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Inglés americano: /haɪ/
Inglés británico: /hʌɪ/

Traducción de high en español:

adjective higher, highest

  • 1 1.1
    how high is it?
    ¿qué altura tiene?
    the tower is 40 m high
    la torre tiene 40 m de alto or de altura
    a 12 ft high wall
    un muro de 12 pies de alto or de altura
    I've known him since he was this high
    lo conozco desde que era así (de pequeño)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • To the south there are high mountains, covered in thick spring snow.
    • Crystal clear streams flow down from the high mountains into the Datong River.
    • The conditions in the high mountains were hard and four of our group turned back.
    at a high altitude
    a gran altitud
    to take a high dive
    zambullirse or tirarse desde lo alto
    the river is very high
    el río está muy alto or crecido
    this is the highest the river has been since last spring
    es la máxima altura que ha alcanzado el río desde la primavera pasada
    a high forehead
    una frente amplia
    high cheekbones
    pómulos (masculine plural) salientes
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Most sports utility vehicles are so high off the ground that your dog has to be virtually airborne or a St Bernard to be able to climb in.
    • Filming at high altitude in the Peruvian Andes wasn't always much fun.
    • At high altitudes, the thin air makes it hard to breathe unless the cabin is pressurized.
    1.3 (in status)
    I have it on the highest authority
    lo sé de muy buena fuente or tinta
    she moves in high/the highest circles
    se mueve en las altas esferas/los círculos más elevados
    he has friends in high places
    tiene amigos muy bien situados
    the high life
    la gran vida
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He said this situation had put the issue of imports very high on the agenda.
    • Robert Altman has definitely made better films, but this one must rank high on the list.
    • Finding a permanent home for the campus is high on the university's agenda.
    1.4 (morally, ethically)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The auteur's true genius lies in his ability to combine high art with popular culture.
    • The Czechs are nothing if not talented musicians with a deep love of fine culture and high art.
    • One final relevant feature of postmodernity is its mixture of popular and high culture.
    1.5 (in pitch)
    the speech ended on a high note
    el discurso terminó con una nota de optimismo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • As they cross into his yard, their voices fade to a dull murmur punctuated by high laughter.
    • Her voice was high and almost childish as she gave the man a playful swat on the arm.
    • The intro was played softly and her voice was high and sweet, singing the melody.
  • 2 2.1 (considerable, greater than usual)
    (number/score/salary/interest rate)
    he has a very high color
    tiene un color muy subido
    think of a number higher than five
    piensa en un número mayor que cinco
    the high latitudes
    las altas latitudes
    the temperature was in the high eighties
    la temperatura rondaba los noventa grados
    the death toll could rise as high as 20
    el número de muertos podría elevarse a 20
    unemployment is very high
    hay mucho desempleo
    the high cost of giving in to terrorism
    el alto precio que se paga por ceder al terrorismo
    to pay a high price for something
    pagar algo muy caro
    they've paid a high price for failure
    han pagado muy caro el fracaso
    to play for high stakes
    apostar fuerte
    my hopes were high as I set out
    tenía grandes esperanzas al partir
    Byzantine art finds its highest expression in …
    el arte bizantino tiene su expresión más depurada en …
    to be high in something
    ser rico en algo
    high in protein
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Chickpeas are exceptionally high in protein and very low in fat, making them an ideal food.
    • Cashews are high in protein and carbohydrate as well as being rich in vitamin A.
    • Waves on Puget Sound were so high that day that only four crew members could row.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • But poker is most interesting when the stakes are high and small fortunes rest on the draw of a card.
    • You are 65, but you played for high stakes over several years, and eventually you lost.
    • It seems to me that many in the U.S. don't quite appreciate how high the stakes are.
    2.2 (good, favorable) to hold somebody in high esteem
    tener a alguien en gran or en mucha estima
    he has a high regard for you
    tiene muy buen concepto de ti
    2.3 (Games)
  • 3 3.1 (Literature, Theatre)a moment of high drama/comedy
    un momento muy dramático/comiquísimo
    a tale of high adventure
    una historia de grandes aventuras
    3.2 (climactic) the high point of the novel
    el punto culminante de la novela
  • 4 4.1 (happy, excited) she was in high spirits
    estaba muy animada
    we had a high old time [colloquial]
    4.2 (intoxicated) [colloquial]
    colocado (Spain) [colloquial]
    to be/get high on something
    estar drogado/drogarse con algo [colloquial]
    estar colocado/colocarse con algo (Spain) [colloquial]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • During some of these incidents he admitted to being high on heroin and cocaine.
    • During the three-week trial the jury heard Giles, 19, was high on drink and drugs at the time of the attack.
    • It was 2001 when Joe was physically attacked by a passenger he believes was high on drugs.
  • 5 (of time, period)in high summer high Gothic
    el gótico tardío
    it was her best dress, worn only on high days and holidays
    era su mejor vestido, el que tenía reservado para las grandes ocasiones
  • 6
    que huele fuerte
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Mine are hung for no more than 2 or 3 days especially over the last few years what with the milder winters. Its a question of taste and how high you like your bird.
    • The meat was quite high with complex strong flavours, which is just the way I like it.

adverb higher, highest

  • 1 1.1
    the tower loomed high over the town
    la torre se erguía or se alzaba por encima de la ciudad
    the mountain towered high above us
    la montaña se elevaba dominante sobre nosotros
    they built ever higher
    construían cada vez más alto
    high in the sky
    en lo alto del cielo
    high overhead
    en las alturas
    high up
    en lo alto
    if you go a bit higher up, you'll get a better view
    si subes un poco más, tendrás mejor vista
    the Bears are fairly high in the league
    los Bears están entre los primeros de la liga
    it's pretty high (up) on the agenda
    es uno de los asuntos más importantes
    to run high (river)
    estar crecido
    estar embravecido
    estar exaltados
    passions run high in this thrilling new saga
    las pasiones se desatan en esta nueva y emocionante saga
    high and dryto leave somebody high and dry
    dejar a alguien en la estacada
    dejar a alguien tirado [colloquial]
    there was the boat, high and dry on a sandbank
    allí estaba el bote, varado en un banco de arena
    to search or hunt or look high and low (for something)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Mr Bond said that before the council collected the mess this week it was piled five feet high against the wall of the flats.
    • So, despite these edicts, new apartment houses continued to be built five or six storeys high.
    • I was a little concerned that I would pitch my material too high or too low.
    1.2 (in status) to aim high (marksman)
    apuntar alto
    (ambitious person)
    picar alto
    he's risen high in his profession
    ha llegado alto en su profesión
    to fly high
    (be successful, happy) ir viento en popa
    (have high ambitions) picar alto
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • There is no great benefit from ranking high this year as next year there are no World Championships.
    • It has to be said that Pas de la Casa is boring, unless getting legless ranks high on your list.
    • What is lacking are not the resources, but the political will. It is clear these topics do not rate very high on his agenda.
    1.3 (in pitch)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • We, the campaigners for radical change, have to raise our voices high.
    • My voice went high with excitement.
    • Without realizing it, I had raised my voice high enough for the whole class to hear.
  • 2 2.1 (in amount, degree) how high are you prepared to bid?
    ¿hasta cuánto estás dispuesto a pujar or ofrecer?
    she stands high in my esteem or estimation
    la tengo en gran estima
    la estimo mucho
    2.2 (in cards) to go high
    jugar una carta alta
    to lead high
    salir con una carta alta
    to play high
    jugar fuerte


  • 1 1.1 countable (level) inflation reached a new high
    la inflación alcanzó un nuevo récord
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In Finland, sea levels reached record highs, cutting off several coastal roads, but no major damage was reported.
    • In 2002, unemployment levels reached historic highs of 23 percent, real wages plummeted and the peso was severely devalued.
    • This is a big worry, because mortgage debt and consumer credit figures keep hitting new highs every month.
    1.2 uncountableon high
    (in heaven) en las alturas
    (high above) en lo alto
    a new directive from on high [humorous]
    una nueva directiva de arriba or de las altas esferas [humorous]
  • 2 countable (Meteorology) 2.1 (anticyclone)
    zona (feminine) de altas presiones
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In the southern hemisphere it is the meeting place of the dry east to southeast winds generated by the subtropical highs, and the moisture-laden northwesterly monsoon winds.
    • The high may move northward to cover Scotland or stay stuck just south of the UK.
    • These intermittent highs effectively separate the northwestern trough from the deep-water regions of the Hatton-Rockall and Iceland Basins to the west.
    2.2 (high temperature)
  • 3 countable (euphoria) [colloquial] (from drugs)
    viaje (masculine) [colloquial]
    I'm on a real high at the moment
    las cosas me están yendo de maravilla
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Cannabis does alter your mind. It can make you more irritable, or sometimes depress you, or sometimes put you on a high.
    • Fortunately, I was on a high by now, and energy was pouring out of me.
    • I was on a high for the rest of the night, and it lasted until the next day.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • And these were girls that Haylie had grown up with, in middle school and junior high.
    • He had gone to my elementary school, moved on to junior high, and I never saw him again.
    • I was in the last year of primary school while my sister was in junior high.
  • 4 uncountable (top gear) (US) (Motor Vehicles) in high
    en directa
    to move into high
    meter la directa
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • While Sullivan hasn't reached Mikita and Savard's heights, he has recorded career highs in goals and points in this, his second season with the Hawks.
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