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Oxford Dictionaries

Thank you for purchasing a print Oxford Dictionary or Thesaurus. If you are attempting to redeem a free access token this promotion has now expired and is no longer available. For more information please see our terms and conditions.

There is however an ever-increasing range of freely available content that you can access by creating a free Oxford Dictionaries account

What is available for free?

  • Comprehensive current English dictionaries (British / World English and US English)
  • Our largest current English thesauruses (British / World English and US English)
  • Audio pronunciations for English headwords (British and US English)
  • Unabridged Spanish / English bilingual dictionary
  • Spanish monolingual dictionary
  • Language learning resources across all subscription languages
  • Help with common grammar and usage issues

 You can also sign up to broaden your vocabulary with our word of the day, or receive the Oxford Dictionaries newsletter, packed with exclusive competitions and offers, links to fascinating features about language, and more.

All you need is an email address to get started – or you can log in with an existing Facebook or Google account.

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