Hay 2 definiciones de ram en inglés:

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ram 1

Pronunciación: /ram/


1An uncastrated male sheep.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Mr Watkinson, from Constable Burton, near Leyburn, won best male with his aged ram.
  • So a bellwether is the head ram with a bell hung around its neck.
  • Young rams fertilize ewes using coursing tactics, whose success is independent of their dominance rank.
1.1 (the Ram) The zodiacal sign or constellation Aries.
2 short for battering ram.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Also, castle guards often poured hot oil or other things onto the ram and its engineers.
  • Süleyman the Magnificent in the sixteenth century extended his reach from the Sudan and the northern shore of Africa to Baghdad and far into Europe, where - twice - Turkish rams would batter at the gates of Vienna.
  • Tense minutes passed as the sound of rams battering against the main gate began to ring throughout the valley.
2.1The falling weight of a pile-driving machine.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • He says one man with a hoe ram on a Bobcat can break the same amount of concrete that two or three men could do with a jackhammer.
  • The high-speed tine rams push into the turf and then pull out quickly, leaving little or no scuffing at the top of the hole.
2.2 historical A beak or other projecting part of the bow of a warship, for piercing the hulls of other ships.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Its bronze ram could smash enemy ships and armed soldiers could leap aboard a foe's vessel in hand-to-hand combat with spears and swords.
  • The galley's major weapon was originally a ram on the water-line, used to hole enemy ships or to smash their oars.
  • The Virginia carried ten major guns (four in each broadside, one bow and one stern gun) and an iron ram.
3A hydraulic water-raising or lifting machine.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Burnside Autocyl Ltd, Tullow is a European leader in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and rams.
3.1The piston of a hydraulic press.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Grasp the press body with your left hand, then lower the ram by pulling the lever with your right.
  • The press consists of the die, a pressure cylinder, the ram, and a container which receives the preheated ingot, or billet, to be extruded.
  • This idea was developed in 1820 by Thomas Burr, who produced a hydraulic press with a mandrel attached to the ram.
3.2The plunger of a force pump.

verbo (rams, ramming, rammed)

[with object]
1Roughly force (something) into place: he rammed his stick into the ground
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The raven shot down through the dark and rammed his beak into the sergeant's hat.
  • She pulled her sword close, and rammed the blade's tip into the ground with great force.
  • Swerving around, he then rammed them into the wall with all the force he could bear.
force, thrust, plunge, stab, push, sink, dig, stick, cram, jam, stuff, pack
1.1(Of a vehicle or vessel) be driven violently into (something, typically another vehicle or vessel) in an attempt to stop or damage it: their boat was rammed by a Japanese warship
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In the course of the dispute, police harassment of the strikers resulted in a police car ramming a worker's vehicle at a Noumea intersection.
  • The man stole two cars, smashed into two vehicles, attempted to ram Garda patrol cars, reversed back into a Garda motorcyclist and attempted to hijack another car before being captured.
  • The van then rammed the car off the road and sped off.
1.2 [no object] Crash violently against something: the stolen car rammed into the front of the house
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Taylor drove off and rammed head-on into a car driven by a pensioner before he managed to get away.
  • Never stop to argue a fine point with another driver who has just rammed into your stationary car at a red light.
  • In a matter of seconds my father had rammed into the car in front of us.
hit, strike, crash into, collide with, impact, run into, smash into, smack into, bump (into), butt
1.3 (often as adjective rammed) Beat (earth or the ground) with a heavy implement to make it hard and firm: a long curving wall made of rammed earth
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Avram lives in the next valley over from me in a rammed earth house on a hill above the Kenwood winery.
  • The front is clad with split cedar wood shingles, and the rear is a long curving terracotta wall of rammed earth.
  • The new structures consist of a steel frame and either compressed earth blocks or rammed earth and a tiled roof.
1.4 (ram through) Force (something) to be accepted: Sunday’s referendum to ram through a new constitution
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Scare the public and we can ram through anything we want.
  • Many fear a rubberstamp assembly packed with regime stooges will ram through a constitution that entrenches the army's grip on power.
  • Let's put aside for the moment the Administration's exploitation of the conflict to ram through unwise domestic laws unrelated to war.



ram something down someone's throat

see throat.

ram something home

see home.



Pronunciación: /ˈramər/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • So the Sound Room did what other stores in this situation do - they installed some big concrete blocks to discourage would-be rammers.
  • That would mean that instead of instantly exploding like a bomb, liquid fire would spew out of the fuel tank of the rammer.


Old English ram(m), related to Dutch ram.

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División en sílabas: ram

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Hay 2 definiciones de ram en inglés:

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Pronunciación: /ram/


1 Computing Random-access memory.
2(In the UK) Royal Academy of Music.

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División en sílabas: RAM

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