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Inglés americano: /hoʊm/
Inglés británico: /həʊm/

Traducción de home en español:


  • 1 uncountable and countable (of person) 1.1 (dwelling) she has a beautiful home (esp US)
    tiene una casa preciosa
    to own one's own home
    tener casa propia
    haven't you got a home to go to?
    ¿no te esperan en casa?
    these pictures are brought to your homes by satellite
    estas imágenes llegan a sus hogares vía satélite
    marital home
    domicilio (masculine) conyugal
    see alsoat home, → home 1 3
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The eye of Hurricane Charley passed directly over the Family Life Center, my home, and the homes of our staff members.
    • In the Bantul district to the south, villagers told of trying to rescue family members before homes collapsed.
    • This initiative is designed to help military families repair and maintain their homes while family members are on active duty.
    1.2 (in wider sense) New York's been my home since I was 12
    he vivido en Nueva York desde que tenía 12 años
    they made their home in Germany
    se establecieron en Alemania
    fijaron su residencia en Alemania [formal]
    my family's home is in California
    mi familia vive en California
    I still think of England as home
    para mí Inglaterra sigue siendo mi patria
    those little touches that make a house a home
    esos pequeños detalles que convierten una casa en un hogar
    home sweet home
    hogar dulce hogar
    there's no place like home
    como en casa no se está en ningún sitio
    to leave home
    irse de casa
    have you heard from home?
    ¿te han escrito de tu casa ( or país etc. )?
    he lived/worked away from home for a year
    vivió/trabajó fuera un año
    not only in the Third World, but also much closer to home
    no solo en el Tercer Mundo sino también mucho más cerca de nosotros
    those remarks were uncomfortably close to home
    esos comentarios me ( or le etc. ) tocaban muy de cerca
    a home away from home or (British) a home from home
    una segunda casa
    home is where the heart is
    el verdadero hogar está donde uno tiene a los suyos
    home is where he hangs his hat
    no tiene raíces en ningún sitio
    1.3 (family environment) she comes from a good home
    es de buena familia
    se crió en un buen hogar
    she made a home for her brothers
    fue como una madre para sus hermanos
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • White, who came from a good home, managed to spend a fair amount of his life at a host of federal and state penitentiaries.
    • Kimberley left the matrimonial home on August 1, 2000.
    • The idea is that each visiting student is welcomed into the home as a member of the family.
  • 2 countable 2.1 (of object, group, institution) Spain is the home of flamenco
    España es la tierra del flamenco
    the home of the microchip industry
    el centro de la industria de los microchips
    we're looking for a permanent home for the collection
    estamos buscando un lugar para albergar permanentemente la colección
    can you find a home for these files somewhere? [colloquial]
    a ver si encuentras dónde guardar estos archivos
    2.2 (of animal, plant) (Botany, Zoology) an owl had made its home in the barn
    un búho se había instalado en el pajar
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The east Midlands, south-eastern England, and East Anglia were home to the most advanced arable farming in the British Isles.
    • Los Angeles is the home of rock 'n roll.
    • For instance, to complete the Slam, I had to win at St. Andrews, the home of golf.
  • 3at home 3.1 (in house)
    en casa
    I'll be at home after six
    estaré en casa después de las seis
    if anybody calls, I'm not at home
    si alguien llama, di que no estoy (en casa)
    Mrs Jones is at home on Tuesdays
    la sra Jones recibe los martes
    she works and her husband stays at home
    ella trabaja y su marido se ocupa de la casa
    he's got problems at home
    tiene problemas familiares
    what's that when it's at home? [colloquial]
    3.2 (at ease) sit down, make yourself at home
    siéntate y ponte cómodo, estás en tu casa
    to feel at home with somebody
    encontrarse or sentirse a gusto con alguien
    I don't feel at home with the new camera yet
    todavía no me he hecho a la nueva máquina fotográfica
    she's more at home with an electric drill than a sewing machine
    está más en lo suyo con un taladro que con una máquina de coser
    he's entirely at home in Spanish
    habla español con total fluidez
    3.3 (not abroad, in one's country) his popularity at home
    su popularidad en su país
    people eat later at home
    en mi país se come más tarde
    at home and abroad
    dentro y fuera del país
    aquí y en el extranjero
    3.4 (on own ground) (Sport)
    en casa
    to be/play at home
    jugar en casa
    Spain is at home to France
    España juega en casa contra Francia
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Here are 14 sample bets, set out on eight example coupons, for all types of bets including homes, aways, draws, correct scores, and double results.
  • 4 countable (institution)
    also: children's home
    centro (masculine) de acogida de menores
    hogar (masculine) de niños
    also: old people's home
    dogs' home (British)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Yorkshire Care Developments Ltd is taking the action in protest at what it claims are inadequate fees paid to homes for the care of elderly and vulnerable people.
    • Four years ago, the former Queensland governor delivered a landmark report into the State's institutional homes.
    • The first was a specialized adoption agency; the others were commercial maternity homes.
  • 5 (Sport) 5.1 uncountable (the finish) we're not far from home now
    ya nos estamos acercando a la meta
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • After kicking 300m from home to beat Garcia in 7:40.97 seconds, Gebrselassie admitted the fast pace had been a challenge.
    • Sir Rembrandt made a mistake at the fifth fence from home which proved costly to his challenge but he battled on to claim second spot.
    • The leader gave way to Daliapour over three furlongs out as rider Johnny Murtagh drove for home for all he was worth.
    5.2 countable (in baseball) home plate
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Angels RF Tim Salmon had drifted off third base, anticipating a break for home.
    • Santa rounded third and headed for home, as the shortstop finally came to his senses and threw a perfect peg to catcher Garcia.


  • 1 1.1 (where one lives)
    a casa
    it's time to go home now
    ya es hora de irse ( or irnos etc. ) a casa
    I'll be home at five
    estaré en casa a las cinco
    he's bringing her home
    la va a traer a casa
    on the way home
    de camino a casa
    to see somebody home
    acompañar a alguien a casa
    to send somebody home
    mandar a alguien a casa
    I had to send home for some dry clothes
    tuve que mandar buscar ropa seca a casa
    I haven't written home yet
    todavía no he escrito a (mi) casa
    nothing to write home about
    nada del otro mundo
    nada del otro jueves [colloquial]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The defendant replied that he did not have the money on him and his wife would not be home until later that night.
    • She left home on Saturday night dressed all in black and gave no indication where she was going or when she might return.
    • My mom was home for the first time in weeks.
    1.2 (from abroad) we've already booked our passage home
    ya hemos reservado nuestro pasaje de vuelta
    to come home from abroad
    volver del extranjero
    Yankees/Reds go home
    yanquis/rojos fuera (de aquí)
    yanquis/rojos go home
    the folks back home (US)
    la familia
  • 2 2.1 (to the finish) (Sport)the first horse/runner home
    el primer caballo/corredor en llegar a la meta
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The application of blinkers worked a treat on this filly at Ayr last time when she romped home by eight lengths in a maiden race.
    • Although the smart winner was far too good that day, Lisdante ran an honourable race to lead home the remainder.
    • La Chunga runs away with the race to lead home a one-two for trainer Jeremy Noseda.
    2.2 (successful) once they agree terms we'll be more or less home
    una vez que hayan aceptado las condiciones, el trato es prácticamente un hecho
    to be home free or (British) home and dry
    tener la victoria asegurada
  • 3 (to desired place) he knocked the staples home with a hammer
    clavó las grapas en su sitio con un martillo
    there was a clunk as the bolt went home
    se oyó un golpe sordo al encajar el cerrojo en su sitio
    to get something home to somebody
    hacerle entender algo a alguien
    see alsodrive home strike home etc

adjective before noun

  • 1
    (address/telephone number)
    give me your home number
    dame el teléfono de tu casa or tu teléfono particular
    home comforts
    comodidades (feminine plural)
    the risk of a home delivery (Medicine)
    los riesgos de dar a luz en casa
    two days' home leave
    dos días de permiso
    home visit (by doctor) (British)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Estate agents told the Saturday Dispatch most home buyers did not look properly through houses they intended to buy.
    • Martin's funeral took place to his home parish at the weekend.
    • The President pledges to work hard to ensure more home ownership.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They can also access and work on their school files from home computers.
    • During their visit his mother tried to fatten her up on good home cooking.
    • In the next two to five years, you'll see the computer and your home television set merging.
  • 2 (of origin) home country home sales
    ventas (feminine plural) nacionales or internas
    home state (in US)
    estado (masculine) natal or de procedencia
  • 3 (not foreign)
    how are things on the home front?
    ¿qué tal marcha todo en casa?
    sales on the home front
    las ventas a nivel nacional
    home waters
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They fixed their policy in relation to that of the home market and home government.
    • For it is always easier for true natives to experience the excitement of other cultures on their home turf.
    • Citizenship of the Union was to be established and close co-operation on justice and home affairs was to be developed.
  • 4 (Sport)
    de casa
    en casa
    the home crowd
    los seguidores del equipo local or de casa
    to have home advantage
    jugar en casa
    on its home ground
    en su propio terreno
    home win
    victoria (feminine) en casa
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Rather sportingly the home team took two men off the field to even up the numbers, not that it made much difference.
    • Now you can have a bunch of guys on the visiting team who used to be on the home team.
    • At the outset Silsden were put under pressure by the home side who were playing down the slope.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He made a huge impression and was adored by home fans because he was a local boy.
    • Their square has been relaid so local experience of how the pitch plays will be a home advantage.
    • On home ground Clane were the first to open the scoring with a well taken point.

Verbos con partícula

home in

verb + adverb
to home in (on something)the bombers homed in on their targets
los bombarderos localizaron su objetivo y se dirigieron hacia él
los bombarderos ubicaron su objetivo y se dirigieron hacia él (Latin America)
she homed in on his lack of experience
hizo hincapié en su falta de experiencia
the conference homed in on the issue of unemployment
el congreso se centró en el problema del desempleo
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