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Inglés americano: /reɪt/
Inglés británico: /reɪt/

Traducción de rate en español:


  • 1 1.1
    (speed) velocidad
    rate of flow
    velocidad (feminine) de flujo
    ritmo (masculine) de flujo
    rate of climb
    velocidad (feminine) de ascensión or de subida
    their vocabulary increases at a rate of five words a day
    su vocabulario aumenta a razón de cinco palabras por día
    I'm reading at a rate of 100 pages a day
    estoy leyendo a un ritmo de 100 páginas por día
    the runners set off at a tremendous rate
    los corredores salieron a una velocidad vertiginosa
    at this rate or at the rate we're going, it'll take weeks
    a este paso or al ritmo que vamos, nos va a llevar semanas
    at any rate
    (at least) por lo menos
    (in any case) en todo caso
    most people agreed, or at any rate a significant majority
    casi todos estuvieron de acuerdo, o por lo menos la gran mayoría
    I don't think he has another brother; at any rate, Dan is the one I'm talking about
    me parece que no tiene otro hermano; en todo caso es a Dan a quien me refiero
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It is harder to attack a convoy, however, if it is moving at a high rate of speed.
    • Oh who am I kidding, the thought of riding wasn't the only thing that was causing my heart rate to speed up.
    • But we are really moving at an incredible rate to get medicines to the hospitals.
    1.2 (level, ratio) birth rate suicide rate
    porcentaje (masculine) de suicidios
    literacy rate
    nivel (masculine) de alfabetización
    rate of inflation
    tasa (feminine) de inflación
    rate of interest rate of exchange rate of return
    tasa (feminine) de rendimiento
    rentabilidad (feminine)
    our campaign has had a high rate of success
    nuestra campaña ha tenido mucho éxito
    the drop-out rate in schools
    la tasa de abandono escolar
    la tasa de deserción escolar (Southern Cone)
    the failure rate in this exam is too high
    hay un porcentaje demasiado alto de reprobados en este examen
    hay un porcentaje demasiado alto de suspensos en este examen (Spain)
    see alsofirst-rate etc
    1.3 (price, charge) postal rates
    tarifas (feminine plural) postales
    peak/standard rate
    tarifa (feminine) alta/normal
    private tuition, reasonable rates
    clases particulares, precios módicos
    the work is paid at a rate of $20 per hour
    el trabajo se paga a (razón de) 20 dólares por hora
    it is paid at an hourly rate of …
    la hora se paga a …
    that's the going rate
    eso es lo que se suele pagar
  • 2 (local tax) (formerly in UK) (often plural) water rates (formerly in UK)
    (cuota que se paga por el servicio de agua corriente)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • We council tax payers pay rates to Central Government, which later gives money to the council to pay for such expenses.
    • Local government did tax directly; its revenue came from rates collected on land.
    • Businesses often question what they get in return for paying local authority rates.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (rank, consider) I rate her work very highly
    tengo una excelente opinión de su trabajo
    how would you rate the book?
    ¿qué opinión te merece el libro?
    to rate somebody/something as somethingI rate her as the best woman tennis player
    yo la considero la mejor tenista
    how do you rate the film on a scale of 1 to 10?
    ¿qué puntuación le darías a la película en una escala del 1 al 10?
    ¿qué puntaje le darías a la película en una escala del 1 al 10? (Latin America)
    rated speed/power (Technology)
    velocidad (feminine) /potencia (feminine) nominal
    1.2 (consider good) (British) [colloquial] (usually negative) I don't rate her chances
    no creo que tenga muchas posibilidades
  • 2 (deserve) (obtain) I don't think this essay rates an A
    no creo que este trabajo merezca una A
    his death rated barely a line in the paper
    el periódico apenas dedicó una línea a la noticia de su muerte
    it didn't rate a mention
    no les pareció digno de mención
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Nine's ratings problems and management changes barely rated a mention around the market.
    • By the benchmark of the Rwandan civil war, it would barely rate a mention.
    • He barely rates a mention, naturally, and when he is mentioned he is sneered at.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (be classed)to rate as something
    estar considerado como algo
    he rates as one of the world's top swimmers
    está considerado como uno de los mejores nadadores del mundo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • So how do election counts rate in terms of viewer involvement?
    • A vegetable doesn't have to be high on all counts to be worth growing, especially if it rates better than the cultivar you have been putting in for years.
    • Environmental quality rated considerably ahead of CEO preference - frequently alluded to as a key location factor for high tech companies.
  • 2 (measure up)to rate with somebody (US) Florida doesn't rate with me
    para mí Florida no vale gran cosa
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