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Silabificación: pet


1A domestic or tamed animal or bird kept for companionship or pleasure and treated with care and affection: the pony was a family pet [as modifier]: a pet cat
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  • Now, the centre is home to a whole range of animals, including domestic pets like cats and dogs.
  • Both domestic animals and pets have important roles in our lives.
  • Be aware that injured animals, even tame pets will bite savagely if given a chance.
1.1A person treated with special favor, especially in a way that others regard as unfair: Liz was teacher’s pet [as modifier]: his pet performer was Hollander
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  • Masson may have called MacKinnon ‘Kitty,’ but it is clear who was the pet in that relationship.
  • [She was] not exactly the teachers' pet, but she did respect the teachers.
informal fair-haired boy/girl, daddy's girl
1.2Used as an affectionate form of address: don’t cry, pet, it’s all right
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  • I'd like you to choose a card, my pet, and then read out what it says and tell the studio audience and our viewers at home what act you'll be performing for us this evening in our star turn final.
  • Ask them to help you cross the road, or to take you down to the post office, or to put the kettle on, pet.
  • And when you have something to say that comes anywhere near an opinion, keep it to yourself, pet!


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0.1Denoting a thing that one devotes special attention to or feels particularly strongly about: another of her pet projects was the arts center my pet hate is bad telephone manners
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  • He also emerged as a stern critic of Mr McCreevy's Special Savings Investment Scheme pet project.
  • Individuals, not a political party, will be called to account by the courts for misdeeds committed under the auspices of his wayward pet project.
  • Even then they still spoke every week, usually about their shared passion - computers - or Mark's pet hate, and Chris's new love - jazz.
favorite, favored, cherished, dear to one's heart;
particular, special, personal

verbo (pets, petting, petted)

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1Stroke or pat (an animal) affectionately: the cats came to be petted
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  • Joann tried to keep herself from laughing when she noticed the raven's look, meanwhile continuing to pet the mare, stroking the animal's chestnut hip.
  • The Prince started to pet his horse, stroking the hair gently with almost some humanity.
  • She pet her cat affectionately and turned on the TV while she waited for Brett to come home from work.
1.1Treat (someone) with affection or favoritism; pamper: I was cosseted and petted and never shouted at
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  • She said that at the end of the school day Jack makes his way to the playground where he is petted and spoilt by the children.
  • Ian's eyes opened lethargically, Susan said nothing and Geneva did not cease gawking at him, Calypso jumped from her arms after Geneva stopped petting her.
  • He takes a look towards his mother, who is fuming, but petting Jeremy on the head.
1.2 [no object] Engage in sexually stimulating caressing and touching: couples necking and petting in the cars
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  • It all depends on what the intentions are and if there are also other things going on like: kissing, petting, romantic conversation, or commitments involved.
  • They reported a significant increase in sexual activity, such as kissing and petting, among male participants when compared with the control group.
  • From kissing in the back stalls of the local picture theatre, they graduated to petting on the front seats of parked cars.
kiss and cuddle, kiss, cuddle, embrace, caress


early 16th century (as a noun; originally Scots and northern English): of unknown origin.