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Pronunciación: /rəˈzistəns/


1The refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument: she put up no resistance to being led away
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  • The abbey was dissolved in 1539 during Henry VIII's fallout with Rome but became a centre of resistance to Henry's moves against Catholicism.
  • Police and troops deployed around the parliament building failed to offer any resistance to the demonstrators who stormed into the main chamber.
  • Bloom's theory, by contrast, turns on the notion of involuntary imitation, and (conscious or unconscious) resistance to it.
opposition to, hostility to, refusal to accept
1.1Armed or violent opposition: government forces were unable to crush guerrilla-style resistance
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  • All of these tasks would have to be performed in situations where the threat of armed resistance is real and present.
  • After his death, the legend of the ex-president's armed resistance persisted - and was embellished.
  • It was also a reminder of the threat of armed resistance.
opposition, fight, stand, struggle
1.2 (also resistance movement) [in singular] A secret organization resisting authority, especially in an occupied country.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • A resistance movement emerged on a scale that the military had not anticipated.
  • But many people said that it was the Italian resistance movement that liberated Italy from fascism.
  • But the hopes of the resistance movement - 80 percent Communist - were dashed.
resistance movement, freedom fighters, underground, partisans
1.3 (the Resistance) The underground movement formed in France during World War II to fight the German occupying forces and the Vichy government. Also called maquis.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The teenage Giscard was in the French Resistance during World War II.
  • While serving with the French Free Forces of the Interior, he met a girl, also from the south of France, who was in the Resistance.
  • Everything Hollywood taught me about the Resistance is wrong.
1.4The impeding, slowing, or stopping effect exerted by one material thing on another: air resistance would need to be reduced by streamlining
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  • More subtle effects of air resistance on projectile motion are related to the shape and rotation of the object.
  • Initially they will accelerate, but they will soon reach a constant terminal velocity when the air resistance around them offsets their downward acceleration.
  • The speed reached by such a body depends on the ratio of the effort exerted to the resistance offered.
2The ability not to be affected by something, especially adversely: some of us have a lower resistance to cold than others
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  • He'd leave the windows open in winter so we'd develop a resistance to cold.
  • The drugs used to prevent the body rejecting the new heart adversely weakened his resistance to infection.
  • Sorry to bring up smoking again, but smoking reduces your resistance to bugs, lowers the body's ability to expel the mucus and lengthens recovery time.
2.1 Medicine & Biology Lack of sensitivity to a drug, insecticide, etc., especially as a result of continued exposure or genetic change.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In vitro drug susceptibility indicated resistance to at least isoniazid and rifampin.
  • Unfortunately, these numbers are on the rise due to insecticide resistance, antimalarial drug resistance, and environmental changes.
  • Nevertheless, drug resistance will continue and vigilance is necessary.
ability to fight off, immunity from, defenses against
3The degree to which a substance or device opposes the passage of an electric current, causing energy dissipation. Ohm’s law resistance (measured in ohms) is equal to the voltage divided by the current.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The voltage and/or resistance and thereby the temperature of each thermistor is measured at several second intervals.
  • Bolometers are devices whose electrical resistance changes with temperature.
  • Input resistance was measured as the voltage deflection induced by a - 0.5 or - 1.0 nA current pulse.
3.1A resistor or other circuit component that opposes the passage of an electric current.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Their wheelchair is a modification of the standard apparatus: the wheelchair is fitted with two motors, which are controlled by a panel based on light-dependent diodes and resistances.
  • Therefore, the insulation is stressed only in one direction, and the resistance and wire gauge remain largely unchanged.
  • A resistance unit has a temperature fuse between a resistance and a terminal for deactivating a resistance circuit when the motor reaches the permissible maximum temperature.


the path (or line) of least resistance

An option avoiding difficulty or unpleasantness; the easiest course of action.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Of course, there will be those who will choose the path of least resistance and remain silent on the matter.
  • But as I have nothing new to trade, I choose the path of least resistance.
  • What really happens when you choose the path of least resistance?


Late Middle English: from French résistance, from late Latin resistentia, from the verb resistere 'hold back' (see resist).

Palabras que riman con resistance

assistance, coexistence, consistence, distance, existence, insistence, outdistance, persistence, subsistence

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División en sílabas: re·sist·ance

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