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Inglés americano: /leɪt/
Inglés británico: /leɪt/

Traducción de late en español:

adjective later, latest

  • 1 (after correct, scheduled time) she apologized for the late start of the show
    pidió disculpas por el retraso con el que comenzó el espectáculo
    the late arrival/departure of the train
    el retraso en la llegada/salida del tren
    late applications will not be accepted
    no se aceptarán las solicitudes que lleguen fuera de plazo or con retraso
    to be lateI'm sorry I'm late
    perdón por llegar tarde
    I was late (in) getting there
    llegué tarde
    you're five minutes late!
    ¡llegas cinco minutos tarde!
    the baby was two weeks late
    el niño nació con dos semanas de retraso
    the train was/will be one hour late
    el tren llegó/llegará con una hora de retraso
    the train was already one hour late
    el tren ya llevaba una hora de retraso
    to make something/somebody lateshe made me late for my class
    me hizo llegar tarde a clase
    the accident made the train late
    el accidente hizo que el tren se retrasara
    to be late for/with somethingyou'll be late for work/the train
    vas a llegar tarde al trabajo/perder el tren
    I'm late with the rent
    estoy atrasado con el alquiler
    you're rather late with your apologies
    es un poco tarde para pedir disculpas
  • 2 2.1 (after usual time) I had a late breakfast
    desayuné tarde
    spring is late this year
    la primavera se ha atrasado este año
    Easter is late this year
    (la) Pascua cae tarde este año
    late opening Thursdays till 8 pm
    jueves abierto hasta las 8 de la noche
    late developer or (US also) bloomer (plant)
    planta (feminine) de flor tardía
    he was a late developer
    (physically) se desarrolló tarde
    (intellectually) maduró tarde
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • While in pruning mode, cut late flowering clematis hard back to a low pair of fat buds.
    • Remove late flowers on peppers and eggplant to send more energy into the ripening fruit.
    • The white currant is White transparent, again a late flowering variety.
  • 3 3.1 (far on in time) hurry up, it's late
    date prisa, que es tarde
    apúrate, que es tarde (Latin America)
    it's late: we'd better go to bed
    ya es tarde: mejor nos acostamos
    is it that late already?
    ¿ya es tan tarde?
    it's getting late would Thursday be too late for you?
    ¿te parecería muy tarde el jueves?
    it's too late to say you're sorry now
    ya es demasiado tarde para pedir perdón
    it's a little late in the day or (US also) in the game to change your mind
    es un poco tarde para cambiar de idea
    45 is late for a woman to have a baby
    a los 45 años ya se es bastante mayor para tener un niño
    3.2 (before noun)
    the late film
    la película de la noche
    la película de trasnoche (Southern Cone)
    Fridays, late show (Cinema)
    los viernes, sesión de medianoche
    los viernes, sesión de trasnoche (Southern Cone)
    at this late hour
    a estas horas
    to keep late hours at this late stage
    a estas alturas
    it was a late marriage
    fue un matrimonio tardío
    se casaron ya mayores
    VBM was a late entrant into the computer field
    VBM entró tarde en el campo de la informática
    they scored a late equalizer
    marcaron el tanto del empate en los últimos minutos del partido
    we got there late morning/afternoon
    llegamos tarde por la mañana/al final de la tarde
    llegamos tarde por la mañana/de tardecita (Latin America)
    in late April/summer
    a finales or fines de abril/del verano
    the late 1950s
    el final de la década del cincuenta
    the late Middle Ages she must be in her late forties
    tendrá cerca de cincuenta años
    tendrá cuarenta años largos [colloquial]
    late Picasso
    el Picasso de la última época
    Late Gothic
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Sometimes it makes me late for class, and sometimes I make excuses to stay in.
    • She had been asking for more breaks in the past week, and often coming in late for her shift.
    • Even Chelsey claiming to be late for something and dashing off would be better.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • As the baby-boomers enter their mid to late fifties the issue of how we care for the aged is never far from the news headlines.
    • It looked all over at that stage for the home team but they fought back admirably and got two late goals, one from the penalty spot.
    • But the other Sheffield side showed a bit of steel as they grabbed two late goals to guarantee the celebration had to be put on hold.
  • 4 (before noun) 4.1 (deceased)
    difunto [formal]
    my late father
    mi difunto padre [formal]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • If the late princess were still alive, however, she might have changed her mind about him.
    • She said her husband's late sister had complained to the council on their behalf and they had understood something was going to be done.
    • He was husband of the late Kathleen and was a popular and prominent member of the local rural community.
    4.2 (former)

adverb later, latest

  • 1 (after correct, scheduled time)
    the trains are running 20 minutes late
    los trenes llevan 20 minutos de retraso
    better late than never
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The unofficial action was expected to end late last evening, with services returning to normal by today.
    • Cathy was never late and expected the same when you met her for dinner.
    • The second phase is expected to start late this year or early next year.
  • 2 2.1 (after usual time)
    hasta tarde
    más tarde de lo normal
    I'll be home late today
    hoy llegaré tarde (a casa)
    the shops close late on Thursdays
    las tiendas cierran tarde los jueves
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Children were also to be made safer - safer from their irresponsible parents who allowed them to stay out late at night.
    • I stay up late at night reading stupid Philosophy readings and wake up early to read some more.
    • It would probably help if I hadn't stayed up too late last night making a fiction index.
    2.2 (far on in time) he married late
    se casó mayor or tarde
    don't leave it too late
    no lo dejes para muy tarde
    the show doesn't start till late
    el espectáculo empieza tarde
    we stayed up late
    nos quedamos levantados hasta tarde
    late at night
    tarde por la noche
    bien entrada la noche
    late into the night
    hasta muy entrada la noche
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • These headlines are all drawn from just a three day period late in September.
    • That was in the context of a writ issued late in the limitation period.
    • He commanded troops in Guangdong and advocated a fight to the finish late in the war.
    2.3 (toward end of period) late in the morning/afternoon
    a última hora de la mañana/tarde
    late in the week
    a finales de la semana
    it was not until late in the century/in her career that …
    no fue sino hacia finales de siglo/los últimos años de su carrera que …
  • 3 3.1 (recently) as late as the thirteenth century/the 1950s
    aún en el siglo trece/los años 50
    3.2of late 3.3 (formerly) (formal or humorous)Hubert Harvey, late of Wilton Street, Chelsea
    Hubert Harvey, domiciliado antiguamente en Wilton Street, Chelsea
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