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Pronunciación: /əˈʃeɪmd/


  • (pred) avergonzado, apenado (AmL exc CS) he told me how ashamed he was me dijo lo avergonzado or (AmL exc CS) lo apenado que estaba I don't feel in the least ashamed no me da ninguna vergüenza or (AmL exc CS) ninguna penato be ashamed of sth she was ashamed of what she'd done estaba avergonzada de or (AmL exc CS) apenada por lo que había hecho he felt ashamed of his wealth sintió vergüenza de su riqueza it's nothing to be ashamed of no tienes por qué avergonzarte or (AmL exc CS) apenarte to be ashamed of sb avergonzarse* de algn I'm ashamed of you me avergüenzo de ti you ought to be ashamed of yourself debería darte vergüenza or (AmL exc CS) pena I feel totally ashamed of myself estoy verdaderamente avergonzado or (AmL exc CS) apenado, se me cae la cara de vergüenza [familiar/colloquial]to be ashamed to + inf I'm ashamed to say it's true me da vergüenza or (AmL exc CS) pena reconocerlo, pero es cierto he's ashamed to ask le da vergüenza or (AmL exc CS) pena preguntar
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • I felt so ashamed and so guilty, and I almost just wanted to die because of what I had done to my kids.
    • So the children feel guilty and ashamed and, as it's their fault, they don't tell anyone.
    • On one side, he felt guilty and ashamed, and on the other he just felt angry that it hadn't worked.

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