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Inglés americano: /ɪnˈdid/
Inglés británico: /ɪnˈdiːd/

Traducción de indeed en español:


  • 1 1.1 (as intensifier) thank you very much indeed
    muchísimas gracias
    she was very late indeed
    llegó tardísimo
    he's painted it very well indeed
    lo ha pintado realmente or verdaderamente bien
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • And so it was that I spent most of the day pulling up small clumps of grass from the gravel drive. Best described as very Zen indeed.
    • He painted a pretty grim picture indeed of what he described as the perilous state of health services, in Kerry.
    • For those who have dived upon an untouched shipwreck the experience is described as very moving indeed.
    1.2 (emphatic) Ver ejemplos: this is indeed a great privilege
    este es un auténtico or verdadero privilegio
    this is indeed bad news
    esto sí que es una mala noticia
    what a lovely evening! — yes indeed!
    ¡que noche más agradable! — ¡ya lo creo! or ¡sí, por cierto!
    1.3 (in response to question) Ver ejemplos: do you like champagne? — indeed I do o I do indeed
    ¿te gusta el champán? — ¡si me gustará … ! or sí, mucho
    are you Miss Hunt? — indeed I am
    ¿es usted la señorita Hunt? — en efecto or así es
    I believe we've met before — indeed we have, a couple of years ago
    creo que nos conocemos — en efecto or así es, nos conocimos hace un par de años
    shall we go? — why not indeed?
    ¿vamos? — pues ¿por qué no?
  • 2 2.1 (in fact) Ver ejemplos: I checked, and the wheel was indeed loose
    fui a ver y comprobé que, en efecto, la rueda estaba suelta
    most of the staff, and indeed most of the managers, were involved
    la mayor parte del personal, e incluso or inclusive de la directiva, estaba implicada
    2.2 (indicating possibility) Ver ejemplos: I may indeed return one day
    puede ser que algún día vuelva
    if indeed he is right
    si es que tiene razón
    this may indeed be the case, but …
    quizás sea así or no digo que no sea así, pero …
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • These are dramatic figures which suggest something is indeed seriously awry with Bermuda's black men.
    • First, it suggests that there is indeed a distinction between affective and normative commitment.
    • As you no doubt suspected or has already been confirmed, it was indeed a suicide.
    2.3 (what is more) (sentence adv) the situation hasn't improved; indeed it has worsened
    la situación no ha mejorado; es más: ha empeorado
    a rare, indeed unique, example
    un ejemplo, ya no poco común, sino único
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • McCarthy played very well when introduced and, indeed, finished as his side's top scorer.
    • Never mind that Neon Lights is totally void of a well-constructed song, or indeed a strong vocal performance.
    • Adding to my surprise, and, indeed, to that of the viewers around the globe, was his sharp memory and mental alertness.
  • 3 (in response to statement) Ver ejemplos: she says she's fat — fat indeed!
    dice que está gorda — sí, ya, gordísima
    [ironic] he says he can do it better — does he indeed?
    dice que él lo puede hacer mejor — ¡no me digas!
    I hear she's getting married — (is she) indeed?
    he oído que se casa — ¿de veras? or ¡no me digas!
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • How, indeed, had a boy who looked not much older then she did survive all alone in the woods with all kinds of dangers?
    • ‘That will show them. "More like a grocer than a burglar" indeed! Well, we'll hear no more of that.’
    • So this was his last adventure! Haunted indeed! That beautiful devil!


  • ¡ya lo creo!
    she's a lovely girl — indeed!
    es una chica encantadora — ¡ya lo creo!

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