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Pronunciación: /ˈprʌɪvət/


  • 1 (not for the general public) [property] [land] [jet] خاصّ a room with a private bathroom غُرْفة مع حَمّامٍ خاصٍّ the funeral will be private سَتَكونُ الجَنازةُ للأَهْلِ فَقَطْ
  • 2 (personal) [letter] [phone call] [investment] خاصّ, شَخْصيّ private citizens المُواطِنونَ العاديّونَ as a public figure, she doesn't have much private life كَشَخْصيّةٍ عامّةٍ، لَيْسَتْ لَدَيْها حَياةٌ خاصّةٌ
  • 4 (quiet, free from intrusion) [place] [room] خاصّ
  • 5 (confidential) [conversation] [meeting] [matter] خاصّ, سِرّيّ a private joke[ نُكْتة يَفْهَمُها المُطَّلِعونَ فَقَطْ ] to keep a matter private حافَظَ على خُصوصيّةِ شَيْءٍ to come to a private understanding وَصَلوا إلى تَفاهُمٍ خاصٍّ
  • 6 (secretive) [person] كَتوم (plural: كُتُم)


adverbial phrase/عبارة ظرفية (in private)

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