Hay 3 traducciones principales de fly en español:

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fly 1

Inglés americano: /flaɪ/
Inglés británico: /flʌɪ/

intransitive verb 3rd person singular present flies present participle flying past tense flew past participle flown

  • 1 1.1
    to fly away/in/out
    irse/entrar/salir volando
    the bird flew out of its cage
    el pájaro se escapó (volando) de la jaula
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • What was also surprising was the number of insects still flying and giving the birds a good meal.
    • In rainy periods, when few insects are flying, the birds switch to ground feeding.
    • She walked past neat gardens and tidy houses, watching small birds bath in bird baths, insects fly around flowers and people inside their air conditioned houses.
    ir en avión
    we are flying at 8,000m
    volamos a 8.000m
    we'll be flying over Rome
    volaremos sobre or sobrevolaremos Roma
    she's learning to fly
    está aprendiendo a volar or a pilotar aviones
    I'm going to Boston — are you flying?
    me voy a Boston — ¿vas en avión?
    to fly in
    (en avión)
    the ambassador is flying in tomorrow
    el embajador llegará mañana
    we will be flying into Orly
    aterrizaremos en Orly
    to fly out
    (en avión)
    he flew (out) from London this morning
    salió de Londres en avión esta mañana
    we fly on to Denver tomorrow
    mañana volamos a or salimos en avión para Denver
    the jets flew past in formation
    los jets pasaron volando en formación
    a nice concept, but will it fly? (American English) [colloquial]
    una idea buena pero ¿funcionará?
    to be flying high
    estar volando alto
    to fly blind
    ir a ciegas
    volar guiándose por los instrumentos
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • When an airplane is flying, it has a good deal of forward speed and airflow over all of its surfaces.
    • In addition, the newer aircraft can fly higher and have a greater range than the older planes.
    • After nearly nine months of work, he said that it was very pleasing to see the aircraft flying once again.
    1.3 (float in air) with her hair/coat flying in the wind
    con el pelo/abrigo ondeando al viento
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Shaking his head back and forth his hair flew everywhere, hand waving at the side of his head as if he smelled something bad.
    • Her hair was blowing freely in the wind and her cloak flew behind her, she felt so free when riding like nothing could touch her and she could do as she pleased.
    • We've all seen the image of the person on the motorcycle with her hair flying behind her in the wind.
  • 2 2.1 (rush)
    ir ( or salir etc) volando
    they went flying around the corner/up the steps
    doblaron la esquina/subieron las escaleras volando
    I must fly! [colloquial]
    ¡tengo que salir or irme volando!
    to fly to somebody's rescue/side
    correr en auxilio/al lado de alguien
    2.2to fly at somebody
    lanzarse sobre alguien
    the dog flew at the intruder's throat
    el perro se tiró or se lanzó al cuello del intruso
    to fly into a temper o rage
    ponerse hecho una furia or un basilisco
    montar en cólera
    2.3 (move, be thrown) papers were flying in the wind
    había papeles volando por el aire
    my hat flew off
    se me voló el sombrero
    the ball/stone flew past me
    la pelota/piedra pasó volando por mi lado
    the window flew open
    la ventana se abrió de golpe
    the car flew up into the air
    el coche saltó por los aires
    insults flew between them
    se lanzaron una sarta de insultos
    I tripped and went flying
    tropecé y salí volando or disparado
    it sent the poor cyclist flying
    el pobre ciclista salió disparado por los aires
    to let fly at somebody
    emprenderla or arremeter contra alguien
    he grabbed a bottle and let fly at her
    agarró una botella y arremetió or la emprendió contra ella
    he let fly with a stream of abuse
    soltó una sarta de insultos
    to make the feathers o fur o sparks fly
    armar un gran lío [colloquial]
    and then the feathers really began to fly
    y entonces sí que se armó la gorda or la de San Quintín [colloquial]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Shards of plastic and even wheels had been sent flying across the street into gardens and hedges.
    • Punches were thrown, chairs sent flying, a woman pushed to the floor and spectators in the packed arena sent running for cover, according to reports from the scene.
    • It was a breezy southwesterly gale which caused overflowing dustbins to be sent flying through the masses.
    2.4 (pass quickly)
    pasar volando
    the days/weeks have just flown (by)
    los días/las semanas han pasado volando
    how time flies!
    ¡el tiempo vuela or pasa volando!
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Another weekend has flown past and Easter is looming up pretty fast again this year.
    • Our five days in Germany's capital city flew along quickly even though the first week of January is more like an extended siesta period for Germans.
    • Those long winters on Lewis must have just flown by.
    2.5 (flee) [archaic] fly, fly, my lord!
    ¡escapad, escapad mi señor! [arcaico]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • it was to the English he must have flown for protection, and to them he would naturally have communicated his fears.
    • Yet you did not fly from me, nor did I fly from you: we are innocent towards one another in our unfaithfulness.
    • These people know of my crime; perhaps they will not fly from me, and will only kill me.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He was compelled to fly the realm for having murdered a woman with child.
    • Protestants, wherever they could obtain shipping, hasted to fly the country.
    • This is no time for thanks, Mr. Peters, unless it is to the Lord; you must fly the country, and that at once!
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • My fingers were flying over the keyboard, making words and sentences and thoughts.
    • I can go into a state of zen-like calm and concentration, while my fingers fly across the keyboard.
    • The horse flew smoothly along the ground, her muscles moving in perfect synchronization with each other.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • We too must fly, so stride briskly over the bridge to Boat Of Garten, from where a steam railway plies its way across the moor to Aviemore, giving another magnificent aspect of the mountains.
    • And they've just put out the second call for our flight, so I must fly…
    • ‘Thank you.’ Claudia stood up. ‘I have to fly! We must get together for dinner soon!’
  • 3
    also: past tense & past participle flied
    (in baseball)
    lanzar un globo or un fly
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • With Wakefield up in the pen yet again as Francona burned through his options, Curt Leskanic came in and got Williams to fly to center to end the inning.
    • He was in the outfield when Houston pitcher Bill Greason flew to left.
    • The deciding run, in the fourth inning, came as Crabtree tripled after Longacre fell trying to make the catch and Kurowski flew to right.

transitive verb 3rd person singular present flies present participle flying past tense flew past participle flown

  • 1 1.1 (control)
    hacer volar or encumbrar (Andes)
    1.2 (carry)
    (cargo) (en avión)
    he was flown to Dallas in a private jet
    lo llevaron a Dallas en avión privado
    the wounded were flown out by helicopter
    los heridos fueron evacuados en helicóptero
    they had the equipment flown in
    les mandaron el equipo por avión
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They are sending a transport aircraft to fly relief to Grand Bahama.
    • The injured boy was flown by helicopter to hospital, where he was treated for multiple bites to the arms and legs.
    • Two other US soldiers were injured and were flown by helicopter back to a field hospital in the capital where they were in a ‘stable’ condition last night.
    1.3 (travel over)
    (distance) (en avión)
    they fly this route daily
    tienen vuelos diarios en esta ruta
    Blériot was the first man to fly the Channel
    Blériot fue el primer piloto que cruzó el canal de la Mancha en avión
    1.4 (travel by)
    volar con
    1.5 (operate, use) Ver ejemplos: we fly 737s on that route
    esa ruta la cubren aviones 737
    some businessmen fly private aircraft
    algunos hombres de negocios vuelan en avión privado
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The aircraft is flown by two flight crew with between six and ten mission crew.
    • This reduced the amount of control forces and the frequency of control movements required to fly the aircraft.
    • The nearest aircraft was regularly flown by Flight Lieutenant Bill Newton.
  • 2 the ship was flying the Panamanian flag
    el barco llevaba bandera panameña or pabellón panameño
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The flag was flying on the flagpole, meaning that Her Majesty was at home.
    • No one partied harder than the people of Bolton, with flags flying patriotically from flagpoles and bunting between the houses.
    • The flag flew from every public building, from every municipal flagpole, and from every structure of consequence in the land.

noun plural flies

  • 1 (on trousers) (often pl in BrE) your fly is o (in British English also) flies are undone
    llevas la bragueta abierta or desabrochada
    tienes el marrueco abierto or desabrochado (Chile)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Interesting alternatives are Velcro straps or, if the shorts fit perfectly, stylish button flies.
    • Imagine my reaction then as I stumble out of the cupboard buttoning up the flies on my jeans and two secretaries are walking past.
    • We make boxers with fake flies, no flies, and button flies.
  • 2 (on tent) 2.1 (flap) 2.2fly (sheet)
    toldo (masculine) impermeable
    (de tienda de campaña)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • We use our ice axes to stake down the fly, but it flaps as violently as a trapped bird.
    • I do not like how far I have to reach from the inside of the tent to the zip on the fly.
    • After the exterior of the tent's fly dries, remove it and drape it over a bush or tree limb with the interior exposed.
  • 3fly (ball) (in baseball) (American English)
    fly (masculine)
    on the fly (American English)
    a las carreras
    (lit: without bouncing)
    por el aire
  • 4
    also: flies plural
    bambalinas (feminine plural)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The rest, even while the scenery keeps rising from the floor or descending from the flies, remains unremittingly flat.
    • Also all sorts of bolts of cloth unrolled this way and that or unfurling from the flies, sometimes covering the entire cast, though not for long enough.
    • Suspended from the flies or moving in slow motion, she was a spiritual warrior and her chalked, nude body was her testing ground.

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Hay 3 traducciones principales de fly en español:

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fly 2
Inglés americano: /flaɪ/
Inglés británico: /flʌɪ/


  • 1 (insect) he/she wouldn't hurt a fly the fly in the ointment
    el único problema
    la única pega (Spain) [colloquial]
    there are no flies on her/him
    no tiene un pelo de tonta/tonto
    to be a fly on the wallI'd like to have been a fly on the wall when he told her
    me habría gustado estar allí or ver su reacción cuando se lo dijo
    to die/drop like flies
    morir/caer como moscas
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Almost 40 years ago Ed Lewis discovered a remarkable fly that differs from an ordinary fly by one extra pair of wings.
    • There were also winged salamanders feasting on flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes.
    • A single fly was placed on the platform, and placidly stayed there, motionless, until the test stimulus was presented.
  • 2 (in angling) (before noun) fly fisherman
    pescador (masculine) con mosca
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • There seems to be a culture that now associates using artificial lures and flies with the need to conserve our stocks for the future.
    • Take the advice of local anglers for choice of flies and small popping plugs.
    • Unlike in trout fishing, where an artificial fly is used, anglers hunting pike tend to go for bait such as small fish.

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Hay 3 traducciones principales de fly en español:

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fly 3
Inglés americano: /flaɪ/
Inglés británico: /flʌɪ/


  • 1 (American English) [colloquial] (stylish, fashionable)
    en la onda [colloquial]
    a la moda
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • If your neighbor's got a fly crib or a pimped-out set of wheels, that's their business, not yours.
    • I was looking for the fly stuff, and I don't mean fishing gear.
    • Babs wants to know if her romance with the fly guy she met last year is for keeps.
  • 2 (British English) [colloquial] (crafty)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Never in the history of nannies has there been a more fly nanny than Julie Andrews.
    • I'm too fly to admit anything to youse guys.
    • This sort of manoeuvre must have been what one shadow cabinet colleague had in mind when he privately described the politician as ‘an extremely fly operator’.

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