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Traducción de convert en español:


Inglés americano: /ˈkɑnˌvərt/
Inglés británico: /ˈkɒnvəːt/
  • converso, (-sa) (masculine, feminine)
    convert (from something) to something
    converso (de algo) a algo
    we have become converts to solar energy
    nos hemos convertido en partidarios del uso de la energía solar
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Like many financial advisers, he has a strong entrepreneurial streak and pursues his ideas with the eye-popping zeal of a convert to a new religion.
    • A girl of my age declaring herself a convert to any religion is sure to raise eyebrows.
    • Steve's a really interesting guy and a convert to the Faith to boot!

transitive verb

Inglés americano: /kənˈvərt/
Inglés británico: /kənˈvəːt/
  • 1
    to convert something into something
    convertir or transformar algo en algo
    the church has been converted into a museum
    la iglesia ha sido convertida or transformada en un museo
    these panels convert the sunlight into electricity
    estas placas convierten la luz solar en electricidad
    they live in a converted barn
    viven en un granero convertido en vivienda
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Players insert a barcode into the machine which scans it and converts it into a character, who is then put into action in the fight game.
    • To achieve these effects viscous fibres function by converting the small intestine into a storage organ for the slow release of glucose to the portal circulation.
    • On a computer, they usually are written by typing words phonetically in Roman letters, then using special software to convert them to characters.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Bellway wants to convert the historic mill building into apartments and build other houses and flats making a total of 80 homes on the site.
    • A day nursery in Wimbledon is set to expand after being given permission to convert a listed office building to house more children and its teacher training school.
    • Plans to convert an old factory building into 12 homes hit a setback on Monday amid opposition from residents.
  • 2 2.1 (exchange) (Finance)to convert something into something
    convertir algo en algo
    to convert securities into real estate
    convertir valores en bienes inmuebles
    2.2 (change) Ver ejemplos:to convert something into o to something
    convertir algo a or en algo
    to convert pounds into kilos
    convertir libras a or en kilos
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Since withdrawals from such plans are fully taxed, you might wind up converting tax-free dividends into taxable income.
    • And transaction costs for converting money into other EMU currencies are set to fall, in some cases substantially.
    • Many apparently converted their money hoards or business activities to dollars.
  • 3 (cause to change view) to convert somebody to something
    convertir a alguien a algo
    a converted Jew/Communist
    un judío/comunista converso
    he converted us to the idea
    nos convenció de la idea
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • How can a denomination prevent its members even from interacting with those of other denominations and, at the same time, also claim the right to convert people of other faiths into its own fold?
    • In the film, Carina talks about those who use their faith to intimidate or convert other people.
    • Julia finds a new lover, Doctor Channard, and converts him to her faith.
  • 4 (Sport) he didn't convert the try
    no transformó or no convirtió los dos puntos
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Rea kept on converting those chances to scores.
    • The Texans failed twice to force a fourth down in the drive, as Harrington converted both third-and-long opportunities with first down passes.
    • At that time the West Midland side were developing the pattern that has seen them improve dramatically but were still poor at converting their chances.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Jonathon scored and converted a try and kicked a penalty.
    • Hansen added the goal and then converted his own try to make it 28-0.
    • Rob Liley kicked a penalty goal and converted a try scored by number 8, Mike Brooks.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In some respects, teams are almost penalized for converting first downs in the two-minute drill because it just takes that much longer to get the next play off.
    • That resulted in problems converting third downs and sustaining long drives.
    • Kevin Lockett is sure-handed and can convert third downs.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He kicked 42 and 37-yard field goals and converted all four touchdowns.
    • After blocking a punt which they converted into an easy touchdown, the Texans drew the score to 10-7 and had momentum on their side.
    • The team converted the extra point attempt and had a 7-0 lead at the half.
  • 5 (appropriate) (Law)
    apropiarse indebidamente

intransitive verb

Inglés americano: /kənˈvərt/
Inglés británico: /kənˈvəːt/
  • 1 (change into) Ver ejemplos:to convert into o to something
    convertirse or transformarse en algo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In the body, it converts to testosterone, which women need to have a sex drive.
    • It is the first international airline to offer a seat that converts to a fully flat bed at the touch of a button.
    • What that converts to in this country is around 2,000 who are coping with arthritis.
  • 2 (Politics, Religion)to convert to something
    convertirse a algo

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