Hay 2 traducciones principales de burn en español:

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burn 1

Inglés americano: /bərn/
Inglés británico: /bəːn/

intransitive verb past tense & past participle burned or burnt

  • 1 1.1
    something's burning!
    se está quemando algo
    I can smell burning
    huele or hay olor a quemado
    a burning smell
    un olor a quemado
    the smell of burning rubber
    el olor a goma quemada or (Mexico) hule quemado
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • And warning signs include soot stains on or above appliances, coal or wood fires burning slowly or going out and everyone at home feeling ill at the same time.
    • There was a bonfire burning in the fire pit and camp chairs set up.
    • When we came back, we could just see a great cloud of smoke and in the evening the red glow of fire still burning.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • From where she was, it seemed like the whole City was burning.
    • And the city duly burned for four days, the flames jumping 20 blocks northwards every hour on the first night.
    • Border City burned, the magical flames from Uriko's spell spreading out from near its center, engulfing the whole city.
    estar encendido or (in Latin America also) prendido
    I left the light burning
    dejé la luz encendida or (in Latin America also) prendida
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Without the flash, the solitary candle burning inside was the source of light, and the photo really shows up the carving and the fact that it is a Halloween pumpkin.
    • The arsonist is believed to have used two large candles from the altar - which he lit from smaller candles burning in a sand-filled bowl - to carry out the attack.
    • It is as if there is a small candle burning in the room: bring a bigger light into the room and the small candle simply loses all significance.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Using energy, mainly by burning fossil fuels, produces waste carbon dioxide.
    • Currently we get most of our energy from burning fossil fuels.
    • Most backup diesel generators burn distillate fuel oil, the same fuel used for heating and for aircraft.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Miraculously he never burned himself or set the house on fire.
    • Ricky burned himself trying to make toast and got a blister on his hand, but he felt he was managing.
    • Mrs Dhariwal said to her son: ‘I have burned myself and I want to kill myself.’
    1.4 (in sun)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • As summer came on, his skin was burning or peeling, white or red; he never browned.
    • An added problem is the ‘Celtic’ skin type which is common in Scotland: fairer skins burn more easily, and burns mean more skin cancer risk.
    • He also commented on the lack of moisturiser as his skin burned, peeled and then peeled again in the blazing sun.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • All were in bad temper and soaking wet, eyes burning and sore from the oceans' salt as they sat along the disheveled bank.
    • My hips were sore and my thighs burned from the repeated kicking.
    • You can relieve dry mouth, which may cause your mouth to burn or feel sore, by drinking plenty of water.
  • 2 2.1 (be hot) my cheeks/ears were burning
    me ardían las mejillas/las orejas
    the midday sun burned down on them
    el sol de mediodía caía a plomo sobre ellos
    2.2 (smart, sting) a burning sensation
    un escozor
    un ardor (especially Latin America)
  • 3 3.1 (be consumed) to burn with something
    arder de algo
    she was burning with impatience/curiosity
    ardía de impaciencia/curiosidad
    3.2 (long) [literary]she burned for revenge/his embrace
    deseaba ardientemente vengarse/que la abrazara
    to burn to + infinitive
    morirse por + infinitive
    arder en deseos de + infinitive [literary]
    he was burning to tell her
    se moría por decírselo
    ardía en deseos de decírselo [literary]

transitive verb past tense & past participle burned or burnt

  • 1 1.1
    I burned the paint off the door
    le saqué la pintura a la puerta con un soplete
    the mark is burned into the wood/on the animal's hide
    la marca está grabada a fuego en la madera/en la piel del animal
    I burned a hole in my sleeve
    me quemé la manga
    (con un cigarrillo etc)
    to burn one's boats o bridges
    1.2 (overcook) Ver ejemplos: I've burned the cake/meat
    se me ha quemado el pastel/la carne
    1.3 (consume) Ver ejemplos: the stove burns gas
    la cocina funciona a or con gas
    we burn a lot of electricity/gas
    usamos or gastamos mucha electricidad/mucho gas
    coal-burning stove
    cocina (feminine) de or a carbón
    candle, → oil 1 1 4
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Grams finally got us all in there, and much to my surprise, the walls did not ignite and burn to the ground.
    • So every hut we find that has a bunker we are ordered to burn to the ground.
    • Africa could safely burn to the ground and beneath before they would go back there again.
  • 2 2.1 (injure) to burn oneself
    I've burned my tongue
    me he quemado la lengua
    careful you don't burn yourself on the iron
    ten cuidado, no vayas a quemarte con la plancha
    to be burned to death
    morir abrasado
    2.2 (swindle)
    (American English) [slang]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • You can purchase and download hardware and software MPEG Encoders to burn a DVD.
    • Only one measure can be used against widespread cloning of prerecorded audio media by burning CDRs: copy protection!
    • C-Cube, Henry adds, has been in the digital business since the first DVDs were burned.


  • 1 (injury) she suffered severe/minor burns to her face
    sufrió quemaduras graves/leves en la cara
    he has third-degree burns
    tiene quemaduras de tercer grado
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Jake, who was eight months old at the time, suffered heat burns rather than direct flame injuries and was in intensive care for two weeks.
    • Post-mortem tests showed the boy had suffered serious head injuries and burns to nearly all of his body.
    • The flames were soon doused but the patient suffered burns to an arm.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Cleo was dumped next to him, her hands and feet bound with coarse rope that caused friction burns on her skin.
    • Without the proper equipment, a worker risks injuries such as abrasions, or friction burns.
    • Medical evidence was given to the inquest that death was caused by asphyxia secondary to compression with fractures of the ribs and friction burns.
  • 2 (on surface) a cigarette burn
    una quemadura or marca de cigarrillo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It can leave the back marked with burns and hickeys.
    • A burn marked his coat, but there didn't seem to be any bleeding of burns on his skin.
    • Bullet marks and burns could be seen all over the hull.
  • 3 (feeling) slow burn (American English) [colloquial]Mary did a slow burn when she heard it
    a Mary le empezó a hervir la sangre cuando lo oyó
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • You know that painful burn in your muscles when you're exercising intensely, that's because of a build-up of lactic acid, right?
    • If you're one of those souls who is blessed with gym discipline or a YMCA membership, then you know how satisfying the lingering burn of energized muscles can be.
    • So the coach of course is not experiencing the pain of the athlete who's running, for example and who's now in a state of oxygen debt and experiencing muscle burn and so forth.

Verbos con partícula

burn away

1verb + adverb
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object

burn down

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2verb + adverb
quedar reducido a cenizas

burn off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
(paint/varnish) (con llama)

burn out

1verb + adverb 1.1 (stop burning)
2verb + object + adverb (+ preposition + object) (force out) Ver ejemplos: they burned the rebels out of the building
prendieron fuego al edificio para obligar a salir a los rebeldes
3verb + object + adverbto burn itself out (fire)
he's burnt himself out (actor/singer)
está acabado or [colloquial] quemado

burn up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (consume)
this car really burns up the miles [colloquial]
este coche corre de maravilla [colloquial]
he was burned up with jealousy
lo consumían los celos
1.2 (annoy, anger)
(American English) [colloquial]
poner enfermo (Spain) [colloquial]
2verb + adverb

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Hay 2 traducciones principales de burn en español:

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burn 2
Inglés americano: /bərn/
Inglés británico: /bəːn/


  • [dialect] (stream)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Make sure you are casting where saltwater meets the fresh of a burn, stream or river.
    • Rivers and burns became torrents and turned the colour of pus.
    • The hill burns are torrents of water and the main river a chocolate flood.

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