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Inglés americano: /ˌɪnstrəˈmɛn(t)l/
Inglés británico: /ɪnstrʊˈmɛnt(ə)l/

Traducción de instrumental en español:


  • 1 (serving as a means)to be instrumental in something
    jugar un papel decisivo en algo
    he was instrumental in setting up the organization
    jugó un papel decisivo en la fundación de la organización
    his mediation was instrumental in bringing the two sides together
    su mediación jugó un papel decisivo en lograr el acercamiento de ambas partes
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They went to war together and both were instrumental in a victory that many consider a defining moment in Canadian hockey history.
    • A few well chosen elements of directorial interpretation are instrumental in making this production more suited to and enjoyable for its audience.
    • The strategy, which was instrumental in Microsoft's victory in the so-called browser wars, is being replayed in the digital media market.
  • 2 (Music)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • There follow three chapters dealing with other sources grouped by genre: sacred music, theatre music and vocal, keyboard and instrumental music.
    • Concerts of vocal and instrumental music were given regularly.
    • Although his musical output was modest, his vocal and instrumental music speaks in a highly personal voice.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • A dense libretto, by the composer, and an expressionistic musical style, which searches out new instrumental colors, make this opera a masterpiece.
    • It is music without any rhetoric or goal, in which periods of time (increasingly lengthy as he got older) are filled with washes of instrumental colour.
    • If the score breaks no new ground for Glass, the fine brush strokes of instrumental color lend texture and atmosphere to every scene, especially in the first opera.
  • 3 (Technology)
    por instrumentos
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The distribution of true ages may be only approximated by the measured distribution, because the latter can be disturbed by fluctuations in measured age caused by instrumental error.
    • In electronic devices, even a negligible instrumental error can totally degrade the system compared to electro-mechanical ones.
    • The organoleptic quality of tomato fruit involves a set of attributes (flavour, aroma, texture) that can be evaluated either by sensory analyses or by instrumental measures.


  • pieza (feminine) instrumental
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