Definición de voracious en inglés:


Silabificación: vo·ra·cious
Pronunciación: /vəˈrāSHəs


1Wanting or devouring great quantities of food: he had a voracious appetite
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  • The method helps the cuckoo chick secure the food supply it needs to satisfy its voracious appetite.
  • Apart from their voracious appetite for native species, another worry is that they will burrow into riverbanks, adding to the problem of erosion.
  • I was a little disturbed that he had a voracious appetite for potato chips and would leave the empty wrappers all over the floor.
insatiable, unquenchable, unappeasable, prodigious, uncontrollable, compulsive, gluttonous, greedy, rapacious;
enthusiastic, eager, keen, avid, desirous, hungry, ravenous
informal piggish
rare esurient
1.1Having a very eager approach to an activity: his voracious reading of literature
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  • Patients chosen for this group were all voracious readers and enjoyed reading either science fiction or fantasy novels.
  • It seem entirely fitting that his own voracious academic and literary activity should be rooted in a city that takes such an obvious pleasure in all that the mind and body can absorb.
  • I am enormously impressed by the warm welcome you gave me, and by all your questions and your voracious enthusiasm.


mid 17th century: from Latin vorax, vorac- (from vorare 'devour') + -ious.



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  • He read voraciously, including several diaries written by English volunteers, and wanted to create scenes that were both historically accurate and emotionally convincing.
  • Within 20 years the Harlequin had become the most common ladybird in the affected regions, voraciously eating and out-eating the local species.
  • By the early 1970s, we were voraciously recording music onto blank cassettes: LPs, concerts, tunes from the radio.


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  • Such is the voraciousness of the bacteria and the volume of their gaseous effluent that the pressure builds and builds in the bottle until BANG!
  • The downside, of course, is that the voraciousness lends a short shelf life to art works and a seasonal fashion-based mentality sets in; careers often flame out quickly in the art world at a very young age.
  • Now 50 years old, he is beginning to feel his mortality, although, as we are constantly reminded, the advancing years have little effect on his sexual voraciousness.


Pronunciación: /-ˈrasitē/
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  • Like the shops in museums, commercialism had taken over the church with the same voracity as it had taken over the art world.
  • But each time the fire seemed to outpace the workmen; the exposure to oxygen actually increased the voracity of the inferno.
  • The yellow-and-black, bee-sized common wasps are also found in other types of forests but are most concentrated in honeydew beech forest, where, thanks to their voracity, they have largely displaced German wasps.