Access tokens with print books

If you’ve just bought an Oxford Dictionary or Thesaurus and would like to activate your online access, please read these instructions. Please also read our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page. By activating your token you indicate that you accept our terms and conditions.

If you've already got a token:

Click here to redeem your access token and activate your access (after reading our Terms and Conditions below). For help with finding your access token, please read our FAQ below.

Frequently asked questions:

 Where do I find my access token?
Your access token is a 16-digit number that is printed inside your dictionary or thesaurus. You’ll find it in one of two places:
  • On one of the first few left-hand-side pages of the book (next to the table of contents, if there is one). It’ll be near the bottom of the page (see this image for help).
  • Or on the inside black flap of the cover jacket.

Once you have located your token number, please follow the instructions above. 

My access token doesn’t work. What do I do?
If you’ve entered your token correctly, and it doesn’t work, please email us. It would help us if you include the name of the dictionary or thesaurus, where you’ve bought it, and the access token number in your email. 

There’s no access token. What do I do?
Please check that your dictionary or thesaurus is supposed to include online access. Oxford Dictionaries that include online access have a red logo on the front cover and spine, and details of the length of access on the back cover. Click here to see what this looks like.


I should have an access token, but I can’t find it. What do I do?
If your dictionary is meant to include online access (see above), but you can’t find the token, please email us and we’ll help you.


I’ve set up my access but my login doesn’t work.
Please email us, including as much information as possible about your situation.


 Terms and Conditions

 1. The online subscription access provided with selected Oxford dictionaries and thesauruses is for the individual and personal use of the purchaser or owner from new of the print dictionary or thesaurus only. Libraries, organizations, and other institutions who wish to trial or subscribe to Oxford Dictionaries or Oxford Language Dictionaries Online should contact our subscriptions team.

 2. The 16-digit access token printed in each Oxford dictionary or thesaurus is for the sole and single use of the purchaser or owner from new of the dictionary or thesaurus only. You are not permitted to pass the access token or your user details to anyone else.

 3. Access tokens must be redeemed within 6 months of the date on which the dictionary or thesaurus was purchased. Oxford University Press is entitled to end this free access offer without notice.

 Please also read our full Privacy Policy.


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