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Inglés americano: /deɪ/
Inglés británico: /deɪ/

Traducción de day en español:


  • 1 (unit of time) I saw her two days ago
    la vi hace dos días
    take the pills twice a day
    tómese las pastillas dos veces al día
    a three-day-old chick
    un pollito de tres días
    three days out of port
    a tres días del puerto
    he's arriving in two days or in two days' time
    llega dentro de dos días
    he's forty if he's a day
    tiene cuarenta años como poco
    a nine days' wonderthe case was a nine days' wonder
    el interés en el caso duró lo que un suspiro
    from day one
    desde el primer momento
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • There ought to be twenty-nine days in every month, not just leap year Februaries.
    • The years, months, days, hours drift by, and you can hear it getting louder.
    • She had been back for a total of two months and five days and already she was a target.
  • 2 (daylight hours) the longest day of the year
    el día más largo del año
    all day
    todo el día
    come on, we haven't got all day!
    ¡vamos! ¡que no tenemos todo el día!
    we traveled by day or during the day
    viajamos durante el or de día
    we went to the beach for the day
    fuimos a pasar el día a la playa
    day and night happy 1 1 light1 1 1
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • By day we chase the enemy back four trenches; by night they send us down to the sea.
    • By day I was glued to my walkman, walking round in a daze listening to the show.
    • By day, it's a video gallery, with tall white walls, a huge dome and a giant blue ball.
  • 3 3.1 (point in time) what day is (it) today? every day every other day
    un día sí y un día no
    día por medio (Southern Cone) (Peru)
    (on) the day they left
    el día que se fueron
    the day before (on) the following day the day before yesterday the day after tomorrow the other day with each day that passes
    cada día que pasa
    day after day day by day
    día a día
    de día en día
    day in, day out I listen to the same complaints day in, day out
    escucho las mismas quejas todos los santos días
    from day to day
    de día en día
    día a día
    from one day to the next from that day on(ward)
    desde aquel día
    a partir de aquel día
    from this day on(ward)
    de hoy or de ahora en adelante
    from that day forth (archaic or literary)
    desde aquel día
    it's 12 years to the day since we met
    hoy hace exactamente 12 años que nos conocimos
    to this day, he can't forgive her
    hasta el día de hoy, no se lo perdona
    it's not my/his day
    no es mi/su día
    it's (just) been one of those days [colloquial]
    ha sido un día de aquellos [colloquial]
    ha sido un día de aquí te espero (Spain) [colloquial]
    that'll be the day [colloquial] [ironic]
    cuando las ranas críen cola
    did you have a good/bad day?
    ¿te fue bien/mal hoy?
    have a good or nice day! (esp US)
    ¡que le vaya bien!
    on a good day we can cover 20 miles
    cuando todo va bien podemos llegar a hacer 20 millas
    what a day!
    ¡vaya día!
    as naked as the day he/she was born
    como Dios lo/la trajo al mundo
    at the end of the day
    a or en fin de cuentas
    al fin y al cabo
    to call it a dayit was getting dark, so we decided to call it a day
    estaba oscureciendo, así que decidimos dejarlo para otro día ( or hasta el día siguiente etc. )
    I clearly wasn't getting anywhere, so I called it a day and left
    obviamente no estaba logrando nada, así que abandoné y me fui
    to make a day of it (spend whole day)
    quedarse todo el día
    (make memorable) they have decided to make a day of it, and travel first class
    han decidido que un día es un día y viajarán en primera
    to make somebody's day [colloquial]
    alegrarle la vida a alguien
    to save for a rainy day
    ahorrar para cuando lleguen las vacas flacas
    another day, another dollar (US)
    la vida sigue su curso
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The festival provides an opportunity for people to connect with important science of the day.
    • They feature a wide diversity of opinion concerning the war and other social and political issues of the day.
    • These are large meetings convened by the Council to focus on some strategic concerns of the day.
    3.2 (specified day, date) it's rent day
    es el día del alquiler
    it's her day for going to the bank
    hoy le toca ir al banco
    Day of Judgment, day of reckoning
    día del Juicio Final
    their father will be back next Tuesday; that'll be the day of reckoning
    su padre llega el martes, entonces será el ajuste de cuentas
    3.3 (working day) we work an 8-hour day
    nuestra jornada laboral es de ocho horas
    she is paid by the day
    le pagan por día(s)
    to take a day off (from) work
    tomarse un día libre
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • After a hard day at the office they couldn't possibly be expected to cook for themselves, could they?
    • Working eight-hour days, it has been hard for the cast to stay focused and nerves do occasionally fray.
    • A night out was just the tonic I needed after three whole days of hard work.
  • 4 (indefinite time) any day (now) it's not every day you get an opportunity like this
    una oportunidad así no se te presenta todos los días
    one day
    un día
    one day we'll be famous
    un or algún día seremos famosos
    one of these days some day the day will come when I'll be vindicated
    llegará el día en el que se me haga justicia
    any day (of the week) [colloquial]caviar? I'd rather have a hamburger any day
    ¿caviar? prefiero mil veces una hamburguesa
    he's the better player any day of the week
    es con mucho el mejor jugador
  • 5 5.1 (period of time) up to the present day
    hasta el día de hoy
    the happiest days of her life
    los días más felices de su vida
    in days gone by [literary]
    antaño [literary]
    in days to come [literary]
    en días venideros [literary]
    en el futuro
    in days of old, in olden days [literary]
    antaño [literary]
    in the old days the good old days
    los viejos tiempos
    in the days of King Henry, in King Henry's day
    en tiempos del rey Enrique
    en la época del rey Enrique
    in this day and age
    hoy (en) día
    el día de hoy
    in those days
    en aquellos tiempos
    en aquella época
    these days
    hoy (en) día
    those were the days!
    ¡qué tiempos aquellos!
    my dancing/singing days are over
    mis días de bailarín/cantante han quedado atrás
    it's early days yet (British)
    aún es pronto
    to have seen or known better days
    haber visto tiempos mejores
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • People dressed up in period costume to re-enact days gone by.
    • Horses should not be just something from days gone by, but part of the future.
    • There are the usual family shots, newspaper clippings, and other photos of days gone by.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The supposed twilight days of his career provided him with countless afternoons in the sun.
    • It was really fun hearing about his acting days at grammar school, and hearing about teachers.
    • Staging of dramas during his school and college days helped him in facing the camera.
    5.2 (current period) the day
    el día
    the burning issues of the day
    los temas candentes del día
    5.3 (period of youth, success) (no plural) she was a beauty in her day
    en su día or en sus tiempos fue una belleza
    your day will come
    ya te llegará el día
    he was the leading politician of his day
    en su día fue el político de mayor influencia
    to have had one's daythe steam engine has had its day
    la locomotora a vapor ha pasado a la historia
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Although he has since been mostly forgotten, South was a very prominent astronomer in his day.
    • I’ve done a lot of different workouts in my day.
    also: days pl n
    días (masculine plural)
    she ended her days in a seaside boarding house
    acabó sus días en una pensión de la costa
    my/his days are numbered
    tengo/tiene los días contados
  • 6 (contest) the day is lost
    todo está perdido
    to carry or win the day the moderates won the day
    prevalecieron los moderados
    to save the dayher quick thinking saved the day
    su rapidez mental nos ( or los etc. ) sacó del apuro
  • 7
    also: days (as adverb)
    to work days
    trabajar durante el día
    I'm often out days [colloquial]
    suelo estar fuera durante el día
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