace'.


passage of (or at) arms

A fight or dispute.
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  • If your Honours would go to page 83, you will the see the passage - I am not saying it is a passage of arms; that is putting it too highly
  • Already 2-0 down in the series after consecutive top-order batting collapses, this passage of arms - after a difficult summer for both the players and the board - could not have come at a worse possible time.
  • Well, we say that's the end of the case, and that's what Mr Stitt conceded in the passage of arms between you…

work one's passage

Work in return for a free place on a voyage: he worked his passage home as a steward
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  • The story moved the skipper and he allowed her to work her passage over
  • Can I work my passage on a ship between NZ and Oz?

Hay 2 definiciones de passage en inglés:


Silabificación: pas·sage
Pronunciación: /paˈsäZH


A movement performed in advanced dressage and classical riding, in which the horse executes a slow elevated trot, giving the impression of dancing.


early 18th century: from French passage, from an alteration of Italian passeggiare 'to walk, pace', based on Latin passus 'pace'.