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Pronunciación: /pəˈziSH(ə)n/


1A place where someone or something is located or has been put: the distress call had given the ship’s position Mrs. Snell had taken up her position on the bottom step of the stairs
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  • This is determined by the simple expedient of the listener holding a microphone to locate their position in the room.
  • He made another important contribution in using a grid to locate positions of places on the Earth.
  • Bringing the pole down into a horizontal position, my right arm out behind me, locating the position of my left hand was easy.
location, place, situation, spot, site, locality, setting, area;
whereabouts, bearings, orientation
technical locus
1.1The location where someone or something should be; the correct place: the lid was put into position and screwed down make sure that no slates have slipped out of position
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  • Everybody is going away to think about what the best way is to manoeuvre the cross into position.
  • Alex poured another glass of whiskey and watched the new chunks of ice settle into position.
  • The rib was then raised into position, and pulled sideways to connect to the dovetails on the cross supports.
1.2 (often positions) A place where part of a military force is posted for strategic purposes: the guns were shelling the German positions
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  • The attacks coincided with Afghan opposition forces shelling enemy positions in the strategic northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif.
  • Around Karbala, Iraqi defenders pounded suspected military positions in the ancient town.
  • Has it occurred to anyone that a US military force's field positions might be covertly mapped by an opposing force with the foresight to invest in a pie-tin and an RFID reader?
2A particular way in which someone or something is placed or arranged: he moved himself into a reclining position a cramp forced her to change position
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  • The walls, which can be moved to any number of positions, have been arranged so that visitors can enjoy intriguing and compelling vistas of Klee's works.
  • When pasting the red paper on the door, the character fu must be arranged in an upside-down position.
  • The big pile of bedding to the left is our futons which I've expertly arranged into a sitting position.
posture, stance, attitude, pose
2.1In a game of chess, the configuration of the pieces and pawns on the board at any point.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • What the better players had remembered, in other words, was not so much the positions of the chess pieces but the overall situations.
  • In the endgame, the Bishop pair is particularly superior in positions with pawns on both sides of the board.
  • In our first game, White went for a position with doubled pawns in order to obtain a pair of Bishops.
2.2 Music A particular location of the hand on the fingerboard of a stringed instrument: be familiar with the first six positions across the four strings
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  • In addition, an animated instrument displays the exact notes to be played, highlighting correct keys or fingering positions.
  • As his memorized finger positions formed he lifted his head and began to sing, focusing on the crowd in front of him, it was larger than what they were used to yet it didn't seem that intimidating now.
  • Students can view their hand positions, posture and essentially take each lesson home with them for review.
2.3 Music A particular location of the slide of a trombone.
2.4 Music The arrangement of the constituent notes of a chord.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Each position is diagrammed, and the first new finger number is circled on the staff.
  • While one positive aspect of this approach is that it lends itself to positions other than middle C, therein also lies the problem.
  • Finger positions can be marked for the suggested fingering of the chord.
3A situation or set of circumstances, especially one that affects one’s power to act: the company’s financial position is grim [with infinitive]: we felt we were not in a position to judge the merits of the case
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  • Any significant increase in costs could affect the financial position adversely.
  • I am not in a position to judge the financial standing of either company.
  • After all, the government says it will continuously review its position as the situation changes.
situation, state, condition, circumstances;
predicament, plight, strait(s)
3.1A job: she retired from her position as marketing director
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  • There are some paid positions, but at levels below what any mainstream publication would consider a skeleton staff.
  • It usually appoints its cronies to positions of importance.
  • At that time, I was running for elections for the position of external relations Officer.
job, post, situation, appointment, role, occupation, employment;
office, capacity, duty, function;
opening, vacancy, placement
3.2The state of being placed where one has an advantage over one’s rivals in a competitive situation: his successors were already jockeying for position
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  • They did this by making them hungry and impressing the club's secondary position to their rivals.
  • In that case, the Government will be in a more advantageous position as a huge amount can be collected in tax.
  • With some precautions, women can regain their advantageous position in the healthy heart race.
advantage, the upper hand, the edge, the whip hand, primacy
informal the catbird seat
3.3A person’s place or rank in relation to others, especially in a competitive situation: he made up ground to finish in second position
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  • Everyone wants to play for each other, but we're all in different positions at club level, so some will be out to prove a point
  • I am now considering my options in relation to my position in the Labour party.
  • I feel languorous about my world, and of my position and importance in it.
3.4High rank or social standing: a woman of supposed wealth and position
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  • They have a different social position to ordinary rank and file union members.
  • The judges were powerful men and their social rank and position inspired loyalty.
  • Such a man or woman is slave to his or her social position and wealth.
status, place, level, rank, standing;
stature, prestige, influence, reputation, importance, consequence, class
dated station
3.5(In team games) a set of functions considered as the responsibility of a particular player based on the location in which they play: it gives every player a chance to play every fielding position
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  • Don't we need provisions in player contracts that require the players to accept positions on the Olympic team?
  • The team spent the rest of the draft wisely looking for backups at depth-shy positions and special team players.
  • Third base once was a position flush with players with outsize offensive numbers.
4A person’s particular point of view or attitude toward something: I’ll never accept his position on censorship
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  • What is worse is that they assume that their view constitutes a feminist position on the issue.
  • Is it possible to take a position on violence as a means towards an end, regardless of the nature of that end?
  • Opinions, ideas, viewpoints, positions, perspectives, angles, impressions - now these I can handle.
viewpoint, opinion, outlook, attitude, stand, standpoint, stance, perspective, approach, slant, thinking, policy, feelings
5An investor’s net holdings in one or more markets at a particular time; the status of an individual or institutional trader’s open contracts: traders were covering short positions
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  • Many hedge funds continue to make money when stock markets are falling because the investment managers take short positions in stocks.
  • They kept on buying bonds and hedged themselves with short positions in the commodity market.
  • We suspect that many players hit with losses in the credit markets have been forced to also cover short positions in the stock market.
6 Logic A proposition laid down or asserted; a tenet or assertion.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The first is that inconsistency is readily avoided by a little care in the formulation of the sceptical position.
  • This position might, to contrast it with Moore's objectivism, be called subjectivism.
  • Rather, the argument in each of these chapters is deductive from the theoretical positions worked out in the first two chapters.


[with object]
1Put or arrange (someone or something) in a particular place or way: he pulled out a chair and positioned it between them she positioned herself on a bench
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  • The rain stopped as soon as we had positioned ourselves in the doors and windows overlooking the lawn and the porch.
  • The staff can keep an eye on everyone from their centrally positioned work station.
  • The cafeteria lunch servers are positioned near the doors with bags of chips, cookies, and soda in case you need a quick recharge.
put, place, locate, situate, set, site, stand, station;
plant, stick, install;
arrange, dispose
informal park
1.1Promote (a product, service, or business) within a particular sector of a market, or as the fulfillment of that sector’s specific requirements: a comprehensive development plan that will position the city as a major economic force in the region
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • McGowan is positioning the company for a big shake-out of underperforming operations.
  • Companies are also positioning their ad campaigns to this effect.
  • He will, at the very least, see the addition of Your and Legend as giving him some greater clout and positioning the company for another assault.
1.2Portray or regard (someone) as a particular type of person: I had positioned her as my antagonist
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  • His true politics are unknown but much of his campaign rhetoric positioned him as more pro-business than pro-labor.
  • In so doing, it positions the web as Hollywood's new wellspring of original stories.
  • My fear is that by positioning it that way, it sets up certain expectations in the audiences.


Late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin positio(n-), from ponere 'to place'. The current sense of the verb dates from the early 19th century.

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