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Silabificación: spon·sor
Pronunciación: /ˈspänsər


  • 1A person or organization that provides funds for a project or activity carried out by another, in particular.
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    • Exhibitions, which drive attendance and income, are fewer in number and next year will all have to be substantially funded by sponsors.
    • Without a sponsor to provide financial backing, the band members on their own have to come up with several hundreds or thousands of dollars each to pay these expenses.
    • The remaining funds came from private sponsors and the national lottery.
  • 1.1An individual or organization that pays some or all of the costs involved in staging a sporting or artistic event in return for advertising.
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    • For example, be a sponsor of a local art contest or an artist award.
    • The competition was such a positive experience because it was so well organized and because everyone involved - volunteers, sponsors - was excited about the event.
    • The Water Tower sponsors such events as art classes, auctions and a local film festival, in addition to housing gallery space for cutting-edge artworks.
  • 1.2A person who pledges to donate a certain amount of money to another person after they have participated in a fund-raising event organized on behalf of a charity.
  • 1.3chiefly US A business or organization that pays for or contributes to the costs of a radio or television program in return for advertising.
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    • The broadcaster was one of those who lead the charge, using private money when the television sponsors refused to finance their programme.
    • The last thing the media want is something with any hint of reality, any threatening sound or sentiment that disturbs the cosy world of MTV, sponsors and commercial radio.
    • Would the sponsors and the television network be happy with do-overs?
  • 2A person who introduces and supports a proposal for legislation: a leading sponsor of the bill
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    • Cooperatives can help bring stability, economic development and democracy according to a principal sponsor of the legislation.
    • The California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, the sponsor of this bill, states that hundreds, if not thousands, of people are affected annually by pesticide exposures.
    • Eventually, the lead sponsor of the bill, and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee testified to the Senate Agriculture Committee.
  • 2.1A person taking official responsibility for the actions of another: they act as informants, sponsors, and contacts for new immigrants
  • 2.2A godparent at a child’s baptism.
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    • Sir Walter's involvement as a sponsor for his own child would not have required his own adult baptism or re-baptism.
  • 2.3(Especially in the Roman Catholic Church) a person presenting a candidate for confirmation.


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  • 1Provide funds for (a project or activity or the person carrying it out): Joe is being sponsored by his church
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    • The Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art sponsored the art project and exhibited the photo in August.
    • He sponsors the project and watches the costs rocket to over a million above the original budget.
    • The project was sponsored by the US Government and cost more than $1,000,000.
    finance, put up the money for, fund, subsidize, back, promote, support, contribute to, be a patron of, guarantee, underwrite
    informal foot the bill for, pick up the tab for, bankroll
  • 1.1Pay some or all of the costs involved in staging (a sporting or artistic event) in return for advertising.
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    • Those businesses that don't host an artist will often sponsor the events.
    • The funny thing is, many sponsors just do not realize that they can get a lot more mileage sponsoring women's events.
    • We are delighted that KITT, manufacturers of quality equestrian products and safety items, are sponsoring these events.
  • 1.2Pledge to donate a certain sum of money to (someone) after they have participated in a fund-raising event organized on behalf of a charity.
  • 1.3 (often as adjective sponsored) Pledge to donate money because someone is taking part in (such an event): they raised $70 by a sponsored walk
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    • The Japanese don't have a tradition of raising money by sponsored walks, nor generally of giving to charity, unlike in the West.
  • 2Introduce and support (a proposal) in a legislative assembly: Senator Hardin sponsored the bill
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    • A bipartisan coalition of some 50 members backs the House bill, sponsored by U.S. Reps.
    • Kaptur sponsored a bill in the House of Representatives to toughen the Agricultural Fair Practices Act, which protects farmers in bargaining groups from retribution.
    • Earlier this year, McCain and Joseph Lieberman sponsored a bipartisan bill calling for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 2.1Propose and organize (negotiations or talks) between other people or groups: the U.S. sponsored negotiations between the two sides
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    • At the end of last month the US held talks with North Korea in a meeting sponsored by China.


mid 17th century (as a noun): from Latin, from spondere 'promise solemnly'. The verb dates from the late 19th century.

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