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Help with Gold subscriptions

An English Gold subscription allows you to view hundreds of thousands of Oxford definitions, synonyms, and translations without advertisements for an affordable monthly or annual price. Your subscription includes:

  • Comprehensive current English dictionaries (British / World English and US English)
  • Our largest current English thesauruses (British / World English and US English)
  • Audio pronunciations for English headwords (British and US English)
  • Unabridged Spanish / English bilingual dictionary
  • Extensive help with grammar and usage issues
  • Access  to 1.9 million full-sentence examples, selected from the Oxford English Corpus (Exclusively available with Silver and Gold subscriptions)
  • A full suite of professional language resources: New Hart’s RulesPocket Fowler’s Modern English Usage / Garner’s Modern American UsageNew Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, and Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage (Exclusively available with Gold subscriptions)

A Gold subscription is ideal for those who work with English regularly, while allowing you to enjoy ad-free browsing of the world’s most trusted dictionary and language reference content.


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