Hay 2 entradas en las que se traduce console a español:

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console 1

Inglés americano: /kənˈsoʊl/
Inglés británico: /kənˈsəʊl/

transitive verb

  • I consoled myself with the thought that …
    me consolé pensando que …
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Gently she stroked her hair and consoled her with a reassuring touch.
    • My associate quickly became a friend as he tried consoling me with humour and sympathy.
    • A great deal has been said about these artists searching for the ugly instead of consoling us with beauty.
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Hay 2 entradas en las que se traduce console a español:

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console 2

Inglés americano: /ˈkɑnˌsoʊl/
Inglés británico: /ˈkɒnsəʊl/


  • 1 1.1 (control panel)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • However, when she hit the ground, her left shoulder came in contact with the side panel of the control console.
    • They were expendable anyway, since whenever the ship was hit, control panels and consoles on the bridge would short out in their faces.
    • Hackers can also jack enemy vehicles and make them their own, as well as hack enemy consoles so friendly units can use them.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • A surround sound hi-fi system, plasma TV screen, multiplayer games consoles, internet-connected computers with webcam are just some of the accessories that will fit the bill.
    • Up to four computers or games consoles can be attached directly to the device using Ethernet, the standard network connection.
    • But presumably there will come a time when most homes have it, and it will feed a broader local network comprising not only computers but games consoles and other home entertainment devices.
    1.2 (of organ)
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