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Pronunciación: /hæŋ/

vt (past & past p hung)

  • 1 1.1 (suspend) [dress/coat/picture/curtain] colgar*; [washing] tender* the play was simply a peg on which to hang her political message la obra no era más que un vehículo para su mensaje políticoto hang sth with sth we hung the trees with Chinese lanterns adornamos or decoramos los árboles con farolillos the streets were hung with flags las calles estaban adornadas con banderas
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • Above it all, dark shapes hang suspended, almost motionless, swaying with the breeze.
    • His arms hung down limply, one over the edge of the couch.
    • From the side, you can check for the correct posture: spine straight but tilted, arms hanging freely and knees slightly flexed.
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • Large pictures of fifties stars hung along the walls and a song from the musical Grease played on the jukebox in the corner.
    • They looked at everything from the pictures hung neatly on the wall, to the conditions of the easy chairs and beds.
    • Tammy and Greg's wedding picture was framed and hung perfectly on the wall.
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • The soft fabric hung perfectly from Penelope's curves and the bright white complemented her dark skin.
    • She made a rather scrawny boy and Bryson's garments hung loosely on her form, but she would pass.
    • If you simply lay the pattern pieces anywhere on the fabric, ignoring the grain-lines, the finished garment will not hang right.
    1.2 (put in position) [door/gate] colocar*, montar to hang wallpaper empapelar
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • He noticed that the pendulums of the two suspended clocks, hanging side by side from a common support, were swinging together.
    • Hanging a door correctly is one of the most satisfying jobs in the home improvement world, but it's often the most challenging.
    • If you hang the gate as you are suggesting it will sag from the hinges and eventually just scrape on the floor.
    1.3 [Culin] [game] manir
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • Anyone who can tell you how long to hang game, or any meat, unless you are using a butcher's chiller, is either a liar or a prophet.
    • Their Aberdeen Angus feed on rich grass and organic hay, and the meat is hung for a minimum of 14 days to ensure optimum taste.
    • Red meat is hung for at least 28 days, making for a memorable steak.
    1.4to hang one's head bajar or inclinar la cabeza
  • 2 (turn) (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] to hang a left/right hacer* un giro a la izquierda/derecha
  • 3 [Comput] colgar*, dejar colgado
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • This article has all you need to know about issues with internal modems that may hang your system.
    • Click on help, a browser window opens, click on connect to Ethernet, and it hangs forever.
    • Upon reboot, however, the system hung at the Windows startup screen.
  • 4
    (past & past p hanged or , hung)
    4.1 (kill) ahorcar*, colgar* he hanged himself se ahorcó 4.2 (in interj phrases) (esp BrE) [colloq & dated] hang it! ¡caray! [fam & ant] I'll be hanged if I'm going to stand for any more nonsense from her! ¡no pienso aguantarle más tonterías!, ¡que me aspen si le aguanto otra tontería! [fam & ant]
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • He was grabbed from the arresting officer by a gang of masked men who tied a rope around his neck and hanged him.
    • The most the state can do to you is lock you away for the rest of your life, or hang you by the neck until you are dead.
    • The kidnappers drove to an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of the city where they tied a rope around the neck of their captive and hanged him from a locust tree.

vi (past p hung)

  • 1 1.1 (be suspended) colgar*, pender [literario/literary], estar* colgado the picture had always hung there el cuadro siempre había estado (colgado) allí your coat is hanging in the hall tu abrigo está colgado en el vestíbulo to hang by/from/on sth colgar* de algo it hung by an iron chain colgaba de una cadena de hierro a splendid chandelier hung from the ceiling del techo colgaba una espléndida araña it's hanging on a peg cuelga de un gancho it's hanging on the wall está colgado en la pared they were hanging on his every word estaban totalmente pendientes de lo que decía or de sus palabras hang loose! (esp AmE) [slang/argot] ¡tranquilo! to hang tough on sth (AmE) mantenerse* firme en algo if he hangs tough they will eventually give in si se mantiene en sus trece, terminarán cediendo 1.2 (hover) [fog/smoke] flotar; [bird] planear, cernerse*to hang over sth the mist hung over the marshes la bruma flotaba sobre las marismas a question mark hangs over the future of the industry un interrogante se cierne sobre el futuro de la industria I won't be able to enjoy myself if I have that piece of work hanging over me no me voy a poder divertir si tengo ese trabajo pendiente the question hung in the air unanswered la pregunta quedó flotando en el aire
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • The cigarette smoke hung like a thick bluish white haze throughout the room.
    • Smoke hung thickly all around, like a dense fog, only more suffocating.
    • On June 1, 1921 the smoke hung like a grey, acrid cloud over Greenwood.
    1.3 [clothing/fabric] caer* that skirt hangs very well esa falda tiene muy buena caída or cae muy bien
  • 2
    (past & past p hanged or , hung)
    (be executed) she thought he would hang for it creyó que lo mandarían a la horca or lo ahorcarían por ello to go hang she can go hang for all I care por mí, que se pudra or que se muera [familiar/colloquial]
  • 3 [Comput] quedarse colgado

Verbos con partícula

hang about

v + adv
1.1hang around 1 1.2 (stop, wait) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] (only in imperative) hang about: that can't be right! ¡(espera) un momento! ¡no puede ser!

hang around

v + adv (stay, wait idly) there's no point in hanging around: they're not coming back no vale la pena esperar, no van a volver I hung around to see what would happen me quedé por ahí para ver qué pasaba I've been hanging around all day waiting for her to call he estado todo el día aquí plantado, esperando que me llame he saw them hanging around outside los vio merodeando or rondando por allí he kept us hanging around for an hour nos tuvo esperando una hora mostly they just hang around on street corners pasan la mayor parte del tiempo en la calle, holgazaneando I don't like the people you hang around with no me gusta la gente con la que andas once he's decided, he won't hang around una vez que se decida, no va a andar con vueltas [familiar/colloquial] 1.1v + prep + o we hung around the town for a few days nos quedamos unos días dando vueltas por la ciudad he's always hanging around the bar siempre anda rondando por el bar

hang back

v + adv
he went to the door, but the others hung back él se acercó a la puerta, pero los demás se quedaron atrás she hung back, waiting for the best moment to speak se contuvo, esperando el mejor momento para hablar he hung back from voicing his own opinion se abstuvo de expresar su opinión

hang in

[colloquial/familiar] seguir* adelante the business was losing money, but she hung in doggedly el negocio estaba perdiendo dinero, pero ella siguió adelante contra viento y marea hang in there! ¡(sigue) adelante!, ¡persevera!

hang on

v + adv 1.1 (wait) esperar can you hang on? I'll get a pencil (espera) un momentito, voy a buscar un lápiz to keep sb hanging on hacer* esperar a algn the endings are designed to keep you hanging on until the next episode los finales están pensados para tenerte en suspenso hasta el próximo episodio where's the toilet? I can't hang on any longer ¿dónde está el baño? ¡ya no aguanto más! 1.2 (keep hold)to hang on (to sth) hang on tight or you'll fall off agárrate fuerte, que si no te caes he hung on to my arm and wouldn't let go me tenía agarrada del brazo y no me soltaba she tried to take the toy away, but he hung on to it le quiso quitar el juguete pero se aferró a él you hang on to this end of the rope tú sostén esta punta de la cuerda 1.3to hang on to sth (keep) [colloquial/familiar] she only offered me $25 for the pair, so I decided to hang on to them me ofreció solo $25 por los dos, así que decidí quedarme con ellos hang on to the receipt conserva or guarda el recibo she hung on to her ideals in spite of everything se mantuvo fiel a sus ideales a pesar de todo 1.4 (maintain one's position) she hung on to win the race siguió adelante y ganó la carrera if we can hang on for another month, we'll be over the worst of it si podemos aguantar or resistir otro mes, ya habrá pasado lo peor 1.1v + prep + o (depend on) [outcome/decision] depender de

hang out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o [washing] tender*, colgar*; [flag] poner* 1.1v + adv 2.1 (dangle) with his shirt/tongue hanging out con la camisa/la lengua afuera all the wires were hanging out todos los cables estaban sueltos let it all hang out! [sl & dated] ¡suéltate la melena! [familiar/colloquial] 2.2 [colloquial/familiar] (live) vivir; (spend time) andar* I don't hang out there a lot no ando mucho por allí to hang out with sb andar* con algn 2.3 (pass time) (AmE) [slang/argot] what've you been up to? — just hanging out ¿qué has estado haciendo? — nada, por ahí con los chicos ( or mis amigos etc)

hang together

v + adv
the story/plan doesn't hang together al cuento/plan le falta coherencia his statement just did not hang together su declaración era contradictoria

hang up

v + adv 1.1 (put down receiver) colgar*, cortar (CS) to hang up on sb colgarle* or (CS tb) cortarle a algn she hung up on me me colgó or (CS tb) me cortó 1.2 [Comput] desconectarse 1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o (on hook, hanger) [coat] colgar* to hang up one's boots o (AmE also) spikes/sneakers/skates retirarse

hang upon

hang on 2

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Palabra del día cerviz
nape of the neck …

Hay 2 traducciones de hang en español:



  • (no pl) caída (f) I don't like the hang of that dress no me gusta la caída que tiene or como cae ese vestido not to give a hang about sth [colloquial/familiar] I don't give a hang about the future [colloq & dated] me importa un bledo or un comino el futuro [familiar/colloquial] to get the hang of sth [colloquial/familiar] agarrarle la onda a algo (AmL) [familiar/colloquial], cogerle* el tranquillo a algo (Esp) [familiar/colloquial], agarrarle or tomarle la mano a algo (CS) [familiar/colloquial] I used to ski well, but now I've lost the hang (of it) antes esquiaba bien pero he perdido la práctica

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Palabra del día cerviz
nape of the neck …