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Inglés americano: /hoʊp/
Inglés británico: /həʊp/

Traducción de hope en español:


  • 1 uncountable and countable (expectation) to be full of hope
    estar lleno de esperanzas or de ilusión
    my hope is that she'll change her mind
    espero que cambie de opinión
    the doctor told us she was beyond hope
    el médico nos dijo que lo suyo no tenía cura
    don't get your hopes up too much
    no te hagas demasiadas ilusiones
    to give up hope
    perder la(s) esperanza(s)
    we have high hopes of him/his getting a gold medal
    tenemos muchas esperanzas de que obtenga una medalla de oro
    she held out the hope of promotion
    le ( or nos etc. ) dio esperanzas de que lo ( or nos etc. ) ascenderían
    I don't hold out much hope of (our) winning
    no me hago muchas ilusiones or no tengo muchas esperanzas de que vayamos a ganar
    she did it in the hope of a reward
    lo hizo con la esperanza de obtener una recompensa
    he lived in (the) hope of returning to his native land
    vivía con la esperanza de que algún día volvería a su tierra
    she hasn't done it yet, but we live in hope [humorous]
    todavía no lo ha hecho, pero no hemos perdido las esperanzas [humorous]
    to build up or raise one's hopes
    hacerse or forjarse ilusiones
    I don't want to raise false hopes
    no quiero crear falsas expectativas
    she's pinning all her hopes on getting the scholarship
    ha cifrado todas sus esperanzas en conseguir la beca
    I had set my hopes on getting the prize
    me había hecho ilusiones de llevarme el premio
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Instead the two clubs can still dream of Cardiff, albeit in both cases more in hope than expectation.
    • This time there was hope and expectation, and a certain symbolism.
    • They now await their results in August and September in hope and expectation.
  • 2 uncountable and countable (chance) there's little hope of a positive outcome
    hay pocas esperanzas or posibilidades de que el resultado sea positivo
    we haven't got a hope in hell [colloquial]
    no tenemos ni la más remota posibilidad
    not a hope! [colloquial]
    ¡ni lo sueñes!
    some hope! [ironic]
    ¡sí, espérate sentado! [colloquial] [ironic]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Edwina Currie was moved by the response to the gathering, and believes it offers hope for the future.
    • No great surprises here either, but grounds for rational hope at the voting booth.
    • Regardless of what has gone before, I believe there is hope for a brighter and better future.
  • 3 countable (person, thing) he's my last/only hope
    es mi última/única esperanza
    she's the great white hope of the democrats [humorous]
    es la gran esperanza de los demócratas
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The decision came as little surprise but washed away the last hopes of parents who have fought to save the popular schools.
    • This was one of the only hopes for this once majestic statue to be saved from the elements.
    • Most familiar with the problem believe the only hope for a reversal in the trend is education.

intransitive verb

  • I hope so/not
    espero que sí/que no
    to hope for somethingthey hoped for a better life for their children
    tenían esperanzas de que sus hijos tuvieran una vida mejor
    we're hoping for good weather while we're on vacation
    esperamos tener buen tiempo durante las vacaciones
    are you going to do some work, or would that be too much to hope (for)?
    ¿vas a trabajar un poco o eso sería mucho pedir?
    to hope for the best
    esperar que la suerte me ( or nos etc. ) acompañe
    her method is to throw everything into the pot and hope for the best
    su método es echarlo todo en la olla y que sea lo que Dios quiera
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They will be hoping for an easy draw in the next round so they can get the show back on the road.
    • He added that in the long term his group was hoping for an effective relief road for the town centre.
    • The greedy geese drove off the ducks and chased after pensioners, hoping for a feed.

transitive verb

  • to hope (that)
    esperar que followed by subjunctive
    I hope (that) you are well
    espero que te encuentres bien
    this is for you, I hope you like it
    esto es para ti, espero que te guste
    I was hoping (that) you'd say that
    esperaba que dijeras eso
    to hope against hope that …
    esperar contra todo pronóstico que …
    to hope to + infinitive
    esperar + infinitive
    I hope or I'm hoping to go in May
    espero poder ir en mayo
    what do you hope to gain by that?
    ¿y qué esperas ganar con eso?
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Plans have been drawn up and it is hoped to commence work in this area in the new year.
    • We have provided the Court with a schedule setting out the areas that we hope to address.
    • In later essays I hope to address some questions that arise because of this piece.
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