Hay 2 traducciones de pod en español:


Pronunciación: /pɑːd; pɒd/


  • 1.1 [Botany/Botánica] (of peas, beans) vaina (feminine)
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    • Late in the season, just as the seedpods begin to split, open a pod and gather the seeds.
    • After 48 days of growth, the number of flowers, buds, and seed pods on each plant was counted as a measure of the total flower number.
    • Your aim is to allow the rosellas to simmer away gently, so that the flesh separates from the green seedpods without splitting the pods open and releasing the tiny white seeds inside.
    1.2 [Aerospace/Espacio] [Aviation/Aviación] tanque (masculine)
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    • The unique fuselage pod had additional, if cramped, space for paratroopers, stretchers or freight.
    • Its 1,700-pound useful load allows for storage inside the spacious cabin or underneath the fuselage in a cargo pod.
    • At 5: 00 p.m. two life rafts are inflated on the bow, and the aircraft drops a rescue pod.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (-dd-)

Hay 2 traducciones de pod en español:


Pronunciación: /ˌpioʊˈdi; ˌpiːəʊˈdiː/
  • 1
    pay on delivery
    cóbrese al entregar
  • 2
    print on demand
    impresión (feminine) a pedido or por demanda

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