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Inglés americano: /dəˈraɪv/
Inglés británico: /dɪˈrʌɪv/

transitive verb

  • to derive something from somethingshe derives a deep serenity from her faith
    su fe le proporciona una gran serenidad
    children can derive great enjoyment from the simplest things
    las cosas más simples pueden dar enorme placer a un niño
    we can derive little comfort from the fact that he didn't spend everything
    que no se lo haya gastado todo no es un gran consuelo
    the revenues derived from this activity
    los beneficios que se obtienen de esta actividad
    the book derives its prestige from the accuracy of its analysis
    el libro debe su prestigio a la rigurosidad de su análisis
    penicillin is derived from mold
    la penicilina se obtiene (a partir) del moho
    the name is derived from the Greek
    el nombre viene or deriva del griego
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The Africanized sources were derived from colonies obtained locally.
    • This organization can derive its power from a number of sources, both economic and non-economic.
    • He did repeatedly make clear that his story was derived from what his source said.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (stem from)to derive from something
    provenir de algo
    tener su origen en algo
    the characters in the film derive from real life
    los personajes de la película están basados en seres reales
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The word Islam itself, meaning submission to God, derives from the Arabic root word salama, which means peace.
    • This process was called retting (a name which, unsurprisingly, derives from the same root as rot).
    • Similarly, dishevelled comes from the Old French deschevelé and was not derived from a word shevelled.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Yet another source of public confusion derives from psychologists themselves.
    • A major source of agricultural income derives from wine production.
    • But it would be a long time before you came up with a source of happiness that derived from the beneficence of government.
  • 2 (Linguistics)to derive from something
    derivar(se) de algo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In this theory, a passive was no longer to be derived from an active sentence, but both from a common deep structure which was neither active nor passive.
    • Formal idioms are idiomatic in the sense just stated - their properties cannot be derived from more general principles.
    • What kind of rule(s) are needed to derive passive sentences?
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