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Pronunciación: /pɔɪnt/

Traducción de point en español:


  • 1 countable/numerable (sharp end, tip) punta (feminine) to come to a point acabar en punta at the point of a gun a punta de pistola
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Small children and sharp points don't go together.
    • The defendant claimed his father had had a carving knife and had become aggressive and he had felt the point of the weapon in his back.
    • I dropped my tool on its point, which blunted it, so the left side is less worked and detailed than the right side.
  • 2 countable/numerable 2.1 (dot) punto (masculine) 2.2
    (decimal point)
    coma (feminine), punto (masculine) decimal (Latin America/América Latina) (the point is used instead of the comma in some Latin American countries) 1.5 (léase: one point five) 1,5 ([ read as: uno coma cinco ]) 1.5 ([ read as: uno punto cinco ]) (Latin America/América Latina)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Footnote numbering in the text should be placed after the full point at the end of a sentence.
    • Every punctuation point had better be right.
    • When elements are removed from inside a word or phrase, but nothing is taken from the end, a full point is often omitted.
  • 3 countable/numerable 3.1 (in space) punto (masculine) the southernmost/highest point of the island el punto más meridional/alto de la isla the points of the compass los puntos cardinales meeting point punto de encuentro customs point aduana (feminine) point of contact punto de contacto point of departure punto de partida point of entry (of bullet) orificio (masculine) de entrada (of immigrant, goods) punto de entrada I've reached the point where I just don't care he llegado a un punto en que ya no me importa things have reached such a point that … las cosas han llegado a tal punto or a tal extremo que … the point of no return we've reached the point of no return ahora ya no nos podemos echar atrás (literal) ahora tenemos que seguir adelante, ahora ya no nos podemos volver 3.2 (on scale) punto (masculine) freezing/boiling point punto de congelación/ebullición the index rose three points el índice subió tres enteros or puntos his nerves were at breaking point estaba a punto de estallar the trains were at bursting point los trenes iban repletos the children have reached saturation point los niños ya están saturados you're right, up to a point hasta cierto punto tienes razón she is reserved to the point of coldness es tan reservada, que llega a ser fría his writing is untidy to the point of being illegible tiene tan mala letra, que lo que escribe resulta ilegible we worked to the point of exhaustion trabajamos hasta quedar agotados they tormented her to the point where her life became unbearable la atormentaron hasta tal punto, que la vida se le hizo insoportable
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The polls had a margin of error of four percentage points.
    • The figure represents an increase of 7.7 percentage points from last year.
    • However, the news isn't all good: gross margins slipped by 0.3 percentage points year on year.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It said that the investigators conducted 783 tests at screening points and other areas of airport security.
    • People can hand in their unused glasses and sunglasses at a number of collection points in the area.
    • Being one of the highest points in the area, it is considered to be a sacred grove.
  • 4 countable/numerable (in time) momento (masculine) at this point the doorbell rang en ese momento or instante sonó el timbre at this point in the game en este momento del juego at this point in time en este momento at what point did you begin to suspect? ¿en qué momento empezó a sospechar? at no point did they mention money en ningún momento hablaron de dinero he was at the point of death [formal] estaba agonizando from this point on a partir de este momento to be on the point of sth/-ing estar* a punto de + infinitive/infinitivo he was on the point of confessing estaba a punto de confesar he was on the point of tears estaba a punto de ponerse a llorar or estaba al borde de las lágrimas
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • There comes a point in the refurbishment process where the law of diminishing returns come into play.
    • There are three points in this process at which learning can potentially play a role.
    • From the point of conception onwards, parents are now viewed as a risk factor in their children's lives.
  • 5 countable/numerable (in contest, exam) punto (masculine) set/match point (in tennis) bola (feminine) de set/partido to win on points (in boxing) ganar por puntos to make points with sb (American English/inglés norteamericano) hacer* méritos con algn (before noun/delante del nombre) points victory o win victoria (feminine) por puntos
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • To score 17 points in a game, and still lose, is a very bitter pill to swallow.
    • He was captain of the basketball team and set a school record by scoring 22 points in a game.
    • He kicked two vital points from play when they were needed most.
  • 6 countable/numerable 6.1 (item, matter) punto (masculine) we discussed various points tratamos diversos puntos or diversas cuestiones agreement was reached on the following points se llegó a un acuerdo en los siguientes puntos the main points of the news un resumen de las noticias más importantes del día point of honor cuestión (feminine) de honor or pundonor point of order moción (feminine) de orden to bring up o raise a point plantear una cuestión as a point of principle por principio a point of law una cuestión de derecho in point of fact en realidad, de hecho, a decir verdad not to put too fine a point on it hablando en plata or en buen romance to make a point of sth/-ing she always made a point of talking to everyone siempre se preocupaba por or se proponía conversar con todo el mundo I'll make a point of watching them closely me encargaré de vigilarlos de cerca to stretch a point hacer* una excepción 6.2 (argument) Mike's point was a good one Mike tenía razón en lo que dijo it was a point which had never occurred to me era algo que nunca se me había ocurrido to make a point what point are you trying to make? ¿qué estás tratando de decir? that was a very interesting point you made lo que señalaste or planteaste or dijiste es muy interesante I'd like to make one more point, if I may quisiera hacer otra observación or señalar otra cosa, si me permiten she made the point that … observó que … all right, you've made your point! sí, bueno, ya has dicho lo que querías decir (conceding) sí, bueno, tienes razón I see your point about it being boring! ya veo lo que querías decir con lo de que era aburrido I take your point that … acepto que … point taken de acuerdo I think he has a point yo creo que tiene razón or que no está tan errado you have a point there tienes razón (en lo que dices) to prove a point that proves my point that we need more staff eso me da la razón en que necesitamos más personal she's doing it simply to prove a point no lo hace más que para demostrar que tiene razón
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It has already warned that the housing market is beginning to cool so the impact of the new rules is likely to be the main point of interest.
    • He was reluctant to be drawn into any detailed discussion of this point.
    • Bulleted lists of key points at the end of each chapter provide an excellent review for students.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Surely the point is that rules and guidelines like this are to be applauded whatever the source.
    • Whatever its deficiencies, the point was that it was inclusive, not divisive.
    • Grant says the point is that no one knows what it's like to be Lauren or what's going on inside her head.
  • 7 7.1 (central issue, meaning) to come/get to the point ir* al grano to keep o stick to the point no irse* por las ramas, no salirse* del tema now, to get back to the point, … bueno, volviendo al tema, … she was brief and to the point fue breve y concisa I don't need a car and, more to the point … no necesito coche, y lo que es más … that's beside the point eso no tiene nada que ver or no viene al caso the point is that it should have been ready yesterday el hecho es que debería haber estado listo ayer that's not the point no se trata de eso that's just the point! ¡justamente!, ¡precisamente! Mr Mercer seems to have entirely missed the point el señor Mercer parece no haber entendido en absoluto de qué se trata 7.2 uncountable/no numerable (cogency) fuerza (feminine) (de convicción) to give point to sth darle* fuerza a algo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They put their ideas and points across very eloquently.
    • He/she who needs to resort to violence to prove a point, has a poor argument.
    • He made some very valid points in his argument.
  • 8 uncountable/no numerable (purpose) what's the point of going on? ¿qué sentido tiene seguir?, ¿para qué vamos a seguir? I'm not voting: what's the point? yo no voto ¡para qué! or ¿qué sentido tiene? the whole point of my trip was to see you justamente iba a viajar ( or he viajado etc) nada más que para verte, el único propósito de mi viaje era verte a ti there's no point o there isn't any point (in) feeling sorry for yourself no sirve de nada compadecerse I can't see much point in a resumption of talks no veo de qué va a servir que se reanuden las conversaciones there is some point to it tiene su sentido or su razón de ser
  • 9 countable/numerable 9.1 (feature, quality) patience/music isn't one of my strong points la paciencia/música no es mi fuerte she doesn't see his bad points no le ve los defectos the good and bad points of the system los pros y los contras del sistema these are the points to look for estos son los detalles en los que hay que fijarse 9.2 (of animal) característica (feminine)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The dorsal stripe is the color of the horse's points.
    • The mask, legs and tail should all show clear tabby markings which should be the same colour on all points.
  • 11 (promontory) [Geography/Geografía] punta (feminine), cabo (masculine)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Arrayed around it like points on the compass rose were sections of the house.
    • It had a huge screen, curved around four seats, each facing in the way of their own compass points, it seemed.
    • She licked the pad and pressed it onto the glass next to the compass point.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The wind appeared to blow from all points of the compass at once, a trick of which Dublin winds have the secret.
    • At various distances and points of the compass, he could see other men holding red and white striped poles.
    • After missing a couple of early sighters, Carter kicked goals from all points of the compass.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Passengers for points west could go through without stopping to change cars.
    • He hit the road for points east.
    • We would rent out our house in Ireland and use that income to explore North America, then buy a camper van and travel down to Mexico, and all points south.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • I elect to stay outside and swim round the point, making a circuit back to the boat through an archway in the cliff.
    • We'll go back around the point and into that last small bight we passed on our way here.
    • I'm just taking the canoe around the point for a little paddle.
  • 12
    (points plural)
    12.1 [Cars/Automovilismo] platinos (masculine plural) 12.2 (British English/inglés británico) [Railways/Ferrocarriles] agujas (feminine plural)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Because of the vibration of the trains passing over points, bolts may loosen slightly over time.
    • The first train to pass over the points was the 7am service to Glasgow.
    • The line could be extended to Skipton, and beyond, by the simple addition of a set of points at Embsay Junction.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • If the points need to be replaced you must remove the flywheel.
    • The distributor should be completely dismantled and the points examined.
    • I cleaned the points and the bike is now rideable.
    12.3 (ballet) on points en punta(s) de pie

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 (aim, direct) can you point us in the right direction? ¿nos puede indicar por dónde se va?, ¿nos puede señalar el camino? the arrow pointed the way to the exit la flecha indicaba or señalaba el camino a la salida his example points the way for the whole nation su ejemplo señala or apunta el camino que debe seguir la nación entera point the aerosol away from you apunta para otro lado con el aerosolto point sth at sb/sth he pointed his finger at me me señaló con el dedo she pointed the gun at him le apuntó con la pistola don't point the hose at the flowers no apuntes directamente a las flores con la manguera
  • 2 [Constr] [brickwork/wall] rejuntar ([ con mortero ])

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 (with finger, stick etc) señalar it's rude to point es de mala educación señalar con el dedo the gun was pointing in my direction la pistola apuntaba hacia mí with her toes pointing outward con las puntas de los pies hacia afuera to point at/to sth/sb señalar algo/a algn he pointed to o at the clock on the wall señaló el reloj que había en la pared the big hand is pointing to six el minutero señala el número seis to point toward sth señalar en dirección a algo 1.2 (call attention) to point to sth señalar algo the report points to deficiencies in health care el informe señala deficiencias en la asistencia sanitaria the company can point to excellent sales figures la empresa puede señalar sus excelentes cifras de ventas 1.3 (indicate, suggest) to point to sth [facts/symptoms] indicar* algo it all points to suicide todo indica or hace pensar que se trata de un suicidio the trends point to an early economic recovery los indicios apuntan a una pronta reactivación de la economía his silence points to complicity su silencio es señal de complicidad 1.4 (in hunting) [dog] pararse

Verbos con partícula

point out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
(show) señalarto point sth/sb out to sb he pointed out to me the house where Medina once lived me señaló or me mostró la casa donde había vivido Medina I'll point her out to you if I see her te la señalaré si la veo 1.1 (make aware of) [problem/advantage] señalar but that was before my time, he pointed out —pero eso fue anterior a mi época —señaló he pointed out to them that time was getting short les señaló or les advirtió or les hizo notar que quedaba poco tiempo let me point out that … permítame señalar or observar que …

point up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
poner* de relieve

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