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Pronunciación: /ɪˈstæblɪʃ/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 [colony/community/company] fundar; [dictatorship/regime] instaurar, establecer*; [committee/fund] instituir*, crear; [bridgehead] establecer* his father established him in business su padre lo ayudó a establecerse en los negocios
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • Beatrice, a former director of a market research company, had just established her own firm.
    • He left the security of permanent employment to establish a sports centre in Melbourne.
    • It will be the first licensed international brokerage firm to be established in Abu Dhabi.
    1.2 [criteria/procedure] establecer* to establish a precedent sentar* (un) precedente to establish diplomatic relations establecer* relaciones diplomáticas the army was sent to establish order se enviaron efectivos del ejército para imponer el orden
  • 2 2.1 (cause people to accept) she saw it as a way of establishing her authority lo veía como una manera de dejar sentado que era ella quien mandaba he soon established a reputation as a womanizer pronto se ganó la fama de ser un donjuán 2.2 (prove) [guilt/innocence] establecer*, demostrar*
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • The firm's research had established that 75 retailers had requirements for space in York, some of whom would want to come into the city from outside.
    • Research firmly establishes a link between a country's increased trade and economic well-being.
    • Research has firmly established the link between social function and pathological outcomes.
    2.3 (ascertain) [motive/fact/identity] establecer* we're trying to establish where/what/how … estamos tratando de establecer or de determinar dónde/qué/cómo …

reflexive verb/verbo reflexivo

  • to establish oneself 1.1 (become successful, secure) establecerse* he established himself in the legal profession se hizo un nombre or se estableció en el mundo jurídico he quickly established himself as the office clown pronto se ganó la fama de ser el bufón de la oficina she's established herself in our house se ha instalado en nuestra casa 1.2 [idea/tendency] imponerse*, arraigarse*
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • I am also grateful to my sister for her liaison with indigenous education colleagues, and for establishing some of my contacts in Adelaide.
    • Some teachers would make an initial effort to establish communication and then would lessen their efforts.
    • But once contact had been established, the information given was both speedy and accurate.
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • He has firmly established himself as a young goalkeeper with a big future.
    • The gold was won by Christian Olsson, the Swede, who has firmly established himself as Jonathan Edwards's heir.
    • During that time she has established herself as an accomplished broadcaster, capable of dealing with the most delicate and difficult news stories.

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