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shred División en sílabas: shred

Definición de shred en inglés:


(usually shreds)
1A strip of some material, such as paper, cloth, or food, that has been torn, cut, or scraped from something larger: her beautiful dress was torn to shreds
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Her heart ached as the coldness gripped her and tore the dress to pieces, only shreds of innocent cloth lingering between her forsaken fingers.
  • The waves fling themselves at my feet, water torn to shreds - white ribbons thrown across the rocks.
  • Rick curled his lip in disgust, slumped in a corner a body, torn to shreds by shrapnel and bullet wounds.
tatter, scrap, strip, ribbon, rag, fragment, sliver, (tiny) bit/piece
1.1 [often with negative] A very small amount: there was not a shred of evidence that linked him to the fire
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • There is hardly a shred of human feeling or emotion in anything he does or believes in (aside from the numerous internal political battles he has engaged in to get to where he is today).
  • Mortified by the embarrassment of this mistaken identity, I log off and retire to bed early to consider whether there's any possible way to turn this ridiculous situation around with a shred of dignity.
  • Idi's out of a coma, possibly blind, possibly brain-damaged, certainly in intense discomfort from renal failure, and without a shred of human dignity.
scrap, bit, speck, iota, particle, ounce, whit, jot, crumb, morsel, fragment, grain, drop, trace, scintilla, spot
informal smidgen

verbo (shreds, shredding, shredded)

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1 [with object] Tear or cut into shreds: (as adjective shredded) shredded cabbage
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  • The tender inside leaves can be shredded finely for tasty salads and braised red cabbage is fantastic.
  • I looked closer and it ended up being that half the fan belt had shredded itself and torn off.
  • The cabbage was shredded and packed in layers with salt, juniper and barberries, pepper, and spices.
chop finely, cut up, tear up, grate, mince, macerate, grind
2 [no object] (usually as noun shredding) Play a very fast, intricate style of rock lead guitar: we want to hear everything from country and western to blisteringly fast guitar shredding
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The rest blends together into an indistinct mass of guitar and vocal shredding.
  • Screaming and shredding are cathartic, yes, but nothing says sensitive like an acoustic guitar.
  • Unfortunately, the eviscerated shredding he applies in "Hallelujah!" engages initially for its novelty, but grows tiresome over repeated listenings.


Late Old English scrēad 'piece cut off', scrēadian 'trim, prune'; related to shroud.

  • shroud from Old English:

    Late Old English scrūd meant ‘garment, clothing’ and is from a Germanic source from a base meaning ‘cut’; shred (Old English) is related. An early sense of to shroud in Middle English was ‘cover so as to protect’. Use for the sheet in which a corpse is laid out, dates from the late 16th century.


in shreds

Very badly damaged; destroyed or ruined: my reputation will be in shreds
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • All over England, removal vans are probably circling, followed by weeping homeless persons, their hopes in shreds.
  • A French cabinet minister once branded him a " personality in shreds ".
  • Smoked duck breast from Ilan County is cut in shreds.

tear someone/something to shreds

informal Criticize someone or something forcefully or aggressively: a defense counsel would tear his evidence to shreds
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In all the years I have attended, I have never seen a lecturer torn to pieces like that.
  • For Kierkegaard, the god torn to pieces is Christ, a transcendent God who has come down into the world.
  • All because of a bold and sporty declaration by Sobers for which he was torn to pieces by the press.

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