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Pronunciación: /ˌsepəˈrāSH(ə)n/


1The action or state of moving or being moved apart: the damage that might arise from the separation of parents and children
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  • The researchers speculated that separation from parents might hinder the chances of forming intimate relationships as an adult.
  • The desert landscape is associated in the poetry with elopement, hardship, separation from lover or parents.
  • The film taps into one of the most basic primal fears of childhood: separation from one's parents.
disconnection, detachment, severance, dissociation, disunion, disaffiliation, segregation, partition
1.1The state in which a couple remain married but live apart: legal grounds for divorce or separation she and her husband have agreed to a trial separation See also legal separation (sense 1).
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  • Moreover, he had just completed the purchase of the new family house, which is not readily consistent with an extended trial separation.
  • I was asked to determine the value of the wife's pension and the husband's entitlement to a credit for payment of the wife's debt after separation.
  • At the time of separation the wife had not worked outside the home for 17 years.
2The division of something into constituent or distinct elements: prose structured into short sentences with meaningful separation into paragraphs
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  • This finding was the basis for separation into the 2 groups.
  • Elliott's thematic gear shifting and tempo changing make the album's separation into eight tracks largely beside the point.
  • This genetic separation into two groups was also clear when working with the complete set of 306 plants.
2.1The process of distinguishing between two or more things: religion involved the separation of the sacred and the profane the constitution imposed a clear separation between church and state
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  • He said there must be absolute separation between the decision-making process in planning and those who stood to gain from the decisions.
  • Neither banishment of religion from the society nor a rigid wall of separation between religion and the State underlies the concept of secularism in India and elsewhere in the East.
  • There is no separation between the sacred and the profane, because there are no profane objects in this Universe.
2.2The process of sorting and then extracting or removing a specified substance for use or rejection.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • By this process, a highly efficient separation of substances can be achieved.
  • If any metal complexation route to produce ethylene is ever going to succeed commercially, olefin separation needs to compare favourably with cryogenics.
  • This processing may include distillation or other methods or separation or purification that may be necessary to be applied before they are of usable form.
2.3 short for color separation.
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  • You may ask why I use CMYK separation rather than the more normal CMY.
2.4 (also stereo separation) Distinction or difference between the signals carried by the two channels of a stereophonic system.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Actually, while this is a nice mix it does display a few inconstancies in the way of dynamic range and channel separation.
  • Sound wise, the Dolby Digital Stereo offers no real channel separation and the aural palette is so limited that there is no real chance at creating ambiance or atmosphere.
  • The audio is presented in what appears to be Dolby Stereo, although there is next to no channel separation and the final result is indistinguishable from a mono track.
2.5 Physics & Aeronautics The generation of a turbulent boundary layer between the surface of a body and a moving fluid, or between two fluids moving at different speeds.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • His work on separation of the boundary layer was summarised in the Von Neumann lecture he gave to the American Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in 1980.
  • This is the first time that a fluid bilayer/fluid isotropic DAG phase separation within the bilayer is directly observed.
  • The optical measurement of surface separation is based on thin-film interferometry.


separation of powers

An act of vesting the legislative, executive, and judicial powers of government in separate bodies.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The constitutionality of the legislation is suspect and potentially breaches the separation of powers.
  • The Australian Constitution, with its more rigorous separation of powers, prevents our common law changing in the same direction.
  • It actually gave rise to and provided justification for the principle of separation of powers in the establishment of our republic.


Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin separatio(n-), from separare 'disjoin, divide' (see separate).

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División en sílabas: sep·a·ra·tion

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