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Inglés americano: /hərz/
Inglés británico: /həːz/

Traducción de hers en español:


The translation suyo reflects the gender and number of the noun it is standing for. hers is translated by el suyo, la suya, los suyos, las suyas, depending on what is being referred to.
  • (singular)
    suyos (-yas)
    all that is hers
    todo eso es suyo or de ella
    hers is blue
    el suyo/la suya es azul
    el/la de ella es azul
    that habit of hers
    esa costumbre suya
    esa costumbre que tiene
    a friend of hers
    un amigo suyo or de ella
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Dominic smiled and said he'd love to meet any friend of hers, but inside his heart was dying.
    • His eyes met hers, but she got the feeling that he wasn't looking at her, but past her at the wall.
    • Just as his lips were about to meet hers, she turned her face to the side and the kiss landed on her cheek.
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