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Inglés americano: /leɪn/
Inglés británico: /leɪn/

Traducción de lane en español:


  • 1 (in countryside)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Then the group set off up the narrow winding lane to the main road and the lay-by.
    • Sitting in front of the computer screen you get a driver's eye view as you travel along narrow streets, busy roads and winding country lanes in various weather conditions.
    • We traveled to the outskirts of Osaka and we proceeded to walk through a traditional residential area with narrow lanes until we arrived at an old house.
  • 2 (Transport) 2.1 (for road traffic) bus/bicycle lane
    carril (masculine) de autobuses/bicicletas
    to change lanes
    cambiar de carril ( or de pista etc. )
    a three-lane highway
    una autopista de tres carriles ( or pistas etc. )
    traffic is reduced to a single lane
    se circula por un solo carril ( or pista etc. )
    to live in the fast lane [colloquial]
    vivir a toda máquina
    (before noun) lane closure
    carril cerrado ( or pista cerrada etc. )
    lane discipline
    disciplina (feminine) de carril ( or pista etc. )
    lane markings
    líneas (feminine plural) divisorias de carriles ( or pistas etc. )
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The eastbound carriageway will close from Monday until December 20, with traffic running in single lanes in each direction on the westbound side.
    • Until then, the contraflow system on the westbound carriageway allowing a single lane of traffic in each direction will continue.
    • Only the concrete dividers separating the opposing lanes of traffic broke the utter flatness.
    2.2 (for ships) sea/shipping lane
    ruta marítima/de navegación
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It is also geographically near the primary shipping lanes for oil tankers that ply the route between Japan and the Middle East.
    • Half the world's ocean-going cargo follows shipping lanes past the islands, and rich deposits of oil and natural gas are thought to lie beneath the nearby sea.
    • Plans to move the wreck of destroyer HMS Wakeful out of a shipping lane have been amended to allow the ship to safely remain where she sank during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.
    2.3 (for aircraft)
    pasillo (masculine) aéreo
    corredor (masculine) aéreo
    via (feminine) aérea
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