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Silabificación: pill


1A small round mass of solid medicine to be swallowed whole.
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  • He was a very bright, socially sensitive, and insightful young man whose complaint was that he could not swallow pills or capsules.
  • Laxatives come as syrups, powders, and also as pills, which are swallowed or put inside the anus.
  • Your doctor may also ask you if you take any medicines such as birth control pills, laxatives or diet pills.
tablet, capsule, caplet, cap, gelcap, pellet, lozenge, pastille, horse pill;
Veterinary Medicine bolus
1.1 (the pill or the Pill) A contraceptive pill: she is on the pill
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  • This is the largest women's health study ever done and contradicts other research on the pill.
  • Some women find this method disconcerting because the period they have each month while on the pill is reassurance that they haven't become pregnant.
  • That occurs mainly in people who have been on the pill for more than 10 years and who smoke cigarettes.
1.2 informal A tedious or unpleasant person.
1.3 informal (In some sports) a humorous term for a ball.


late Middle English: ultimately from Latin pilula 'little ball', diminutive of pila; compare with Middle Dutch and Middle Low German pille.


a bitter pill (to swallow)

An unpleasant or painful necessity (to accept).
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  • ‘It is a bitter pill to swallow but it is necessary to cut back and balance the books,’ he said.
  • This one is - and should be - a bitter pill to swallow.
  • Eventually he murmurs ‘It's a bitter pill to swallow.’



Pronunciación: /ˈpilyələr/
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  • The solvents or menstrua employed in the preparation of pilular extracts are water, alcohol, or mixtures of these in the proportions stated in the formulas.
  • In the preparation of pilular extracts the concentration of the solutions should be completed without delay, and undue exposure to heat must be avoided.

Hay 2 definiciones de pill en inglés:


Silabificación: pill


[no object]
(Of knitted fabric) form small balls of fluff on its surface.
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  • This new fabric treatment enables the garment to resist shrinking, pilling, fading and wrinkles while remaining breathable.
  • Those tiny little felt guys that I made for Amelia just before she was born have been loved a little and have ended up filthy and terribly pilled.
  • The yarn pilled up a lot, and though it was soft it always looked kind of weird on me so I rarely wore it.


1960s: from Latin pilare 'make bald' and 'pillage'. The verb was recorded in late Old English in the sense 'peel away' (referring especially to bark or skin).