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Pronunciación: /səˈkwestər/


[with object]
1Isolate or hide away (someone or something): Tiberius was sequestered on an island the jurors had been sequestered since Monday the artist sequestered himself in his studio for two years
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  • In fact, practically every story written on her lately has breathlessly played up how she sequestered herself in a cabin in the woods near Ottawa in the months leading up to making the album.
  • He then sequestered himself in a cave for nine years and sat gazing at the wall.
  • So they actually bought their own small roulette wheel, sequestered themselves in their rooms at the Pension Russe, spent hours practicing, and returned to play day after day.
isolate oneself, hide away, shut oneself away, seclude oneself, cut oneself off, segregate oneself;
closet oneself, cloister oneself, withdraw, retire
1.1 [no object] Chemistry Form a chelate or other stable compound with (an ion, atom, or molecule) so that it is no longer available for reactions.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Such reversible, switchable metal-ion binding activity will lead to systems that can sequester metal ions while in the avid form and to systems that can exchange metal ions rapidly while in the other.
  • We observed subunit dissociation directly in excess vitamin D binding protein to sequester monomers and preclude association reactions.
  • One of the interesting properties of melanins is their ability to sequester metal ions.
2Take legal possession of (assets) until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met: the power of courts to sequester the assets of unions
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  • Doctors and lawyers, for example, possess a highly developed technical vocabulary for making specific and accurate statements: sequestering someone's assets is not the same as freezing them, a radius is different from an ulna.
  • It gives courts the ability to order workers' organisations to pay unlimited amounts of compensation, or to sequester their assets.
  • Such assets are, in fact, sequestered and covertly maintained in distributed form, with different custodians exercising strict stewardship over the components entrusted to them for safekeeping.
2.1Take forcible possession of (something); confiscate: rebel property was sequestered and a military government installed
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  • As for the original terms of the agreement to sequester his records, ‘I didn't have anything to do with those negotiations,’ he explained.
  • Yesterday, it had a note taped to it proclaiming that it had been sequestered on the orders of a court.
  • The rebel leaders were executed after show trials, rebel property sequestered, and a military government, the Gubernium, installed, supported by troops who lived off the country.
2.2Legally place (the property of a bankrupt) in the hands of a trustee for division among the creditors: (as adjective sequestered) a trustee in a sequestered estate
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  • After the war in 1944 German property in Belgium was sequestered, and the shares in the subsidiary sold.
  • That runs counter to the finding of the judge that he has realisable assets in a certain amount in excess of those sums which have been sequestered.
  • Hence, several farms have not been able to sell their milk, which was sequestered by the local health authorities and destroyed.
confiscate, seize, sequestrate, take, appropriate, expropriate, impound, commandeer


A general cut in government spending: if the budget deal hadn’t gone through, there would have been a sequester of at least $100 billion
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  • But if the Senate doesn't move we might just have a sequester.
  • Congress and the president were supposed to figure out how to cut the deficits or else they'd have a sequester, forced spending cuts.
  • "But even if a sequester is avoided, the likely policies required to address the nation's long-term fiscal debt problems may also reduce the level of federal funds for states."



Pronunciación: /səˈkwestrəb(ə)l/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • This condition is normally fulfilled, for example, when a defendant foreign manufacturer had exported his products directly to the forum state where they caused the injury which is the basis of the dispute, but not by the mere presence in the forum state of sequestrable assets belonging to a foreign defendant in the case of money claims totally unrelated to that state.
  • Jurisdictional grounds not accepted by the Regulation could be used in order to avoid a legal vacuum, for example, in a Member State where the defendant debtor has sequestrable assets that otherwise would be beyond the reach of his creditors.


Pronunciación: /ˈsēkwəˌstrādər/ Pronunciación: /ˈsekwəˌstrādər/ Pronunciación: /səˈkwesˌtrādər/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • And this gives them all, and every one of them in particular, a right to see that the sequestrator carefully performs his trust.
  • In March, 1918, the sequestrator appointed by the German government took over the property of the German corporation and the management of its business.
  • The writ binds all property of the person sequestered from the date of its issue, and the sequestrators enter at once to take possession of his real and personal estate.


Late Middle English: from Old French sequestrer or late Latin sequestrare 'commit for safekeeping', from Latin sequester 'trustee'.

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División en sílabas: se·ques·ter

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