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Inglés americano: /pɑrt/
Inglés británico: /pɑːt/

Traducción de part en español:


  • 1 1.1 countable (section) the book is funny in parts
    el libro tiene partes divertidas
    what part of France are you from?
    ¿de qué parte de Francia eres?
    a lovely part of the world
    una región or zona preciosa
    in my part of the world
    en mi país ( or región etc. )
    the funny part of it is that …
    lo gracioso del asunto es que …
    the worst part of it was that …
    lo peor de todo fue que …
    part of me wants to forgive you
    por un lado quisiera perdonarte
    for the best part of a week/month
    durante casi una semana/un mes
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The rule that a part equalled the whole day was not appropriate in this context.
    • This was an idea enthusiastically taken up by the Fabians in the early part of the twentieth century.
    • If defence is a challenge to make the parts equal an impressive whole then midfield is a minefield of talents and egos where someone is sure to get hurt.
    1.2 countable (integral constituent) (no plural) I'm starting to feel (a) part of the village
    empiezo a sentirme parte del pueblo
    it's all part of growing up
    todo forma parte del proceso de maduración
    to be part and parcel of something
    formar parte de algo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • I don't expect cats to be free of the wild instinct that's an essential part of their nature.
    • Gambling is a fundamental part of human nature - we all take risks in daily life.
    • Make the formation of a constitution a fundamental part of creating a community space.
    1.3 (in phrases) in part he is in part to blame
    en parte tiene la culpa
    in great part
    en gran parte
    for the most part
    en su mayor parte
    he was, for the most part, friendly
    en general era simpático
    see alsopart of speech
  • 2 countable (measure) two parts milk to one part water
    dos partes de leche por cada parte de agua
    between 180 and 300 parts per million equal parts of oil and vinegar
    aceite y vinagre a or en partes iguales or en igual proporción
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • To get essential drainage if you don't have a rock wall, plant in a mixture of two parts sand or gravel to one part potting mix.
    • Secure it into the soil at the nodes or bury a pot containing a mixture of equal parts sand and peat and secure the stem into this.
    • Use sea salt for its mineral content and mix equal parts with olive or sweet almond oil.
  • 4 countable 4.1 (in play) a bit part
    un papel secundario
    un papelito [colloquial]
    he acted/played the part of Hamlet
    representó/hizo el papel de Hamlet
    he's not sincere, he's merely acting a part
    no es sincero, está haciendo el papel
    no es sincero, se está mandando la parte (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
    he just doesn't look the part
    no tiene el aspecto adecuado para el papel
    if you're a manager, you must act/look the part
    si eres director, tienes que actuar/vestir como tu rol lo exige
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • No, my problem is finding actors and actresses to fill the parts.
    • The aspiring actress has landed a part in Coronation Street and her new role is poles apart from her old life.
    • Most of the time the dialogue is in the way of speaking of the actor/actress playing the part.
    4.2 (role, share) she had or played a major part in …
    tuvo or jugó or desempeñó un papel fundamental en …
    that played no part in my decision
    eso no influyó para nada en mi decisión
    I want no part in it
    yo no quiero tener nada que ver con eso
    to take part in something
    tomar parte or participar en algo
  • 5 (side) for my part
    por mi parte
    por mi lado
    it was an error on his part
    fue un error de or por su parte
    fue un error de or por parte suya
    to take somebody's part
    ponerse de parte or de lado de alguien
    tomar partido por alguien
    she took my part
    se puso de mi parte or lado
    to take something in good part
    tomarse algo bien
    no tomarse algo a mal
    I must say he took it all in good part
    hay que decir que se lo tomó muy bien or no se lo tomó a mal
  • 6 countable (section of book, play)
    (episode of TV, radio serial) episodio (masculine)
    Henry IV Part One
    Enrique IV, primera parte
    buy part one and get part two free
    compre el primer fascículo y recibirá el segundo gratis
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Books were published in parts, as periodicals, with the added attraction of illustrations, for later binding.
    • The judge said the publication of large parts of the book in News Limited newspapers largely destroyed the value of the material.
    • The TV investigation, Running The Gauntlet, is being broadcast in two parts tonight and next week in the West Country.
  • 7 countable (Music) 7.1 (vocal, instrumental line)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • You could assign the voice parts to instruments and lose nothing, and the form would become even clearer.
    • Two parts are scored in treble clef and two parts in bass clef, with suggested instruments listed for each part.
    • It acts in effect as a shorthand for reading the other orchestral and voice parts above the bass line and for playing the harmonies.
    7.2 (written score)
  • 9
    also: parts plural
    9.1 (area) in/around these parts
    por aquí
    por estos lares [archaic]
    por estos pagos [colloquial]
    in foreign parts
    en el extranjero
    she's not from these parts
    no es de por aquí
    9.2 (capabilities) a man of many parts
    un hombre de muchas facetas

transitive verb

  • 1 (separate) till death us do part to part somebody from somebody/something
    separar a alguien de alguien/algo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Madame raised her arms heavenward, her lips parting in a wide smile to reveal white, overly-straight teeth.
    • ‘Hi, I'm Deacon,’ he said to her, his lips parting into a smile to show his straight, white teeth.
    • His eyes stared up at me, his kohl eyeliner artfully smudged, his lips almost parting in a teasing smile.
  • 2 (divide) she parts her hair down the middle
    se peina con raya al medio
    se peina con raya en medio (Spain)
    se peina con la carrera por el medio (Colombia) (Venezuela)
    se peina con partidura al medio (Chile)

intransitive verb

  • 1 (separate)
    they parted as friends
    quedaron como amigos
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • After all why would I want to be parted from my wife so soon?
    • He refused to be parted from her, the student who'd saved his life.
    • Well, it is a shame to be parted from you, Miss Hawthorne.
  • 2
    (curtains/lips) (open up) abrirse
  • 3 (break)



  • I was part angry, part relieved
    en parte or por un lado me dio rabia, pero al mismo tiempo fue un alivio
    he's part Chinese and part French
    tiene sangre china y francesa
    see alsopart exchange
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Fargo is part episodic, at least, yet it manages to maintain tension and generate a drive through the story.
    • Ian has taken a month's leave, part un-paid, to lend the Lilywhites his support.
    • Will Airbus invest as heavily in its British factories as it did when there was part British ownership?

Verbos con partícula

part with

verb + preposition + object
desprenderse or deshacerse de
I wouldn't part with it, however much you offered
por mucho que me ofrecieras, no me desprendería or desharía de él
it's difficult to get them to part with their money
es difícil hacerles desembolsar
es difícil hacerles soltar dinero [colloquial]
could you part with $20?
¿me podrías dar 20 dólares?
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