Hay 2 traducciones principales de flat en español:

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flat 1

Inglés americano: /flæt/
Inglés británico: /flat/

adjective -tt-

  • 1 1.1
    flat ground
    terreno (masculine) llano
    they thought the earth was flat
    creían que la tierra era plana
    houses with flat roofs
    casas (feminine plural) con techos planos or con azoteas
    I was flat on my back for two months
    (me) pasé dos meses en cama
    I found him flat on the floor
    lo encontré tirado en el suelo
    to fold something flat
    doblar bien algo
    he laid the map down flat on the table
    extendió el mapa sobre la mesa
    the hurricane laid the whole town flat
    el huracán arrasó la ciudad
    I lay down flat and tried to relax
    me tumbé or me tendí e intenté relajarme
    he pressed flat against the wall as the police went by
    al pasar la policía se pegó bien a la pared
    to leave somebody flat
    dejar a alguien tirado
    face 1 1 1
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It had a large rock central to the area with a flat surface and was bathed in sunlight that had filtered through the canopy of trees.
    • Last year a ten-metre area of flat tarmacadam-type surface was laid down at a cost of around £4,000.
    • The park, at the rear of the Memorial Hall car park, was opened earlier this year as an area of flat hard surface.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Flanders, in contrast, is a land of flat country and few hills.
    • The land is flat, and perhaps it's my imagination, but it appears stunted and less fertile than the hills and mountains to the north east.
    • Most of the land is flat, barren tundra where only the top few inches of the frozen earth thaw out during the summer months.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The older parts of the university are all built of the same plain light brown brick rising in columns, with long windows between them, and simple flat roofs.
    • The city has rebuilt the flat roofs of about 2,500 houses since 2000.
    • A leaking roof can lead to damage on ceilings and walls, so it is important to replace loose or cracked slates, and get damaged material on flat roofs repaired.
    flat shoes
    zapatos (masculine plural) bajos
    zapatillas (feminine plural) de piso (Mexico)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In surviving examples, the handle assumes a broad flat circular shape so that the lid could be turned over and function as a bowl or plate for the food held in the container.
    • Outside the grand clubhouse, you almost expect chaps to be wandering around in plus-fours and flat caps.
    • The tube has a flat, wide cap and is meant to be stored upright.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • An itsy-bitsy kitten heel keeps the flat shoe feeling, but give some extra lift to your step.
    • While you can get away with flat shoes during summer, opt for a slight heel for the colder months.
    • Swap your sensible flat shoes for heels, add a glittery scarf and statement jewellery.
    1.3 (deflated)
    ponchado (Mexico)
    you have a flat tire o (British English) tyre
    tienes un neumático desinflado or una rueda desinflada or (Mexico) una llanta ponchada
    we had a flat tire o (British English) tyre on the way
    pinchamos en el camino
    se nos pinchó una rueda or un neumático en el camino
    se nos ponchó una llanta en el camino (Mexico)
    the ball/tire went flat
    la pelota/rueda se desinfló or (Mexico) se ponchó
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • There is nothing you can do about a flat tyre but as a team we have very few mechanical problems as everything is checked thoroughly.
    • He soon trades it for a mountain bike with a flat tyre and a modest handful of small gold coins.
    • He was picked up because he was driving with a flat tyre.
  • 2 2.1
    sin efervescencia
    sin gas
    switch off or you'll get a flat battery
    apaga o se te va a descargar la batería
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They charged me over £100 just to recharge a flat battery - the car broke down again on my way home but luckily on a main road near home.
    • Bennett ends up having to turn his music down, recharge her van's flat battery, and become her reluctant carer.
    • Have you noticed for example, friends and workmates asking you for their best friend's phone number because their mobile battery is flat?
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Some people make a big fuss about this stuff, which tastes like flat soda pop to me.
    • My father wrapped me up in his bathrobe and I got to sit up with my parents, drink flat ginger ale and watch TV.
    • Melvin waved hello to her, as he sat at the table with Bill, eating cold pizza and drinking flat soda.
  • 3 3.1 (dull, uninteresting)
    sin gracia
    things are rather flat at the office
    en la oficina todo anda un poco muerto
    she felt a bit flat
    estaba un tanto alicaída or baja de moral
    to fall flat (play/project)
    no ser bien recibido
    the joke fell very flat
    el chiste no hizo ni pizca de gracia
    3.2 (sluggish) (predicative) sales were flat during the last quarter
    no hubo mucho movimiento en las ventas durante el último trimestre
    trading was flat
    hubo poca actividad
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The shop's optimism is set against other major retailers' expectations for flat trading next year.
    • Consumer spending may not look too resilient, given the flat performance of retail sales in October.
    • The company has been in a prolonged slump, with flat sales in the United States and a stock price to match.
    3.3 (without contrast)
    sin contraste
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Blasting the subject with a sea of light produces flat, wishy-washy photographs.
    • This photograph was flat, with very little contrast and some noticeable scratches, dust spots, pen marks and other discolorations.
    • I have some flat negatives that really need a tonal boost.
  • 4 (total, firm)
    the answer was a flat no
    la respuesta fue un no rotundo
    that's flat!
    ¡y no hay más que hablar!
    ¡y sanseacabó! [colloquial]
    ¡y no hay vuelta de hoja! [colloquial]
    they've said they won't do it and that's flat
    han dicho que no lo harán y no hay vuelta de hoja [colloquial]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • When I reached the desk, I got blank faces and flat refusals.
    • And there does seem to be a pretty flat contradiction between those two points.
    • As an observer, I can testify that the comments made by these powerful and successful people were in flat contradiction to the caricature.
  • 5 (Music) 5.1 (referring to key) A flat
    la (masculine) bemol
    5.2 (too low) Ver ejemplos: you're flat
    estás desafinando
    (por cantar or tocar demasiado bajo)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • As with the sharp key signatures, there is an easy way to determine the key of a particular flat key signature.
    • Without moving up or down the fingerboard more than one fret, you should be able to pick out each successive sharp or flat key and play that Major scale.
  • 6 (fixed) (before noun)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Future revenue would be harvested from a single-rate flat tax on wages or, better still, a stiff sales tax on consumption.
    • He cites as helpful such reforms as the launch of a flat income tax.
    • There's a flat fee, based on circulation, just to take advantage of the program.
  • 7
    (British English) (Sport) (before noun)
    de carreras de caballos sin obstáculos
    200m flat
    200m planos or (Spain) lisos or (River Plate area) llanos
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • As promised, since it's that time of year, here are my Ten To Follow for the Flat season ahead.
    • The Flat season had just ended and he was going to make the most of it.
    • Ayr Racecourse will host its first Ladies' Night of the Flat season on Thursday when Regional Racing will also make its Scottish debut.
  • 8
    (vowel) (articulada con poca tensión muscular, característica de ciertos dialectos regionales)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Her voice was flat and emotionless and Ryder wanted to kick himself for making her sound like that.
    • When he did at last speak, his voice was just as flat and emotionless as his eyes.
    • Her voice was flat and emotionless as she shut her eyes again, feeling cool hands and then a damp cloth on her forehead.
  • 9 (broke) (American English) [colloquial] (predicative) to be flat
    estar pelado [colloquial]
  • 10 (matte)
    (American English)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • His style is stark and angular, relying heavily on the use of flat colour and silhouettes.
    • Two other monitors off to one side emit changing flat colours from their screens, and a dull but insistent techno-type soundtrack.
    • The textile is placed awkwardly on top of the table, creating areas of strong, flat colour and signalling Matisse's future as a painter.


  • 1 1.1 (categorically)
    (refuse/turn down)
    I told him flat that I would not go
    le dije de plano or sin más que no iba a ir
    1.2 (exactly) Ver ejemplos: it took him two hours flat
    tardó dos horas justas or exactas
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Bookshops this Christmas are piled high with short novelty volumes knocked off by their authors in a couple of hours flat.
    • Soon I could knock off a set in about 20 minutes flat, including cleaning up.
    • It shot into the charts at number 10, unheard of in those days, but stalled well short of the expected number 1 slot and vanished from the charts in six weeks flat.
    (American English) [colloquial] (as intensifier)
    see also broke2
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He wanted to go south, but his van was unreliable and he was flat broke.
    • In fact, as Kwan readies himself for the fight, dubbed May Day Mayhem, he is flat broke.
    • Their credibility is in shreds and they are flat broke, but they still have one very saleable asset - notoriety.
  • 2 (Music)
    demasiado bajo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • If you have to hit a high note or you hear yourself singing flat, raise your arms a little higher and smile.
    • You need to get a better instrument, or you will have to live with playing flat all the time.


  • 1 1.1 (surface)
    (— of sword)
    cara (feminine) de la hoja
    (— of hand)
    I hit him with the flat of my hand
    le di una bofetada
    (level ground)
    terreno (masculine) llano
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He was constantly hitting Adrian's side with the flat of his blade.
    • She slapped his side with the flat of her blade, calmly adding injury to insult before walking away.
    • As soon as their swords parted, he struck him in the side with the flat of his blade.
  • 2 (Music)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The two flats cancel out the one given sharp, leaving one flat remaining - the resulting key, the one we need to play in, is F.
    • The flats and sharps are placed on the printed page accordingly.
    • His scale organizes the notes into octaves, with sharps and flats in between.
  • 3 (Theater)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Banks of paintings can be pulled out, like stage flats.
    • You open and close the curtain, set up the flats and backdrops, and check to make sure that everything is going right backstage.
    • The set is made up solely of movable sea-blue coloured flats, so to speak the empty hull of a baroque stage apparatus.
  • 4 (especially British English) (Sport) the flat
    las carreras de caballos sin obstáculos
    temporada (feminine) hípica de carreras sin obstáculos
  • 5 to get a flat
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • When emerging from the club, my back tire got a flat.
    • And usually when one tire blows out, the tire adjacent to the flat can blowout easily from the increased pressure.
    • The reason for this is if you get a flat in that tire, you will have to take the whole track off to change the tire.
  • 6
    also: flats plural
    (low-lying ground)
    bancos (masculine plural) de arena
    mud flats
    (shoes) (especially American English)
    zapatos (masculine plural) bajos
    zapatos de taco bajo (Southern Cone)
    zapatos de piso (Mexico)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • For years, the ballerina flat was the shoe of choice to wear with cropped pants.
    • Try a ballerina flat, or an open mule with a smartly shaped heel.
    • A moccasin is the must-have shoe in a stylish high-heel or casual flat.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They were scattered over a mile area and unreachable because of water channels in the flats.
    • This encourages clam spat to settle out in areas of the flats currently devoid of clam stocks.
    • Many surface flows, supplied mainly from leaks in the ocean entry tubes, are also observed in the coastal flats near the ocean.

transitive verb

  • (American English) (Music)
    bajar de tono
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • One piece includes blues-like flatted thirds written as D-sharps and a few later pieces involve E-flat and B-flat accidentals that suggest dominant seventh harmony.
    • I saw that life was not like books at all, but more like headlines-barroom brawls, a blues song sung with flatted notes.
    • All this Taylor achieves with subtle elisions and slides and what are often the most fleeting of flatted notes.

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Hay 2 traducciones principales de flat en español:

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flat 2
Inglés americano: /flæt/
Inglés británico: /flat/


(British English)

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