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Silabificación: yak

sustantivo (plural igual or yaks)

A large domesticated wild ox with shaggy hair, humped shoulders, and large horns, used in Tibet as a pack animal and for its milk, meat, and hide.
  • Genus Bos, family Bovidae; the domesticated B. grunniens, descended from the wild B. mutus, which rarely is still found at high altitude
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Milk products were common in the form of sour cream and butter from cows and yaks.
  • Butchers from Tibet come especially to slaughter yaks whose meat is then dried and smoked.
  • Their yaks share these high, sunny pastures with blue sheep and plump marmots.


late 18th century: from Tibetan gyag.

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(of an article or person) genuine, honest, true

Hay 2 definiciones de yak en inglés:


Silabificación: yak
(also yack or yackety-yak) informal


[in singular]
A trivial or unduly persistent conversation.
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He was quick to raise his voice through a cordless microphone to silence the gathering engaged in a yak.
  • Certainly the bombast of cable's top yak show host, Bill O'Reilly, seems anything but cool.
  • Likewise, Laurie Brereton, Latham's numbers man, occasionally walked the floor to have a yak to colleagues.

verbo (yaks, yakking, yakked)

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Talk at length about trivial or boring subjects.
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • All too often, diners get to the table and yack away and make the waitress come back several times.
  • So it was easier to let the old blowhard yak away and just nod occasionally.
  • This is a sweet fella, wouldn't hurt a soul, but he yaks, and yaks, and yaks.


1950s: imitative.

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