Hay 3 traducciones de bolt en español:


Pronunciación: /bəʊlt/


  • 1 [Tech] tornillo (m), perno (m)
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    • Use only non-corrosive nails, bolts and screws to prevent staining.
    • Screws, nails and bolts can all be used in the assembly of the components.
    • Six million bolts hold the bridge together and not a single one has loosened since the bridge was opened in 1932.
  • 2 2.1 (on door, window) pestillo (m), pasador (m), cerrojo (m) 2.2 (on firearm) [Mil] cerrojo (m)
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    • They replaced the missing bolt in the one rifle and supplied new magazines for the two Camp Reed guns.
    • He pulled back the bolt of the rifle with a sharp snap to ready it.
    • However, with conventional guns, the standing breech acts as a bolt sealing off the rear of the chamber.
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    • He reached through the hole in the door and slid the bolt on the inside.
    • To reduce the risk of wandering, put a slide bolt high on every door that leads to the outside or to a stairwell, or use a deadbolt that requires a key.
    • We quickly unload cases, leave them with our bags and personal belongings in the store room and lock the door with the sliding bolt and padlock.
  • 4 (dash) to make a bolt for sth they made a bolt for freedom se escaparon I made a bolt for the door corrí or me lancé hacia la puerta
  • 5 (of cloth) rollo (m)
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    • You can buy it from fabric stores that stock bolts of fabric, or you can order it from fabric books.
    • The traveling merchants usually stocked bolts of cloth and sewing notions such as needle and thread and had stands on which to measure the cloth.
    • Your closest quilt shop is getting new bolts of fabric in now.

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Hay 3 traducciones de bolt en español:



  • 1 (fasten with bolt) atornillar, sujetar con un tornillo or perno the tables are bolted to the floor las mesas están sujetas con pernos al suelo or están atornilladas al suelo
  • 2 [door/window] echarle el pestillo or el pasador or el cerrojo a the doors were locked and bolted las puertas estaban cerradas con llave y tenían echado el cerrojo
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    • That night, she made sure to double check the locks on all the windows and bolt the door.
    • Anybody who reads the newspapers regularly could be forgiven for locking and bolting the front door and resolving never to set foot outside again.
    • Kelley slipped off her heels with relief, locking and bolting the apartment door.
  • 3

    bolt (down)

    [food/meal] engullir*
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    • If we bolted our food and ran down the street, we might just catch him before he went off duty, and claim a penny on the empty bottle.
    • Arun seized the bowl and bolted the cold food himself, spurred both by hope and the fledgling's panting breaths.
    • People under stress may also bolt their food, creating extra work for their digestive juices.


  • 1 [horse] desbocarse*; [person] echar a correr, salir* corriendo or disparado he bolted for the door echó a correr or salió corriendo hacia la puerta
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    • Wearing traditional garb and astride a horse, her cover was blown when the beast bolted and threw her off, exposing her camera.
    • Wild animals shook at the sound of the hounds; deer bolted for the hills.
    • Suddenly a huge bang is heard and both horses bolt for it.
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • Buddy bolted, bounding down the driveway and across the street, heading right for me.
    • The tavern-master yelled at the figure bolting up the stairs.
    • He then felt a strong impulse coming from his stomach and he then bolted for the nearest bathroom, however he couldn't remember where one was.
  • 2 [Hort] producir* flores y semillas antes de tiempo
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    • By now most of your herbs have bolted to seed and should be re-planted.
    • The only caveat is they have a tendency to bolt to flower and seed as days become longer in spring.
    • Plants bolt quickly, too, so sow seeds in small batches every few weeks.

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Hay 3 traducciones de bolt en español:



  • bolt upright muy erguido, erguido, tieso he suddenly sat bolt upright in bed se irguió de repente en la cama

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