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Inglés americano: /ˈkləstər/
Inglés británico: /ˈklʌstə/

Traducción de cluster en español:


  • 1 (of people, buildings)
    (of berries, bananas) racimo (masculine)
    (of stars) grupo (masculine)
    (of plants) macizo (masculine)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Botrytis bunch rot is especially severe in grape cultivars with tight, closely packed clusters of fruit.
    • White lights entwined with silver ribbon draped the window sills, door frames, and banister, bunched with clusters of holly and mistletoe.
    • Blooms appeared in long clusters of densely packed white flowers.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • There is a higher proportion of elliptical and fast-rotating spiral galaxies in dense clusters than in small groups.
    • A double star cluster in a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way is pictured above.
    • Caroline also compiled catalogs of star clusters and nebulae.
  • 2 (Linguistics) consonant cluster
    grupo consonántico
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Consonants regularly occur in strings or clusters without intervening vowels: initially, as in stain and strip, finally, as in fetch and twelfth, medially, as in dodging.
    • … if one chooses the Latin, French, or Italian language, since German is much more difficult because of its many closed syllables and consonant clusters.
    • Thus, our strong emphasis on onset clusters succeeded in inducing a small but reliable transfer effect.
  • 3 (Computing)
    grupo (masculine) de terminales

intransitive verb

  • (bunch)
    to cluster around something/somebody
    apiñarse or agruparse alrededor de or en torno a algo/alguien
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The crowd clustered round the sandy square was yelling encouragement at the players, who frowned in concentration in the fading light.
    • We got back to find a huge crowd of people clustered around his desk whispering and giggling.
    • Inevitably, most of the early morning shoppers clustered around the road, trying to get a look at what was going on.

transitive verb

  • all the hotels are clustered around the station
    todos los hoteles están agrupados or concentrados alrededor de la estación
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