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Inglés americano: /ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/
Inglés británico: /ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/
, /ɛksˈtʃeɪndʒ/

Traducción de exchange en español:


  • 1 1.1 countable and uncountable
    (of information, greetings, insults) intercambio (masculine)
    there was an exchange of shots
    hubo un tiroteo
    no exchanges on sale goods
    no se cambian los artículos rebajados
    a fair exchange
    un cambio justo or equitativo
    in exchange for something
    a cambio de algo
    to give/take something in exchange for something
    dar/tomar algo a cambio de algo
    to gain/lose on or by the exchange
    salir ganando/perdiendo con el cambio
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The lower capital gains rates apply to sales or exchanges received after May 5, 2003.
    • In exchange, the taxpayers receive $10 million in annual rent, which will never come close to reimbursing the city and state for their costs.
    • The agreement establishes commissions to delineate the disputed border and provides for the exchange of prisoners and the return of displaced people.
    1.2 countable (of students) to do an exchange (British)
    hacer un intercambio
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Despite the serious nature of the expertise shared by the lifesavers, Moreton College's Rob Kreisler said the exchange visit was also a chance to build friendships across the Atlantic.
    • Ms Morrison-Tohol and Ms Wennmacher were in Castlebar accompanying a group from the Hochstadt Kolping Familie on an exchange visit with the local Scouts.
    • Emmanuel said a St Lucian team will be preparing for an exchange visit from St Vincent, in mid-December, to engage in a variety of sporting disciplines.
    1.3 countable (dialogue)
    intercambio (masculine) de palabras
    a heated exchange
    un acalorado intercambio de palabras
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • MANY THINK that Corporation council meetings always witness heated exchanges, since it deals with only ‘serious’ issues.
    • During one of the debate's most heated exchanges, Copps and Manley unsuccessfully tried to pin down Martin on the issue of campaign finance reform.
    • There were heated exchanges at the meeting, with Mr Martin making an impassioned speech defending his position.
    1.4 countable (Military, Sport) in the opening exchanges
    en los contactos iniciales
    1.5 uncountable (of currency)
    (before noun) (booth/facilities)
    de cambio
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • However, some shops may ask you to pay in sterling and may apply currency exchange and commission rates which are unfavourable.
    • They never knew about the two-room flats and sleeping rooms he rented, the weekly money orders sent home, the currency exchange.
    • Another fact is that currency exchange is a profitable business because there is demand.
  • 2 countable (Telecommunications)
    also: telephone exchange
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Motorola developed the first cellphone system more than 20 years ago, along with the exchanges that connect standard cellphones to the public telephone network.
    • In September KPNQwest announced it would install its equipment in BT local exchanges to offer broadband DSL services in the UK.
    • Only two years after they successfully fought off plans for three transmitters, the residents are now gearing up for a battle with two telecoms companies over the exchange in Lower Prospect.

transitive verb

  • 1 (give in place of)to exchange something for something
    cambiar algo por algo
    can I exchange this for a larger size?
    ¿puedo cambiar esto por una talla más grande?
    where can we exchange dollars for pesos?
    ¿dónde podemos cambiar dólares a pesos?
    ¿dónde podemos cambiar dólares en pesos? (Spain)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • According to the company's norms the ticket is non-transferable nor can it be exchanged for cash.
    • This leaves people with the choice of either getting whiplash from being forced to sit in the very front row, or to exchange their ticket for a Silvercity gift certificate.
    • A receipt given by the eSeva clerk becomes the valid ticket for the movie with the purchaser not having to exchange it for a ticket at the cinema hall before the show.
  • 2
    hacer un intercambio de
    hacer un canje de
    we exchanged a few words
    cruzamos unas palabras
    they exchanged words about it
    tuvieron una discusión al respecto
    we exchanged glances when we saw him arrive
    nos miramos cuando lo vimos llegar
    to exchange something with somebodyI exchanged seats with him
    cambié de asiento con él
    le cambié el asiento
    we exchanged greetings with them
    nos saludamos
    to exchange contracts (in UK)
    suscribir el contrato de compraventa
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • And thank you also to all the other men who entered the ring to exchange blows with me.
    • They seemed keen to keep in touch once they returned to India so we exchanged e-mail addresses.
    • Dean Allan later told police the conversation got him wound up, and when his wife returned they exchanged words.
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