Hay 2 definiciones de permit en inglés:


Silabificación: per·mit


Pronunciación: /pərˈmit
(permits, permitting, permitted)
1Give authorization or consent to (someone) to do something: [with object and infinitive]: the law permits councils to monitor any factory emitting smoke [with two objects]: he would not permit anybody access to the library
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  • The law also permits you to waive your right to notice or to accept a payment in lieu of notice if this is agreed with the company.
  • If that means the death penalty, if it means life imprisonment, we are going to do what the law permits us to do.
  • But the law was amended to permit us to file this once he's been charged with a crime.
allow, authorize, give someone permission, sanction, grant, give someone the right, license, empower, enable, entitle, qualify; give one's blessing to, give the nod to; consent to, assent to, acquiesce in, agree to, tolerate, countenance; legalize, legitimate
informal give the go-ahead to, give the thumbs up to, OK, give the OK to, give the green light to
formal accede to
archaic suffer
(permit someone to)let
1.1 [with object] Authorize or give permission for (something): the country is not ready to permit any rice imports
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • House owners have permitted development rights which allow certain changes without planning permission.
  • Maintain multilevel security databases that safeguard sources and permit authorized access to unprocessed data.
  • In this case, the publisher may or may not grant a licence back to the author permitting some uses of the paper.
1.2 [with object] (Of a thing, circumstance, or condition) provide an opportunity or scope for (something) to take place; make possible: some properties are too small to permit mechanized farming [no object]: when weather permits, lunches are served outside
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  • Improved security of the facility containing the matrix is provided by a feature permitting remote control over the facility door lock.
  • This evaluation permits the identification of possible common patterns underlying the crop production forecast errors.
  • Studies of men carrying out such duties should therefore provide information which would permit quantification of effects and lead to selection and training methods.
1.3 [no object] (permit of) dated Allow for; admit of: the camp permits of no really successful defense
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  • But do our actions permit of an end to the cycle of bloodshed?
  • Now, you have to go further, do you not, and say that that tape really only permitted of one conclusion.
  • In this case the absence of entries permits of the inference that nothing was charted because nothing was done.


Pronunciación: /ˈpərmit
[often with modifier] Volver al principio  
An official document giving someone authorization to do something: he is only in Britain on a work permit
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  • In the meantime only Customs and Excise permit holders are being permitted to use the first three floors.
  • She said the scheme was intended to reduce demand for parking and therefore help permit holders to park.
  • Most foreigners who have received new Bulgarian identification documents hold permanent residence permits.
authorization, license, pass, ticket, warrant, document, certification; passport, visa


late Middle English (originally in the sense 'commit, hand over'): from Latin permittere, from per- 'through' + mittere 'send, let go'.


permit me

dated Used for politeness before making a suggestion or expressing an intention: permit me to correct you
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  • If your Honours will permit me to question all or any of these earlier decisions, I will undertake to advance a sensible argument.
  • If you will permit me, even though I am a retired politician I would like to say just a word about domestic politics.
  • So, while it's still a bit early, permit me to be the first to wish this special astronaut a good journey.

—— permitting

If the specified thing does not prevent one from doing something: weather permitting, guests can dine outside on the veranda
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Ground permitting, he will probably now go to Listowel for the Kerry National.
  • On Wednesday - decent ground permitting - my horse runs in the 1.15 at Leicester.
  • Ground permitting, he is going to put it up to the favourite.



Pronunciación: /ˌpərmiˈtē/
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  • Thus, permittees subject to section 403 must comply with ocean discharge criteria.
  • He has permits to run as many as 2700 AUMs (Animal Unit Months) and is one of the largest permittees on the San Juan National Forest.
  • George is fairly well known in the area among state, federal and local cops as well as concealed carry permittees.


Pronunciación: /pərˈmitər/

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Hay 2 definiciones de permit en inglés:


Silabificación: per·mit
Pronunciación: /ˈpərmit


A deep-bodied fish of the jack family, found in warm waters of the western Atlantic and Caribbean and caught for food and sport.
  • Trachinotus falcatus, family Carangidae
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  • He told me that there were snook and tarpon (as I already knew) and there were large bonefish and permit to fish for.
  • Blue crystal-clear waters teem with game fish such as bonefish, permit, and tarpon, which have grown accustomed to a rich diet of shrimp and crabs.


alteration of Spanish palometa 'little dove'.