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Silabificación: ro·ta·ry
Pronunciación: /ˈrōdərē


1(Of motion) revolving around a center or axis; rotational: a rotary motion
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  • No mention is made of rotary motion from the elbow or lateral movement from the wrist.
  • The back and forth movement of each piston was translated into rotary motion by a crank shaft.
  • These are potentiometers that operate in a linear direction as opposed to a rotary direction.
1.1(Of a thing) acting by means of rotation, especially (of a machine) operating through the rotation of some part: a rotary mower
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  • If it had a USB port, there would be a lot of money to be made by selling a plug-in rotary dial unit to operate the thing properly.
  • Ellison's most recent expansion provided the company with some additional equipment including a computer controlled wire-cut machine and a rotary molder.
  • Dozens of cultivation tools are at the organic producer's disposal, he added, from rotary hoes to new machines that simply vibrate soil to uproot newly sprouted weeds.
rotating, rotational, revolving, turning, spinning, gyrating
formal rotatory

sustantivo (plural rotaries)

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1A rotary machine, engine, or device.
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  • By learning from the faults of previous large out-front turf rotaries and increasing engine horsepower, this unit has performed very well for many courses.
  • My experiences with Mazda rotaries has left me an ardent enthusiast of the engine for life.
  • An agricultural chemical dealer in the Hingurakgoda area had about 600 small tractors and tractor rotaries, all of which had been pawned.
2North American A traffic circle.
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  • On rotaries, the only road signs you see are the ones you've just missed.
  • As usual, the Fresh Pond rotaries were at a standstill.


mid 18th century: from medieval Latin rotarius, from rota 'wheel'.

Hay 2 definiciones de rotary en inglés:


Silabificación: Ro·ta·ry
Pronunciación: /ˈrōdərē
(in full Rotary International)


so named because members hosted events in rotation.



Pronunciación: /rōˈte(ə)rēən/
sustantivo& adjetivo
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  • The international service committee chairman said that it was imperative that Rotarians celebrated the week dubbed World Understanding and Peace.
  • It is a place where visiting foreign Rotarians will always feel at home and new members are welcome.
  • ‘I can't say enough about him,’ said the former club president who says she became a Rotarian nine years ago because of him.

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