Hay 3 definiciones de present en inglés:


Silabificación: pres·ent
Pronunciación: /ˈprez(ə)nt


1 [predicative] (Of a person) in a particular place: a doctor must be present at the ringside the speech caused embarrassment to all those present
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  • We have an inside source who was present at the rally and is familiar with the reporters involved.
  • However they were present in large numbers and settled for a short procession inside the church.
  • Insiders ask whether he should have been present rather than delegating decision-making to his chief executive.
in attendance, here, there, near, nearby, (close/near) at hand, available
1.1(Of a thing) existing or occurring in a place or thing: organic molecules are present in comets
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  • It is estimated that some several million tonnes of CFCs are present in the atmosphere.
  • The next step is to remove any loose or flaking paint that may be present near the joint by scraping or sanding.
  • The mercury compound was present in a series of child vaccines available in the UK.
in existence, existing, existent
2 [attributive] Existing or occurring now: she did not expect to find herself in her present situation
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  • Given the present situation, it seems that no long or short term planning was ever done to meet the growing power demand.
  • A tram link between Interchange and Forster Square stations would be slightly better than the present situation.
  • There is an awful description in use about the present situation - the ‘new normal’.
current, present-day, existing
2.1Now being considered or discussed: the present article cannot answer every question
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  • The present article will discuss some general principles by which music is given clarity and unity.
  • He was of course discussing the present draft guidelines for the conservation of wild Atlantic salmon.
  • The possible reasons for the discrepancy in the present data set are discussed later.
2.2 Grammar (Of a tense or participle) expressing an action now going on or habitually performed or a condition now existing.
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  • The only problem is that it looks or sounds for the most part, therefore, exactly the same as the present tense of the verb.
  • It should be clear that an apology has to be in the first person, and in the present tense.
  • Another peculiarity of headlinese is that it is almost always in the present tense.


[in singular] (usually the present) Volver al principio  
1The period of time now occurring: they are happy and at peace, refusing to think beyond the present
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  • The play is set in the present and covers a period of around one month in Spring.
  • You see, the game takes place in two time periods: the past and the present.
  • So for now she keeps up her hopes for the future while surviving in the present.
now, today, the present time/moment, the here and now
1.1 Grammar A present tense: the verbs are all in the present See also historic present.
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  • But instead of referring to him in the past tense here, I've referred to him in the present.
  • Headlines are written in the present: Bus kills man.


Middle English: via Old French from Latin praesent- 'being at hand', present participle of praeesse, from prae 'before' + esse 'be'.


at present

Now: membership at present stands at about 5,000
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  • Michael is in hospital at present and it is hoped that he will soon be back playing cards.
  • I would have to look out on to a car park, rather than the trees I see at present.
  • I doubt that they are all deceased as they were all about my age and I am 70 at present.
at the moment, just now, right now, at the present time, currently, at this moment in time

for the present

For now; temporarily.
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  • It now appears that the tax credit program is safe for the present.
  • I am also introducing a Finance Bill, seeking to continue the existing tax structure for the present.
  • I believe that for the present, at least, our major contributions lie in this area.

(there is) no time like the present

Used to suggest that something should be done now rather than later: “When do you want me to leave?” “No time like the present.”
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  • But nevertheless, no time like the present to begin.
  • ‘We have to start winning soon,’ he said, ‘and there's no time like the present.’
  • If you haven't had a chance to contribute yet, well… there's no time like the present!

present company excepted

Excluding those who are here now.
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  • He is a really smart guy, he's been managing editor of ‘The New York Times’ and he has been writing I would say the best column in American journalism over the past two years, present company excepted.
  • Present company excepted, I think it's just an excuse for the vain and shallow to fill their otherwise empty leisure time.
  • Well, I think we do know that the television media - present company excepted of course - have not been giving him a very good break.

these presents

Law, formal This document: the premises outlined in red on the Plan annexed to these presents
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  • Should there be any conflict between these presents and the Contract Documents these presents shall prevail.
  • The Trustee may determine all questions and doubts arising in relation to any of the provisions of these presents and the Security Documents.
  • All moneys received by the Trustee under these presents and/or under the Security Documents shall be held by the Trustee upon trust to apply them.

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Hay 3 definiciones de present en inglés:


Silabificación: pre·sent
Pronunciación: /prəˈzent


[with object]
1 (present something to) Give something to (someone) formally or ceremonially: a top executive will present an award to employees who built the F-150
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  • Terese Capucilli's award will be presented to her at the ceremony by actor and graphics designer Bill Randolph.
  • The trophy was presented by best-selling author Bill Bryson who described it as a very exciting match.
  • Ruth, 18, offered to present the painting to Mr Bayley as a memento of York, the floods and the exhibition.
hand over/out, give (out), confer, bestow, award, grant, accord
1.1 (present someone with) Give someone (something) ceremonially: my students presented me with some flowers
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  • Stephanie Donnelly was presented with £200 in gift vouchers by TV presenter Philippa Forrester.
  • Chief Superintendent Garry Shewan, head of Bury police, presented David with a Divisional Commander's Award.
  • Another colleague and neighbour, Joe Boyle, presented Paddy with a holiday gift voucher and a fishing rod.
1.2Show or offer (something) for others to scrutinize or consider: he stopped and presented his passport
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  • He's kick-started the process by studying many of the proposals on offer and presenting this draft plan of action.
  • The joint committee, which presents a preliminary report this autumn, comprises three Liberal Democrats, 12 Labour, seven Tories and two crossbenchers.
  • All you will have to do to take advantage of the offer is to present your card when you make your purchase.
1.3Formally introduce (someone) to someone else: may I present my wife?
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  • An under-matron at Malsis school, she was presented by the wife of her cousin, Commander Ian Steel RN.
  • A Mossi baby is formally presented to the community three days after birth for a boy, and four days after birth for a girl.
  • On September 14th as Marquise de Pompadour she was formally presented at court.
1.4Proffer (compliments or good wishes) in a formal manner: may I present the greetings of my master?
1.5Formally deliver (a check or bill) for acceptance or payment: a check presented by Mr. Jackson was returned by the bank
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  • Like other types of bills of exchange payable on demand, a cheque has to be presented for payment within a reasonable time.
  • The builder simply presented his bill for payment.
  • When a cheque is presented for payment the paying bank, as we know, must comply strictly with its customer's mandate.
1.6 Law Bring (a complaint, petition, or evidence) formally to the notice of a court.
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  • Judges are obliged to remain open-minded about the outcome of a case until the relevant evidence has been presented in court.
  • On 3 June 1992 it was wound up by the High Court on a petition presented by the Bank of England.
  • The claim form in this action was issued on 19th April 2001 and the Petition was presented to the court on the same day.
1.7(Of a company or producer) put (a show or exhibition) before the public.
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  • The Multi Storey Theatre Company is presenting the hour-long show, ideal for families with children over the age of five and an adult audience too.
  • NTC Touring Theatre Company presents a second show, The Stars Look Down, on Tuesday.
  • Sam Dowling's energetic and innovative Roscommon-based experimental theatre company presents its exciting new production.
demonstrate, show, put on show/display, exhibit, display, launch, unveilstage, put on, produce, perform
2Bring about or be the cause of (a problem or difficulty): this should not present much difficulty
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  • Even the newer equipment presents difficult problems of ballot design.
  • And we have seen that sexism presents a greater difficulty than racism in this regard as well.
  • The lack of affordable housing presents problems for the whole of the community - if there is no one to nurse the sick, teach the children or work on the land everyone suffers.
2.1Exhibit (a particular state or appearance) to others: the EC presented a united front over the crisis
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  • None of this could be seen from the front, where the house presents a traditional Chinese appearance to passers-by.
  • But, more crucially, he was also able to present a united political front.
  • The exterior of the car, which is 46 feet long by 10 feet wide, presents a splendid appearance.
2.2Represent (someone) to others in a particular way, typically one that is false or exaggerated: he presented himself as a hardworking man
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  • Within a sexist ideology and a male-dominated cinema, woman is presented as what she represents for man…
  • Each party's representative presents the situation as he or she understands it, emphasizing the important issues and the outcome desired.
  • It allows him to present his laddish repartee as a courageous swipe against repression.
represent, describe, portray, depict
2.3 (present oneself) Come forward into the presence of another or others, especially for a formal occasion; appear: he failed to present himself in court
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Then one day a man appears at his door, presenting himself as John Shooter, and accuses Mort of copying a story from him.
  • But it was a composed and prepared Smith who appeared on Newsmaker Live to present herself for public scrutiny.
  • David presented himself at the emergency room of the hospital one and one-half days after the third cystoscopy.
2.4 (present itself) (Of an opportunity or idea) occur and be available for use or exploitation: when a favorable opportunity presented itself, he would submit his proposition
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  • I started playing golf since about age 14, and can remember playing in rain or shine whenever the chance presented itself.
  • They are not like the other girls at Moore River, and, when an opportunity presents itself, they escape.
  • She does not plan large works in advance, but instead visits the designated exhibition space and waits for an idea to present itself to her.
2.5 [no object] (often present with) Medicine (Of a patient) come forward for or undergo initial medical examination for a particular condition or symptom: the patient presented with mild clinical encephalopathy
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Mr. Smith is a 63-year-old man who presents to his family physician with typical anginal chest pain.
  • On average, one full school day was missed unnecessarily after children presented to hospital emergency departments with minor injuries.
  • At 12 months of age, the patient presented to the hospital with vomiting.
2.6 [no object] Medicine (Of a part of a fetus) be directed toward the cervix during labor.
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Gardberg et al found that 68% of fetuses presenting as occiput posterior position at birth resulted from a malrotation from an initial occiput anterior position.
2.7 [no object] Medicine (Of an illness) manifest itself.
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Influenza may present as a mild respiratory illness similar to the common cold.
  • Firstly, hepatitis C is not an uncommon disease presenting to general practitioners.
  • However, none of the 5 tumors presenting during pregnancy and lactation that were tested were positive for either protein.
3Hold out or aim (a firearm) at something so as to be ready to fire: they were to present their rifles, take aim, and fire


Middle English: from Old French presenter, from Latin praesentare 'place before' (in medieval Latin 'present as a gift'), from praesent- 'being at hand' (see present1).


present arms

(Usually as a command) hold a rifle vertically in front of the body as a salute.
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  • When the casket is removed from the hearse, the squad presents arms and then performs the military ritual.
  • The Victoria and Albert cast off from Port Victoria Pier at 20 minutes after 3 and steamed down to Sheerness Harbour, the crews of the vessels in the river manning ship and the guards presenting arms as her Majesty passed.
  • The World War I story of ‘preachers presenting arms’ has been told before, but Gamble tells it well.



Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Another popular presenter was Julie Le Clerc with her secrets of the Cafe Kitchen.
  • If he was an English language presenter, he would have been booted out long ago.
  • Followers of Tabby will remember that he struck a chord with presenter Pat Kenny.

Hay 3 definiciones de present en inglés:


Silabificación: pres·ent
Pronunciación: /ˈprez(ə)nt


A thing given to someone as a gift: a Christmas present
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  • Decorative serving platters also make great presents for the culinarily gifted.
  • Camelot believes the scratchcard, launched tomorrow, will appeal to people who buy record or gift tokens as presents.
  • Practical presents are now a favourite of mine: getting gifts that you like but wouldn't necessarily buy yourself.


Middle English: from Old French, originally in the phrase mettre une chose en present à quelqu'un 'put a thing into the presence of a person'.


make a present of

Give as a gift: he had made a present of a hacienda to the president
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • To make a gift of something to someone is to make a present of some part of oneself.
  • If you are thinking of buying this perfect literary gift, I suggest you make a present of it to yourself.
  • With five outlets to choose from it won't be too difficult to find something to suit all tastes not to mention making a present of something which will be helping the Developing World and its farmers and producers.