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Pronunciación: /ˈməʊmənt/


  • 1 c 1.1 (short period) momento (m) just a moment un momento, un momentito one moment, please un momento or un momentito, por favor could I speak to you for a moment? ¿podría hablar con usted un momento? doctor Davies will see you in a moment enseguida la atiende el doctor Davies I'm going out to get some milk: I won't be a moment salgo a comprar leche, enseguida vuelvo not for a moment ni por un instante or momento I wouldn't for a moment dream of charging you ni se me ocurriría cobrarte it was a moment before he spoke tardó unos instantes en empezar a hablar a moment later poco después a moment ago hace un momento I'll fix it when I get a moment lo arreglaré cuando tenga un momento to have one's moments tener* sus ( or mis etc) buenos momentos 1.2 (instant, time) momento (m) an unthinking moment un momento de descuido a proud moment un momento de orgullo in a moment of rage en un momento de rabia at the moment en este momento at that moment en ese momento at this moment in time [uso criticado/criticized usage] en este mismo momento for the moment de momento, por el momento to live for the moment vivir al momento the man/woman of the moment el hombre/la mujer del momento from that moment on a partir de ese momento they'll be here any moment estarán aquí en cualquier momento or de un momento a otro at that very moment en ese preciso instante the very next moment al minuto siguiente it was the wrong moment to tell her no era el momento de decírselo you certainly pick your moments, don't you? [iro] tienes el don de la oportunidad ¿no? [irónico/ironical] from moment to moment por momentos this is not the moment to bring up the subject este no es momento de sacar el tema the moment of truth la hora de la verdad
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    • I had a brief moment of silent panic when I thought I'd chipped a tooth on a particularly hard bit.
    • Setting aside the real world for a moment, let's return to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
    • He rubbed his hand over his eyes wearily and thought for a moment before replying.
    1.3the moment (that) (as conj) en cuanto let me know the moment they arrive avísame en cuanto lleguen
  • 2 u [Phys] momento (m) moment of inertia momento de inercia
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • The team used samarium, an element whose spin and orbital moments are opposite and vary with temperature.
    • Here's the sneaky part - we use that fact that atoms with the wrong moments are kicked out of the trap.
    • The relative size of the control surface in relation to its location also will determine the magnitude of the moments.
  • 3 u (importance) [formal] trascendencia (f), importancia (f) this matter is of great/little moment to me este asunto es muy/muy poco importante para mí
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • Martyrs' relics and graves seemed of little moment in a world about to be consumed by fire.
    • His diplomacy won over only the Illyrian king Genthius, whose support proved of little moment.
    • It is therefore of little moment for the affected parties and, derivatively, for social policy.

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